Stop Selling Your Network Marketing Products!

So what I’m going to talk about today might be a little controversial, might piss off some of you. But here’s the thing is that it doesn’t really matter what your products are, it doesn’t even matter what the company is, the comp plan, or anything like that in network marketing, the only thing that matters is you’re looking for people that are interested in the opportunity.

But they’re more interested in who you are, and how excited you are, and how easy you make it sound. If you’re like, all in and you’re excited, and you have a very simple system to recruit people, people are going to be like, yeah, I can do that. 

It’s not about the products. Because when you say, this product does this, this product does that they’re gonna be like, well, I can just go get that down the street. Or, you know, I don’t really need that product. I don’t really need a diet shake. I don’t really need skin cream. I can get CBD oil down at the gas station. 

It’s not about the products, products come and go. What matters is that you instead of selling, start sorting instead, there’s an old saying in network marketing and it’s still circulating around for a reason and it is: stop selling, start sorting. You’re not in the sales business. 

Most people hate sales. They’d be like, why would I join you? I’m terrible at selling. You know, I can’t do this. But if you reframe it and say all you have to do is sort through people and find people that want to make extra income online. Then it relieves a lot of pressure and takes a lot of pressure off of you. Because you’re sorting through numbers. 

The only difference between me and someone who hasn’t made it in network marketing is I sorted through more numbers, it truly is a numbers game, and we’re talking massive numbers consistently, every single day, five to 20 leads a day, if you really want to grow faster, work up to 50 to 100 leads a day. 

I’ve generated over 60,000 leads in the last six years, and the only reason I’ve recruited over 1700 people is because I generated all those leads. I wasn’t good at prospecting. I wasn’t good at recruiting. To tell you the truth, I just let the automated email system of our company email my leads. I don’t even call my leads. 

Because I learned from the very beginning that leads can equal sign ups. I was like alright, I’m gonna learn how to generate massive leads. So I Just started writing articles and shooting YouTube videos, but you don’t even have to do that. That’s just my flavor. 

Your flavor could be Facebook prospecting, all you do is talk to friends, and comment under people’s posts and just be friendly. You don’t even have to bring up your business. But eventually, when you form a friendship, bring it up, you know and say, Hey, do you know anyone who’s looking for extra income? You don’t even have to ask them, you just asked for a referral.

Referrals are a great way to promote your business. You just ask for referrals. Do you know anyone who is looking for extra income? And they will probably say Why? You know, what is this? And then you say, Oh, are you interested? And then they say I might be if I can, you know if I can see it. Then you send them your landing page and then when they take a free tour they’ll see the videos from the CEO. 

The whole sales funnel is done for you. The CEO has the best presentation videos, you don’t have to do your own presentation. You don’t have to memorize the products. You don’t have to memorize ingredients. When you start promoting the business like this, it puts all the pressure off of you and makes it fun. 

It makes it easier and it’s duplicatable. If your team can’t do this, then you’re not gonna grow in network marketing, you’re gonna be a lone wolf. You’re gonna be all by yourself if your system cannot be duplicated by the masses. Most people are on Facebook, you just learn a couple easy scripts, like I just said in the referral script, and when you say that to enough people, you will start to get signups and then you teach them how to get their own signups. You want people growing down many levels in your organization.

There was only a short time in my life when I talked about my products. You know, I was like, Oh yeah, this can reduce anxiety and we have the highest quality – and all that did was it led me into product debates with prospects. They’re like, well, why is your CBD better than their CBD? And why is yours so expensive? 

It’s not about the products. It’s about making a living from home and getting residual income and most people want extra income. Most people don’t care about your product. They don’t know what your company is. They’ve never heard of your company. They don’t care if the CEO has an MBA, or has been in network marketing for 20 years. 

All they care about is how excited you are and where you’re going to take them. They need you to establish trust. But if your excitement is through the roof, because you totally believe in the business model of network marketing, then people are going to sign up with you. 

Products don’t even matter. Most MLM companies have phenomenal products. They have a scientific board, they have doctors working for them as formulators, you know, that’s just a no brainer – network marketing can’t survive without great products. 

I’m not saying that the products don’t matter. When it comes to using the products they matter. I’m talking about just recruiting. With recruiting, you want to keep it very simple. You want to just ask for referrals and you have to go through massive numbers. That’s what I’m talking about. 

So don’t twist my words and say, he said the products don’t matter, but they do. I lost 20 pounds with these products. You know, that’s great. You should lose weight and document your results and do testimonials and stuff like that. 

But you know, when I did testimonials and I said that my products do certain things, I got slapped by the company, I had to remove hundreds of articles and tweets about CBD oil because I said it may reduce this or it may reduce that. You can’t do that. 

And the leaders now a lot of them are changing their tune. They’re like, Oh, yeah, you don’t even mention the products or you don’t even mention the company. Compliance is getting more strict because of the FDA, and other government agencies cracking down on network marketing. 

So don’t even go there. It doesn’t matter if you think that your product can cure cancer. What matters is that you sort through a lot of people and some will and some won’t. Some will be ready for extra income and they’re gonna be like, yeah, let me look at what you have and then some people are gonna say no, no matter what- even if you say the perfect right thing, if it’s the wrong time for that person they’re gonna say no, no matter how great you’re recruiting. 

Alright, so you got to say the right thing to the right people at the right time and they are out there if you start generating more leads, you will get signups. It is a numbers game. I don’t do any fancy presentations. I don’t have any fancy scripts memorized. I just generate leads and let the company email my leads. 

Our leads already get two to three emails a day from the company the first two weeks. If I add my own emails on top of that, that’s four to five emails a day. And if I were that prospect, I would block you. You know, five emails is too much and you don’t have to memorize a presentation, because the CEO already does one for all the leads when they take the free tour. At least in our company, every company is different. But that’s as simple as it can get as far as recruiting. 

One last story. My mentor Robert Hollis, back in the 90s, when he started making a million a year, he had 100 full time network marketers working with him and they were posting ads in newspapers. Back then the ads were like $200 a pop, but they would post ads Wednesday and Sunday. And every time they posted ads, the whole team would get about 20,000 leads or prospects. 

Back then they’re just prospects, they showed interest. So that’s 42,000 leads a week generated by 100 sales reps, for just his team. But they were only getting three to five signups a day. So 42,000 leads a week. And they’re only getting three to five signups a day which is about 40 sign ups – so you’re looking at .01 percent conversion rate, you know 40 signups from 40,000 leads. 

Now today the conversion rates about 2%. If you blog, it could be 10%. If you talk to your friends and family, it’s 25% or 20%. So there’s a different conversion rate for each type of lead that you generate. If you do cold market, which are strangers that don’t know you, it’s one to 2% so you have to generate 100 to 200 leads maybe more to get one sign up. 

If it’s during the summer, you might need 800 leads to get one sign up. If it’s Christmas, you might need 800 leads to get one sign up. But generate leads every single day and you will get signups. The numbers work no matter what product they are, what company it is. That’s it. 

The bottom line is you’re sorting through a ton of people to find people that are interested, don’t force your opportunity on people that aren’t really looking, or they’re just kicking the tires, or they say they’ll look, but then they don’t and then you chase them down and you’re like, Why haven’t you looked at my presentation. Don’t chase down people and don’t convince people and don’t get into product debates. Just generate leads, let the company email the leads. You don’t even have to know about the products. And eventually you’ll get signups.