Starting Pure Trim Raw Vegan Shake Diet Today – 30 day Challenge

Starting Pure Trim Raw Vegan Shake Diet Today - 30 day Challenge

Morning guys. It’s day one. Pure trim vegan raw diet with shakes – it’s early, haven’t eaten yet. Feel kind of bloated, tired, groggy, my eyes are kind of dry. 

But I’m doing this because I want to blow everything out and become really healthy – to feel like, in my 20s again, I’m 47 – I’ll be 48 in two months exactly. It’s May 19. Right now my birthday is July 19th and I want to get down to 170 which I haven’t been for about 12 years. 

But, you know, I was 168 in high school while dealing with heightism. So if I get down to that, you know, get a haircut, feel young again. And then work on my spirituality, start meditating more.

Work on finances, try to figure out crypto a little bit more. I’m trying to get some crypto stored on a hard wallet that I can control so I can stress out a little less and focus on self-improvement a little more. 

But anyways, that’s what I’m doing. So, welcome to the ride. I’ll show you what I’m doing today for the next month at least. So using pure trim shakes. I don’t know if you can see this stuff. But I’ll talk about each one. What’s cool is I’m using pure trim, and they give you a printout of what you have to do. So it’s great because they want you to drink a lot of water. 

So the first thing is 6:15am to full glasses of water when you wake up. That’s the very first thing you do. The next thing is 15 minutes later, is go for a walk. But, you know if it’s raining here, I’m probably going to do push ups and sit ups. You know, when I lost all that weight before, about 12 years ago, I didn’t have a six pack even though I lost all the way I still look kind of soft. 

So this time I’m really going to work on my stomach. You know right now I have a belly, if I tuck it in anyways, it’s pathetic. So, all right after the exercise, then you have a pure trim shake, or a trim bar.

Now these shakes are vegan and Raw. They’re beautiful. They have so many ingredients. Let me just read a little bit for you. 21 grams of plant based protein, anti aging ingredients. Now when my wife turned me on to these shakes a few years ago, she started pure trim in 2007 and lost 37 pounds her first month, and she’s been trying to find other alternatives over the years and she still comes back to these, they’re the best. 

So what’s really cool is that they’re only 200 calories. So if you take one in the morning and one for dinner or lunch, and then have a light meal, you can literally shed a lot of weight and these make you feel full for up to four hours. So you’re not going to feel like you’re starving. These are completely organic. Only 11 grams of net carbs, less than one gram of sugar. 500 milligrams of plant calcium – 500 million active probiotics. 

You really need probiotics and prebiotics. I have digestion problems. I’m gassy and bloated. I don’t feel like my intestines are clean or my colon is clean at all. This whole regimen of pure trim is all about probiotics and digestion. In fact, this experience helps regularity and helps your colon and I’ve tried other alternatives, cheaper alternatives don’t work. I had to take like 10 to 20 pills. This you just need one pill at night. 

So anyways, back to the schedule. After the walk, you can have a pure trim shake or a trim bar. Now the trim bar is double chocolate. Beautiful wrapping. See that? That’s beautiful. double chocolate or peanut butter chocolate. Now this bar is very heavy, very dense, and you get five in the box and it has 17 grams of organic plant protein and it has 14 grams of organic fiber. 

There you go again fiber helps your colon and your intestines. That’s one of my biggest problems. So after that you really need to drink two full glasses of water right after the shake. Just to move everything out. Lunchtime can be lean meat which is chicken turkey or fish on a salad or vegetables. No gluten, no dairy, don’t even touch dairy and no gluten. 

My wife and I drink almond milk. So if you need to have I don’t even know why you would need it just drink your water and your shakes but we don’t do dairy in this house. Typically, I mean, I have blue cheese dressing on my salad but I’m going to get rid of that. We got rid of the blue cheese dressing last night because blue cheese has dairy. 

So I got rid of that for dressings. Now we’re going to do coconut oil melted down in a pan and add Bragg’s. Bragg’s is kind of like a natural soy sauce has aminos in it. Very cool. You can get it at Walmart if you shop there. Anyways, after lunch, you then have a shot of the daily complete multivitamin after lunch, this bad boy has 243 vitamins, minerals, nutrients, I could read all the ingredients but it would take all day. 

It’s a whole superfood green complex 34 Mediterranean herbal ingredients, essential fatty acids, so you’re going to get a lot of them. You know as with this, you’re getting a lot of prebiotics and probiotics with this diet. It’s all organic. It’s all vegan. These shakes are vegan protein. You’re full for up to four hours. This isn’t some cheap Walmart whey protein, which is just crap. This is based on pea protein, brown rice protein, flaxseed protein. And there is one more but mainly it has an anti aging Mediterranean blend. This is based off of the Mediterranean diet. 

So you’re going to start to age backwards, you’re going to get rid of wrinkles, your skin is going to look radiant, and then your colon is going to be cleaned out, your digestion is going to go back to normal. I’m really looking forward to that. 

So back to the schedule. So after lunch, you have the vitamins like I just showed you. Then around 330 you have you can have tea, or half a trim bar. The tea is boost tea. Now this helps your metabolism and it curbs your appetite. So, my wife and I just throw it in the blender with some ice. It’s a very cool refreshing drink. And it gives us a little energy and it’s only 20 calories. It’s got probiotics and prebiotics.

There you go again, more but more enzymes to help break down your colon. Because you know, you probably store five to 10 pounds just in your colon. So if you can get regular again, this stuff will clean you out.

And if you’re really toxic when you start this diet, you might have the runs and you might be like, Oh, this stuff is crap. It’s actually cleaning you out which you need to have done – 31 organic greens, fruits, vegetables and seeds, zero caffeine (not even 4C energy rush packets), zero sugar, dairy free, gluten free soy free. This right here or you can go back to a half a bar that’s at 3:30 is dinner, you have another shake, very simple with water with ice, or you can have a trim bar. 

Now, if I don’t have a salad, I might just do two trim bars a day and then one trim bar for breakfast, two shakes and just call it a day. So after your dinner you have two more full glasses of water. That’s very important. 7pm you can have another tea or you can have a half a bar if you’re still hungry. And then at 9pm the last thing you take is the experience, which is the colon cleanse. 

So in the morning, you’re going to be regular, you’re going to be moving out old plaque out of your colon. That’s it guys. And then on the back of this, your results. So day one, you can see the date, how much you weigh. And you can take your measurements and they give you a tape so you can measure your waist, your belly, I’ll probably just do my belly. I’m not into measuring my arms or my waist always stays around 32. So I’m not going to do this too much, but you ladies can do this. They actually give you a guide. They teach you where to measure. So that’s really cool. 

Everything is laid out for you guys if you get the 30 day starter pack everything is laid out you get all of this stuff. I mean you can look at this table. You also get skin cream, which is vitamin E, aloe, olive oil. I actually have a very dry patch of skin on my calve and I was scared because I couldn’t feel my skin so I’ve been putting that on that – might also varicose veins. I’m not going to make any medical claims. I’m not going to say it’s going to help but let’s just imply that I have some ugly legs.

Anyways, thanks for reading, guys. Welcome to the journey. This channel is not just about home based business techniques, it’s now about health, because I believe you need health, wealth and happiness. And we’re working on our finances. I’ll do more videos about that I got a new couple new opportunities I’m in and I’ll give you a sneak peek. When those things launch a little bit more. 

So hit the link under this article, check out my store. You can look at the store or you can take a free tour, watch the nine minute video and then sign up the form. You know let’s do this together guys. I know some of you are out of shape and you really don’t know what to do. My mom’s on board. I just sent her a box of shakes my wife’s on it and I’m on it. A couple of my friends are on it. And we’re gonna do this. You know, in pure trim they call us lifesavers, because really our health is on the line. 

You know, you can’t play around with your health. I had a heart attack already when I was 32 that was probably from alcohol but doctors don’t know. My Widowmaker was I think 60% clogged or 80% clogged. And that’s the one that kills you. So that’s why they call it the Widowmaker. Anyways, you can’t play around with your life anymore. The sugar these days. I don’t know what they put in the sugar. It’s scary. It’s really scary how they put sugar in everything. They put it in your lunch meat. They put it in everything. So it’s really hard to stay away from sugar. They put it in salsa. I mean why? 

Because people you know, they know that people like sweet, but you gotta draw the line for your frugal fitness. I mean they’re putting it in meats and fish and you know all these things. It’s scary. So stay off of sugar if you need to sweeten anything you stevia. That’s all I could say right now. Anyways, welcome to the journey. I’m 191.6 right now. I want to get down to 170 in a month, and I want to be light, flexible and tan this summer. And from then on. So, thanks for reading guys. We’ll talk to you soon about health, fitness, weight loss, and MLM opportunities of course.