Top 10 Best MLM Companies In The Arctic Circle 2024

top mlm companies in arctic circle best network marketing businesses ranked

New entrepreneurs in the Arctic region can potentially generate massive money with multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Recruiters and sellers in Arctic regions can make multiple revenue streams with network marketing, including prosperous passive income monthly while working online from home.

You can even make a full-time living or smart side hustle traveling throughout the Arctic area encompassing northern parts of 8 nations such as the United States, Canada, Greenland, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Russia while you try and stay warm in the brutal cold weather.

This Is The Most Winning MLM Company You Better Consider Joining

But which MLM company should you join if you live in the Arctic circle and want the most profitable powerhouse organization? Here are our ten favorite MLM businesses to think about signing up with in the Arctic Circle to maximize your chances of success in 2023 and 2024 in an ultra-competitive marketplace:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In The Arctic For 2024

1. LiveGood

2. Juice Plus

3. Le-Vel

4. Optavia

5. Amway

6. Pampered Chef

7. Oriflame

8. Scentsy

9. Infinitus

10. Perfectly Posh

There are other top MLMs to consider joining in the Arctic region for 2023 or 2024 as well such as BeachBody, Tupperware, Pure, Youngevity, Monat, Total Life Changes, Arieyl, Young Living, Arbonne, Organo Gold, Monavie, Isagenix, Primerica, iCoin Pro, Live Pure, Vorwerk and Forever Living. Do your due diligence on the multi-level marketing company you choose to join in the Arctic Council countries or in the new economy of 2024!

Build Your MLM Business Bigger And Better

I was on a testimonial call in the first company that I joined back nearly a decade ago with a network marketing company, it was a testimonial call and people called in and talked about the amazing benefits they were experiencing with their products. This one woman near the North Pole got on and she said that she had generated 40 leads over the weekend. And that just blew my mind. I was like 40 leads oh my gosh, and I was so naïve that I thought leads actually converted  into signups. I thought every single one that took the free tour on the landing pages would sign up. It felt like Christmas in the North Pole and the lead conversions were my MLM presents. 

And so I was just blown away. I was like 40 leads oh my gosh, because I was only generating like one or two leads a day if that and so I just couldn’t believe it, but it kind of stretched my perception a little and boosted my expectations a little on what multi-level marketing success meant in the Arctic and Antarctica.

So I started growing my business, I started generating a little more in terms of MLM leads. Then eventually I worked my way up to 10 leads a day, and I just thought I was amazing for my new affiliate marketing and direct selling career. I just couldn’t believe it. But then I heard somewhere that someone had recruited 100 people into their business, and I was just thinking like 100 people?! I can’t believe that I have only recruited maybe two people. How is that possible as a network marketer and direct seller? How did these top network marketers recruit 100 people for their downline in the north? 

And so that stretched my perception a little bit more as a northerner. And as I continued, I started to generate more leads, I started to generate about 20 leads a day, I started to stretch my perception of what you really need to do in network marketing in the Arctic Council countries. 

Now it has been six years that I have been in network marketing, and I actually have generated over 75,000 leads and I have recruited over 4400 people, customers and reps – 1500 in just one company – and, my perception is to the point where I can easily grow a business. I am doing realistic numbers for my MLM business in Russia and other northern nations.

So this article is to teach you to get out of that lottery ticket thinking that one person is going to make you rich. You don’t have to get 1500 people like me. I am just an introverted internet marketer who likes to automate it. And most of those people came from my blog. I didn’t talk to them. I didn’t reach out. I didn’t push my opportunity on them. They just signed up 95% of these northerners. 

Some people called me and some people emailed me. I did answer them, I didn’t ignore them. I helped them sign up. But the point is, when I first started, I always thought that one person, if I just get that one person in, I am going to be rich. And you have to get out of that mindset because it takes maybe 20 to 100 people that you have to recruit, just to find a leader.

Now, when I mean leader, I mean someone who is going to stay in for the next 5 to 10 years, and will generate you thousands and thousands of dollars. If you are really lucky then they will generate you over a million dollars over a period of five to 10 years and it’s just passive income. 

You get paid every time someone does something in your downline. And I have people on my team, they have been with me over almost three years and I get a paycheck for everything they do every single month, and they are just rocking and rolling, doing their own thing and their business is taking off. 

It is kind of like a snowball effect, it just takes a while. And once it starts rolling, though, it can take on a life of its own. And that is where the passive income lies. It is a beautiful thing for MLMers in the icy tundra. But the bottom line is you have to have realistic expectations and it’s hard to do when you don’t know anything about network marketing. You haven’t heard any success stories. And it does vary what leaders say about how many people they have recruited, but the bottom line is, most of them have recruited a few hundred people. Some people have recruited more than 1000 to their downline including myself. 

So what can you do to actually get more success without recruiting 1000 people, what can you do to increase the chances that these people succeed? You stay connected with them, you form a friendship with them, you check on them, you give them tools where they can start generating leads and signups. If they start getting a paycheck, they are gonna stay in longer. It’s a proven fact that if you can help them get some money, they will probably stay in 50% more than if they didn’t get a paycheck. 

So number one is get them a paycheck as soon as possible. Number two, guide them, give them tools to generate leads, scripts, paid advertising sources, whatever you’re using that gets you signups give it to them. You want them to succeed faster than yourself.

So it’s actually a good thing if one of your team members is beating you on the leaderboard. You want to congratulate them, congratulate their rank advancements, their milestones. just reach out and say, Hey, you rocked it, you know, you could do a little picture of them with their new rank underneath their picture, do whatever you want, motivate your team and inspire them. 

But to think that you only need one person to get rich in this industry is very far fetched. It’s not going to happen. What you want to learn how to do is consistently generate leads for many years to come, because you’re going to have to keep recruiting.

Even the leaders who have been in for 20 years or longer still recruit. They just use passive recruiting, which means that they get leads from their content online. Their YouTube videos can rank for five years or more, their blog articles can rank for five years or more, they can stay on the first page. 

That’s what I mean by rank. If you’re on the first page of Google with anything, you can generate leads for many, many years, Google won’t touch you, you’ll stay up for a while unless you delete the article, or something happens to your blog or YouTube shuts you down. 

But the leaders understand that they have to keep recruiting new people, just like the big corporations have to keep acquiring new customers. It’s not something that you just do a couple times and then stop and then your team just magically makes you millions of dollars. You have to keep recruiting, because the bottom line is 80% of your team will probably quit within a year.

Now that’s normally I’ve heard anywhere from 80% to 97% will quit within a year. So that’s just natural. It’s not something you did wrong. It’s just life gets in the way and they move on, or they didn’t get paid. So that’s why the number one thing to do with your team is get them a paycheck, and that will solidify them and keep them in longer. But keep recruiting. 

All I’m trying to do is bend your expectations into a realistic number. It might take hundreds of people to form a really good team, but get them duplicating a system and your team will grow a lot faster. 

Last thing I want to talk about is check out Grant cardone’s 10x rule. It’s an ebook on Amazon bestseller, you know Grant cardone’s an animal online. He’s everywhere. He’s a content machine. So he would stand by me and say that you need a ton of content to generate leads. And he said in his book that his expectations were very high, and his output was very low. 

So if you can flip those around and have a lower expectation, but then do high output, then you’ll go very far and you will not be defeated. If you just start creating content every day, generating leads every day, you will succeed, but you have to have that long term vision and know that it might take three to five years. 

But the good news is, the last beautiful thing about network marketing is that the top 20% of your team will make 80% of your income, and you only need two to five leaders overall on your Arctic MLM team, and you’re set. But those leaders, you don’t really know who is going to be a leader until you see it play out for many years, because you might have some people that start really strong, and they fade away. 

And then you might have some people on your team that you don’t even hear from for the first year, and then all of a sudden, they just start recruiting like mad. Their team starts growing like a huge icicle. And you are like, wow, where did they come from? In fact, just yesterday, I looked at my rank tab and this guy out of nowhere was on my rank tab in the top 10. And I was like, Who the heck is this? And I googled his name and he was from Australia. I don’t even remember talking to him. He signed up in early 2024. Never heard from him. And he recruited like four people yesterday. And I am like, wow, Who is this guy on my MLM downline? 

So you never know who is the actual affiliate marketing leader and how long they are going to go. But the thing you can do is inspire them. Keep them going with more direct selling and inspire them by your actions. If you want someone to work harder, you work hard first, and then they will be inspired by what you do. 

So I hope this helps with your MLM company choosing process and network marketing success. It is all about expectations. You can get lucky and recruit just 20 people and 10 take off and you live happily ever after. But understand that it might take many more and might take 100-200 people, if you are an internet marketer who just wants to make income, you might keep recruiting till you hit 1000-1500 people. If you have a huge successful blog or a big YouTube channel, you could recruit over 1000 people easily. It is all about traffic. It is all about clicks to your websites, the more leads you generate, the more people you get into your business. That is the bottom line when you build your MLM company in the far north. 

Don’t think that it is going to be two months or two weeks. You can’t just dump $2,000 on leads and expect to get rich because most of those people will quit. It is a long term game, but it is well worth it to make massive money in multi-level marketing. I work full time from home. This lockdown didn’t do anything to me. In fact, it improved my business 20% so I am very happy. And so if you want to take a look at my MLM, click the link under this article. Thanks for reading.