Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Sierra Leone 2024

top mlm companies in sierra leone best network marketing businesses ranked

Aspiring entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone can generate major money with multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Recruiters and sellers in Sierra Leone can make multiple revenue streams with network marketing, including prosperous passive income monthly while working online from home or on the go traveling globally.

This Is The MLM Company You Want To Consider Joining

But which MLM company should you join if you live in Sierra Leone and want the most profits? There are so many MLMs to think about joining if you are an ambitious African entrepreneur. Here are our ten favorite MLM businesses to think about signing up with in Sierra Leone to maximize your chances of success in 2023 and 2024:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Sierra Leone For 2024

1. LiveGood

2. Mannatech

3. Tiens

4. Herbalife

5. Amway

6. Nu Skin

7. Oriflame

8. Rodan + Fields

9. Natura

10. LulaRoe

There are other top MLMs to consider joining in Sierra Leone for 2023 or 2024 as well such as BeachBody, Tupperware, Youngevity, Total Life Changes, Arieyl, Young Living, Arbonne, Primerica, Coway, and Forever Living. Do your due diligence on the multi-level marketing company you choose to join when living in Sierra Leone!

How To Generate More MLM Leads And Sales

Today we are going to talk about how to generate your first lead for an MLM business when you live in Sierra Leone. Now a lead is a person who is interested in your business, they are also called a prospect, and in network marketing, the whole thing that you want to do is get leads after you talk to your friends and family. 

Now, I just skipped that step myself, back when I started an entire decade ago. Friends and family in Africa weren’t really around and I wanted to do it on the internet as an internet marketer. So I had to go right into the cold market of West Africa. And those are African people that don’t know you. 

But lo and behold, the cold market of Africans is where you want to eventually end up because your friends and family are not going to make you wealthy in network marketing. 

So all the leaders understand this, and there is unlimited people in the cold market. There are millions of people looking for your opportunity online right now, all you have to do is tap into that market. 

So I am going to talk about how to generate your first lead in MLM. There are two types of websites that we normally get when we sign up in a network marketing business. There is the replicated site, which is a customer website. It looks just like the company’s website, but it is personalized for you – meaning that your username is embedded in the website. So you get credit when someone in Sierra Leone signs up and orders on your website.

Then there’s landing pages and only a few companies have landing pages and those are like signup forms. They are not really a full website. They are like a one page website for West Africans. It is a signup form. You’ve probably seen them before if you clicked on any affiliate links and blog articles or whatever. 

This is a MLM recruiting Landing Page

But those are powerful because usually when someone sees a landing page, and they sign up on the form, they are very interested. And in a company like ours, we have over15 landing pages, all beautiful high definition pages and when someone signs up on that form, it takes them into a temporary dashboard. 

They can watch the videos by the CEO, look at the compensation plan, look around, look at the products, and then if they don’t decide to sign up right there, they can log out of their temporary position. And, they might forget about the business, but our company has an email system that will email those leads, and constantly drip on them the opportunity and why they should sign up. 

So it’s an automated email system attached to the landing pages only a few companies have it – if your company does not have landing pages check with your sponsor, the person that you signed up with or under, because they might have systems and tools for you that you can use. If the company does not have landing pages, check with your sponsor and say, hey, do we have landing pages, I would like to share those instead of my replicated website. Because you want to generate leads. 

Ideally, you want people to take the free tour and look around and then get dripped on by emails because it takes 7 to 15 times usually for someone to sign up. 

If they just look at your replicated website they might not pull out their wallet the first time they see your website, and then they might get lost on the internet and never find you again and sign up with somebody else in the future because you didn’t capture their information. 

So I love capturing information with landing pages because they get in the system, I generate 20 leads a day, like clockwork, with various means, which I’ll get into in a minute. 

So those are the two types of websites you get to share your website to share your business opportunity. If you are just in love with the products, and you don’t really want to get into the cold market, you want to just share it with your friends and family then that’s great. You could just use your replicated website and have people order products, you can tell them about the product and say how amazing it is. 

But if you want to do internet marketing, and grow a team for the rest of your life and get a passive income stream, then you’re going to want to learn how to use landing pages and you’re going to want to learn how to get into the cold market. 

So the first thing you can do to generate a lead is in your warm market. You would go to your Facebook and all you want to do is pique interest about your opportunity. Now most people get this wrong and they make MLM look bad because they slap up products and say, you know, these products are great, I’ve lost weight. 

You don’t want to do that, you don’t even want to share your products. And you don’t even want to tell people the company’s name. All you want to do is pique interest and kind of hint at something that is amazing in your life. And, if your friends want to know they should comment below and you will send more information. 

So the first step is basically called the invite. You can post something as general as, I’ve been feeling amazing lately and this lockdown didn’t really slow me down, or whatever. Then you could say something like ask me how or you know I’m earning money every week practically on autopilot ask me how. 

Then people will say more info under your Facebook post. Then what you do is you private message each person individually not a group messenger, but individually and you say here you go here’s more information on our business or more information on the products and then you give them your website, your company website or if you want to get them into the email system, give them a landing page. 

Keep that curiosity up and say, check it out for free, take a free tour and give them your landing page. Then when they fill out that form you should get an email that says John Doe took a free tour in your business and that’s what you want and then let the emails of the company drip on them.

So that’s the first way to generate leads on your Facebook that’s what most of the leaders do. They don’t say join Herbalife we are growing so fast because when you mention your company name people are going to go Hmm that’s kind of interesting I’m going to look it up and they go over to the search engine type in Herbalife for an example (I’m not in Herbalife) and they find articles on Herbalife – they might even find articles that say Herbalife is a scam, which a lot of marketers do to get you to look at their website first. 

It’s a very old tactic and so you click on that because you’re like oh now is Herbalife a scam and the article says Herbalife is a scam and then it’s basically a company review but then at the bottom they say I wouldn’t join Herbalife click the link to check out our number one opportunity.

So, basically they’re trying to capture people interested in Herbalife as an example, but then they sway them into their opportunity instead and so there’s tons of websites like that – sneak you in by saying this company is a scam because most people are fear-based, fear-driven and they want to know if something is a scam or not, and then they look at the article and they get trapped and coerced into another opportunity – might not even be MLM – might be affiliate marketing. 

There’s a lot of affiliate marketers online. In fact, that’s how I started internet marketing back in 2011 – was affiliate marketing, but I think MLM pays more and it’s residual income.

Affiliate marketing is usually one time sales and then you don’t earn anything else. Network marketing however, you grow a team you get paid every single month for ideally the rest of your life.

So I just love network marketing for that reason, but anyway don’t get caught up in those companies are scam articles because they’re just marketers trying to market you into their deal and so that’s a very good reason not to share your company’s name and you don’t have to share the products.

You can share the products if you have lost amazing weight or you got rid of some wrinkles or you learned about cryptocurrency and you can say something like I’ve lost 10 pounds, ask me how or I’ve lost five pounds in five days ask me how. Then people will be like how and then you share your website and send a private messenger just to them. So that is one way. 

Another way is starting a YouTube channel and you could do a video. You don’t have to know everything about your company. You don’t have to know anything about network marketing. You could say something like, I was working my butt off at two jobs a day. I worked from morning until night and I got stuck in traffic. I spent two hours in traffic every day. And I was looking for a way out, and I discovered this home business that pays daily 50% commissions. I got my first paycheck in a week, ask me how.

But, try to do a longer video than that. I’m just saying you can tell your story and then say you found something better. You don’t have to mention the products or the company. Again, you’re just peeking curiosity. And then under the video, you put your link to your website, ideally a landing page so you capture prospects info, and so they can get dripped on by the company or some kind of autoresponder. Ideally, you have an automated email system, that’s the bottom line. 

Next step is that you can create a fan page, and you can create a blog, you can get a free blog over at blogger or you could even use your LinkedIn, you could do a long article on LinkedIn Pulse, and put your landing page website under the article on LinkedIn or on a blog. 

Most of my content has the landing page link under the article, so when people find me on Google, because they’re searching for a new MLM opportunity, they read my article because they found it. 

They’re already interested because they found it. I didn’t push it on them. A lot of network marketers push their opportunity on people. We don’t do that. We attract people to us with our content that people find on the search engines. 

So when someone reads my article, they’re pretty primed and ready to sign up because the title of the article is like, new MLM companies for 2020. And people are like, yeah, I’m looking for a new MLM. 

So they read my article. By the time they get to the bottom of the article I put my website link under the article, and they take a free tour. And that’s how I generate 20 leads a day. I put links under my videos. I also do paid advertising. 

If you want to get the ball rolling faster, and you don’t want to talk to friends and family, you don’t want to touch your Facebook, then you could simply put a Craigslist ad up. You could go to Craigslist. It doesn’t even have to be in your town. It could be Florida or California. Those are hot MLM states, you could do Texas. There’s a lot of entrepreneurs in Dallas. There’s a lot of entrepreneurs in Orlando, and Tampa, and San Diego. And there’s pockets of MLM lovers all over America. You just have to run ads. 

So you would go to whatever city you want, and you would go to jobs, and then you would post under sales. You’d say something like I’m looking for 10 rockstars right now looking for a home based business that pays 50% commissions that pays weekly, if you want more info, click the link and take a free tour or something like that you can make it a little bit longer. 

You don’t need to add your phone number, you want everyone to click on that link and sign up on the landing page. You don’t want people to call you and ask you a million questions. 

Because when people ask a million questions, they are subconsciously trying to get out of it. As crazy as that sounds, most people when they ask questions, a lot of questions, they’re looking for that one answer that is just off or just doesn’t reverberate with them. Then they go, Okay, well I will think about it. Thank you. 

And that is why I don’t do the phone thing. I don’t chase people. I don’t convince people. If people email me and say, you know, how do I do this? What is it? I’m like, if you don’t know what network marketing is, you know, don’t even bother. 

Because when you’ve been in network marketing long enough, it takes a lot of energy to educate each person on what network marketing is. So I basically look for people that have experience in network marketing. It’s kind of like a car dealer. And if someone comes up, and they’ve never driven a car before, and they’re like, how do I turn it on? You know, the car dealers can be like, Oh, you don’t even know how to drive yet? 

Why don’t you go learn how to drive and maybe drive your dad’s car for a little bit and then come back and see me when you have $2,000 for the down payment.

Now, of course, car dealers don’t say that, but they’re probably thinking that and there’s network marketers that just want to work with experienced Network Marketers. 

Now I’m not saying, I’ll turn you down. I’m just saying when I do get someone who has no idea I usually lead them to an article that explains network marketing, or I say Google network marketing, find out what it’s about, and then come back and see me. 

A lot of people from third world countries will do that. That’s why I don’t touch the Indian market, India, because they only make like $1 a day. They’re very hungry for an opportunity. But they have no idea what network marketing is. 

They sign up on my form and then they don’t even look at the videos or anything. They don’t read the emails from the company, they just email me right away and say, How do I do this? And when you have experienced that a few hundred times, you don’t even want to talk to them or people in any third world country where they’re very poor. 

You’re gonna get a lot of people that will ask what this is and they don’t look at anything you send. They just want to make money. So there is a certain way that you target people that have experience. Like I said, with my blog, I do articles that target people that are looking for a new MLM – they already understand what MLM is. 

Not all leads are created equal. What I’m trying to say, there’s leads that are very bad. If you went over to Fiverr and bought 100 leads for $5. They are probably really old, or they’re fake, or they’re really bad. 

But if you get a lead from an article you wrote on the best MLM of 2020, let’s say, then people are like, Oh, yeah, I did network marketing 10 years ago, I’m looking for a new MLM – and I found your article, and I’d like to sign up. Those are the best leads. When people find you. 

So that’s why I do content. That’s why big leaders do content because content can attract people around the clock for many, many years around the world. My articles are seen around the world. They’ve been up for years. 

The hardest part is getting the content up and creating it. But if you don’t want to bug your friends and family, even if you do start with your friends and family, eventually you’re going to have to attract strangers to your opportunity, the cold market, because there are millions of people in the cold market, you don’t know them. They have experience. They could have made millions of dollars already in network marketing, and they’re looking for a new opportunity. 

So that is how you generate your first lead. You can start with Facebook. You can start with a Craigslist ad. You can sign up with Google ads. Now Google ads, they might kick you off if you use too many MLM keywords. They don’t like MLM, Bing on the other hand, they like MLM and they don’t mind. 

You also can’t promote CBD oil on Bing or Google. So stay away from CBD oil ads and you’ll be fine. Just experiment. It all depends on what products you’re promoting. I lead with the business opportunity, I’m looking for entrepreneurs who want extra income from home. That’s my pitch. 

If you lost a lot of weight, and you are excited about the products, then lead with the products saying that you lost five pounds in five days. Check out my business, we pay daily, we pay weekly, we paid 50% Find a couple key points that would excite you about the company and put those things in the ad. If you’re excited about daily pay, or 50% commissions or automated email systems or the growth of the company, you know, we grew 1,000% in two years, use those things in the ad. 

Then you will start generating leads, and then create content because content takes six months to two years to start showing up in Google. So start creating content for the long term. 

But if you want to start really fast, do paid advertising, do social media. You can email old contacts and say, Hey, I’m in this new thing. I really want you to sign up with me. You can create a kind of like a launch party or a 90 day Blitz because MLM loves speed and momentum, get that momentum going by emailing contacts and saying, Hey, I am in this deal. It is incredible. You have to check it out. 

You are going to talk to your friends in a natural way. Don’t be spammy promoting your MLM company. Don’t just blurt off that they can make $5,000 in a day, and they will lose 200 pounds in a week. Be realistic with your multi-level marketing business. You want to talk about your business like you would suggest a movie to your friends just be laid back. Don’t mention the company name like I said. Don’t mention the products, pique curiosity. Get them looking at your websites without turning them off. That’s the bottom line guys when it comes to multi-level marketing and direct selling success. I hope this helps you as a new MLMer in Sierra Leone.

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