Starting a MLM Business and Finding the Right Company

Starting a MLM Business and Finding the Right Company

Today I want to talk about finding the right MLM company. Now, every MLM company has a different culture, company culture. So there’s a certain vibe that goes throughout the whole company, the organization. You can even spot the gender dominance and the age range.

For instance, my daily choice is for somewhat rebellious young people. There’s just a very trendy vibe. And then you have another company like Valentus that kind of targets people over 50; they might not be technically savvy, they might want to lose some pounds, they might be approaching retirement. 

So every MLM company has a culture and so you have to look at that. The first thing I do if I look for a new MLM company, the first thing I’m going to do is probably go to and look at the momentum ranks. You can see that on the bottom right hand side, there’ll be a list of companies and you can look at each company and you can see their growth, and then you can look at the products. 

But the first thing I look at is the compensation plan. Is it even worth starting? The first thing I look at is the Fast Start commissions, what you get when you sell a product. Now, I won’t touch an MLM company that has anything less than 25% commissions.

So right there that knocks out half of the companies. Some companies are still coming on the scene, new MLM companies, and their commission’s are only 25%. And that’s just too low. There’s plenty of other companies that have 35% To 50%. You can literally earn half commissions on a product that you sell. So that’s the first thing I look at. 

The next thing I look at is, is it a binary? Because I don’t want to build several legs and do all these weird breakaway things. I want just a left leg and a right leg. The next thing I look at is do they pay weekly? Do they pay the same day?

You know the latest trend in MLM companies today is that they pay daily or the next day and they are coming up with better wallets to pay you with, some are even paying you in Bitcoin now. My daily choice is rolling out gold. They literally can start paying you in precious metals. I don’t know if that rolled out yet but they’re working on it. So you got to look at the convenience. 

Here’s the other thing. There’s not one perfect MLM company. Every company has a unique company culture, but they also have pros and cons. There’s not one single company that’s perfect. 

For instance, My Daily Choice is almost perfect. They have powerful marketing tools, beautiful landing pages, very high commissions 50% on first time orders. But they have a compliance department that is very strict. You cannot mention the products in a certain way. So they have a very powerful, competent compliance department, scouring the internet looking to see if you are talking right about the company. 

Now that’s a good thing, if you’re not a content marketer like me, it’s a bad thing if you’re a blogger like me, because I want to talk about the products, I want to talk about the income opportunity, and I want to talk about the automated email system. So there is some conflict.

Another company, Valentus, has a very powerful marketing system, an automated email system, but their landing pages are outdated. They’re from like 2015. And last year, they changed their coffee formulation three times. 

Next, is Total Life Changes, great products, great global reach, you know, 150 countries and very high commissions 50% on binary match on the first level and up to 50% on the second level, so if you get a team building, you can literally get 50% off your team’s binary on the first level and up to 50% on the second level, and they have next day pay. But they don’t have an email marketing system. You don’t even get an email if you get a new signup, you have to look in your dashboard. 

So you have to look at the pros and cons and do your own research. Is your company growing every year? Is their revenue climbing every year? Or is it plateauing? Or is it declining? If it’s declining, you might no not even want to start; they might be on their way out. Now, mind you that some companies have peaks and valleys they climb up for a couple years then they plateau. Then they keep climbing up or they might have a little dip.

Look at the stock market, it never just continually climbs up. It goes down, it goes up, it goes down, it goes up. But over a span of 100 years, it looks like it’s just been climbing and it has been climbing, but there’s been some serious dips. 

You also have to look at the products. Can you really get excited about the products? Do you want something for your skin? Do you want something that you ingest? Do you want gadgets? Do you want to study cryptocurrency? There’s an MLM opportunity for all of those products and services. Do you want products or do you want services? Do you want an education platform? Or do you want products? 

Now for me, I like products that help my digestion. I like products that relax me. And, you know, I feel better I want I want products that make me feel better. I want products that make me feel younger. I’m not into gadgets and I’m not into learning about cryptocurrency, you know, I was already on a platform like that. It’s pretty common sense now. Most people know what Bitcoin is and how to invest in it. So I’m not gonna do that. I’ve already done that. 

So I want products that feel good. I want 50% commissions. Ideally, I want an automated email system that emails my leads for me, because that’s all I’ve been in for the last six years. I’m kind of spoiled. I want beautiful landing pages that I can share with my prospects. I want products that are available around the world. And I want to be able to run Pay Per Click ads. So the products basically sell without me getting involved, I want to just run some PPC campaigns and sell the products around the world and automate it as much as possible. 

So I hope this article helps you decide. Also you don’t want to join more than one company in the beginning if you’re just getting started. You want to laser focus on that one company for three to five years. And there’s going to be rough patches. 

But stay committed to one company until you get an income that matches or comes close to what you make at your job, ideally before looking at a second company – If you want a second company at all, the more companies you’re in, the more diluted your focus is going to be. A lot of people won’t sign up with you if you have all these deals going on. They want you to take them to the finish line in one company. They want you to be an expert in one company. And it’s a hard business. It takes all of your energy just to do one. 

So stay in one company, stay faithful to them for three to five years minimum, until you have a team that’s growing beyond your control and they are taking off. You don’t even know that people in your downline because it’s so big. That’s when you can maybe start looking at another MLM. But if you’re that successful in one why even do the second one?

The only reason I would do a second one is for security. If something happens to the first company and all your eggs are in one basket. What if something happens to that company? What if you’re an expat in another country and you don’t have any retirement saved? I would do more than one company if you’re traveling. If you want to be a digital nomad and live abroad, I wouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket. 

But ideally, you get one MLM built up really good until your passive income comes in every single week or every single month and it’s solid. Okay, so thanks for reading guys. Hit that subscribe button. I will talk to you soon.

Thanks for reading!

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