Shangri La Casino Kyiv VIP Casino Review

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In the center of Kyiv, in Ukraine, the elegant place has appeared – Shangri La Casino Kyiv, which is part of the Shangri La brand. The casinos of this network successfully work in the VIP sector in the CIS countries. Elegant gambling houses adorn the capitals of Armenia, Belarus and Georgia. In 2024, the new Shangri La Casino was opened in Ukraine, continuing the good tradition of the brand.

The casino network is managed by a company Storm International of Michael Boettcher. The first Shangri La casino was opened in Moscow in 1992 and successfully worked up to the change of the legislation of the Russian Federation. Over the years, it has earned an excellent reputation through fair play, impeccable service, and a variety of entertainment programs.

A new casino opened in the magnificent hotel complex Fairmont Grand Hotel in the heart of the capital near Dnipro River. Shangri La Casino started working immediately after the gambling business was officially allowed to operate in Ukraine. The highlights of the place are lavish interiors in the style of art deco, elegant furniture and carpets, and European décor elements. Soft colors and muted lighting complement the atmosphere of comfort.

The casino is located thirty minutes from the international airport and a few minutes from the main sights of Kyiv.

Advantages Of Shangri La Casino Kyiv

Shangri La Casino has become the first VIP casino for discerning guests. The elegant rooms literally dispose of a great rest. Guests are welcomed by more than 100 employees who speak Ukrainian, Russian and English.

You can find 80 slot machines of the best world providers Cammegh, Aristocrat, Novomatic, IGT, and EGT. The spacious slot-hall is decorated in a cozy and tasteful manner. There are several gaming tables nearby. In spacious rooms you can play roulette, as well as classic card games: baccarat or poker of several kinds. For visitors who prefer a private atmosphere and high bets, there is a VIP club in a secluded private room.

The work of Shangri La Casino Kyiv is conducted in accordance with the strict standards of Storm International, which guarantees a responsible game and service of the highest level. On the first visit, guests receive bonuses. There is also a system of incentives for regular customers.

Events In Shangri La Casino

In May of 2021, the series of luxury parties began with a grand opening. A special event was arranged on a huge scale. The grand opening was attended by the founder, Michael Boettcher and Darren Keane, Storm International CEO.

In the Shangri La network in each unit, individual parties and lotteries are also held, timed to festive and weekend days. The luckiest guests can win a Harley Davidson or a luxury car.

Each season is marked by original events, reports on which appear on the official site:

History Of Storm International

Storm International was founded in 1992 by an Englishman, Michael Boettcher. The first casino of the Shangri La network was the Moscow gambling house, which became incredibly popular due to honesty and excellent attitude towards its guests. Today the network includes 4 casinos in the post-Soviet space, a network of elegant German slot-halls Storm Casinos and licensed online casinos.

The Shangri La brand has been recognized by the public and industry experts, noted Darren Keane. Shangri La Casino was named the best casino in Georgia and Belarus several years in a row. The new casino in Kyiv started on a high note to become the best casino in Ukraine for 2024.