Pure Trim Mediterranean Wellness Shake Review

Pure Trim Mediterranean Wellness Shake Review (2020)

My wife started using Pure Trim Mediterranean shakes years ago. She lost 37 pounds in her first month. She was so excited about the shakes that she got her mom and sister on the shakes and they lost crazy weight also. Since then she has tried other shakes and has always reverted back to Pure Trim because she says they’re the best.

Over the years, when we want to lose weight fast and look younger, we buy Pure Trim. I love the vanilla and the strawberry flavors, it’s like liquid cake flavor, but not icky sweet (Less than 1g of sugar).

The thing that’s really amazing is that each shake is only 200 calories, so if you have one in the morning and one for lunch, then a lite dinner, you can easily lose a lot of weight along with a frugal fit workout routine.

Where we look younger from these shakes comes from the Meditteranean blend component in the shake:

pure trim ingredients

As you can see in this picture, there are a few components to help aging and skin. You have the Mediterranean Skin & Digestion Blend and you have the Super Raw Anti-Aging Greens Blend. 

I don’t know if you have seen people that do a completely Raw food diet, but their skin looks amazing. People with gray hair can actually start growing back their original color!

Pure Trim shakes can emulate a Raw Food diet which can become challenging and expensive to maintain. Raw ingredients can also release more enzymes in the mouth which can promote better digestion and reduce toxins caused by the cooking process of foods.

Also Pure Trim stays away from whey protein which is cheap, from dairy, and very hard on the digestion. Pure Trim boast’s 21 grams of vegan protein made from Pea protein, Brown rice protein, Lentil, and flaxseed proteins.

You don’t need to worry about feeling hungry a half hour later. One of the most common statements from Pure Trim users is that they really feel full – for many hours, like 3 to 4 hours until your next shake. No problem here with hunger pains. Also, the flavors taste ridiculously good, you don’t feel like you’re on a diet.

How to Use Pure Trim Shakes

Pure Trim shakes are great on their own, but it’s recommended that you drink a full glass of cold water after each shake. This helps the ingredients flush out your lower intestine and colon where a lot of food debris is stuck.

Also, one pack of Pure Trim is used for maintenance and two packets a day is used for optimal weight loss.

A Pure Trim Recipe

Vanilla Pure Trim is a wonderful base used in a variety of shakes. Here is a simple banana smoothie recipe:

Famous Vanilla Banana Shake

10-12 ounces of chilled water

1 vanilla Pure Trim pack

Half to a full banana 

Half a cup of ice.

Blend for 30 seconds.

(Tastes like a banana Creampie!)

About Pure Trim

Pure Trim was formed in the early 2000’s but went through a complete reboot in 2018. They are a direct selling company out of Tempe, Arizona. The founder is Dr. Mack (MD)

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