Pre-Launch Freebay Review – Karatbars Reboot V999 Token

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Here is a business message from my friend in the company Freebay:

We bought coins 2 1/2 years ago when they had a different name, but they are converting to the G999 this week.  There is a second coin launching called the V999 with Freebay. 

This coin is backed by gold and is a stable coin and expecting wide acceptance into the market.  When a person buys gold (through Freebay) and converts to the V999 there is a smart contract and when the V999 is sold into the marketplace it is forever coded (via the smart contract) to the original Owner and residuals are earned from the trading fees on the coin for life.  Fees are deposited to your crypto wallet every 24 hours. There is huge excitement for this coin in anticipation of it’s release.

The coins are not actually part of Freebay, but Freebay is the marketing arm and all of the affiliates have participated and promoted.  V999 is also an exchange and G999 is a new blockchain with various projects coming, secure email via blockchain, secure messaging via blockchain just to mention a few.  Also a new card coming (mini blockchain).  See short promo video

Couple of quick things on Freebay.  It is going to be huge, there will be over 20k at the Eric Worre/Todd Falcone event online tomorrow.  The company is based in Switzerland and in over 149 countries. (the whole network of Karatbars affiliates has moved over to Freebay).

The Freebay products are gold, online education, crypto trading (more coming).  There are various packages that affiliates can sell or sponsor with and one of the packages is a high ticket item $4999 Euros so good potential affiliate income.

Smaller packages are available too and people can subscribe monthly and the starting package with trading robots is 190 Euro per month. It is a different flavor than Akashx since the packages actually include trading with robots, etc.  Affiliates can promote and build without ever having to buy anything.

I am amazed at the community following and participating in the company and it’s partners.  Telegram groups, Discord groups and more.

Big groups in US, Canada, South Africa and more.  (The South Africa group is booming within the professional business community).

Crypto really interested me in the icoinpro days and the progress of the above programs have been fun to follow. 

I have a huge right leg in the comp plan and a few crypto buffs in my left that I have sponsored.  Tomorrow (online event) will be interesting and everything else is launching on the 15th (this week). 

Update: People are leaving Freebay to join GPS.

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Freebay is an affiliate company with the following products
E-Learning/Wealth IQ & Crypto AcademyGoldCrypto Trading (including trading robots).

New Freebay Concierge Card coming in November (fiat, crypto, gold and more).  This will be an amazing productOther New products coming today
There are two separate partner companies also.

V999 Stable Token and Trading Exchange
This token is Gold Backed Stable coin with audited gold reserves backing the coin on a monthly basis.  This is not a staking coin so there is not a return on the coin for staking.  Each coin is backed by .1 gram of gold which calculates that each coin should be worth around $7 US.  Holders of the coin can convert their coins into physical gold at any time.

The V999 will trade on the V999 exchange (and other exchanges as well).  Traders currently move their funds into Tether (as example) as a stable coin when moving in and out of crypto trades.  The thinking is the V999 will be very attractive to traders since it is backed by gold and can be converted to gold if they want that at any time.

V999 offers a very unique opportunity for the investor.  A person can buy gold (from Freebay) and convert the gold into V999 tokens.  Tokens are created when gold is invested.  The person can hold the coins (digital gold) or sell them into the marketplace. 

When you sell the coins (for Bitcoin as example) not only are you receiving funds for the coin you sold, but a smart contract is created at that time.  The coins you created are coded to you for life and as they are transacted on the exchanges (traders going in and out of the Stable Coin) transaction fees are created and this potentially can happen multiple times per day (envision how tether is used). 

The person who originally invested in gold to create the coin and obtained the smart contract when they sold it receives .02 percent each time there is a transaction fee.  These fees are calculated daily and deposited into your wallet every 24 hours.  The affiliate who sold the gold also receives .02 percent of the transaction fee also so it becomes passive income for the affiliate for life also.

This may be a little confusing, but put people are very excited about it and as affiliates we able to promote what we call the gold profit cycle.  – Buy gold, convert to V999 token, sell token on open market, smart contract created to receive fees, take funds from sale of coins and buy more gold, repeat the cycle over and over creating smart contracts that will provide lifelong passive income

G999 Coin – this is a utility token launched by a partner company Gold Standard Bank.  These coins will already be in the marketplace and the fees received (from V999 transactions) are paid via the G999 coin.  This coin trades on the open market and has it’s own blockchain that is launching today.

There are many new things happening on this blockchain. – totally secure email, secure chat over blockchain and much more. 

New Products Coming

Gold – (we now have .1 gram Lifecards)  1 gram, 2.5 gram and 5 gram cards coming soon

Trading  –  New robots in Life package coming

Freebay Concierge Card.  Coming in November for affiliates to use and to market.  Full details released very soon, but crypto, fiat, crypto trading, travel, events and more all encompassed in this card. Should be a good product for affiliates to market.

Passive Income packages –  Launch and training on these coming this week on 10/15.  It was announced that these packages will throw off passive income for the buyer and the affiliate.  Expected to be very popular and excellent income opportunity for affiliates to market.

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There is an “Open Mic” session today with Freebay Corporate.  These weekly sessions have been taking place with Karatbars for many months.  Now that Freebay is in full swing these sessions are with the Freebay Team and Affiliate Leaders from around the globe.

The Open Mic session will be today (Wednesday 10/14 at 11am EST – (please convert to your time zone).Go to  If you plan to be on the zoom I would suggest joining early as these Open Mic sessions do reach capacity.

EVO / Cryptorobotics Traders Group – This is a weekly session (the first was last week) for those who are trading with this program.  The group sessions are designed to help everyone by answering questions, sharing ideas and more.It is a great learning experience to be a part of this group and I would suggest joining the group on Telegram also.  The sessions are recorded for those who can’t join live. 

There are HUGE Corporate announcements coming tomorrow Thursday 10/15.  It was announced at the Evolution launch event that we will have new packages to offer from Freebay which are designed for the buyer/customer to receive passive income.  The affiliate who sells these packages will earn passive income as well.  I don’t know any more that that at this point. 

The Corporate announcements will be live tomorrow on the company youtube channel.  They typically post links for these events several hours before on the company facebook page and company Telegram group.  The event will be soon and will also be recorded for those who can’t join in live.  I will send out a notice with this link as soon as I see it also.


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Thanks for reading more about Freebay!

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