Why I Chose to Automate my MLM Recruiting

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I’m originally an affiliate marketer who discovered the exponential income possibility of MLM. Affiliate marketing sales were usually one-offs, and MLM sales were reorders every month, which gave you a steady, passive income stream.

MLM to me seemed more lucrative, a lot more lucrative.

In 2013, I made $2,000 from promoting affiliate marketing offers. In MLM, I’ve already made over $100k.

The difference between the two styles of marketing is that with MLM you get a little commission from an entire organization you build, and when they reorder you get a little monthly income.

Little commissions from a lot of people is big money, don’t be fooled.

Residual income is sexy; passive, residual income is sexier.

Here’s Why I Chose to Automate my MLM Recruiting.

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How I Recruited Over 700 People with Just an MLM Autoresponder

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I’m not a fan of traditional MLM. In fact, I’ve never talked to friends or family about my opportunity. Here’s How I Recruited Over 700 People with Just an MLM Autoresponder.

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Exact Steps How to Make $10,000 Your First Year in Network Marketing

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Network marketing is big business, and it’s big business with little requirement from you financially.

If you compare what it takes to start a traditional small business to that of a network marketing business, you’d see MLM is very low cost, with no risk.

With a network marketing business, you can walk away by simply cancelling your month autoship order, whereas a traditional brick and mortar you’re left with a lease, merchandise, resentful employees, etc.

I’ve been an internet marketer since 2011, and nothing else pays like network marketing, especially as passive, residual income.

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Best Automated MLM – How I Use 95% Automation to Grow My Biz

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If you never want to do another three-way call, hotel and home meeting, and make a list of your 100 friends and family to pester for your MLM, I don’t blame you.

In fact, when I joined MLM in 2014, I blocked my upline on my phone.

I just wanted to build my MLM like an affiliate marketing gig, just sharing my links and getting commissions.

So, when I found a way to completely automate MLM, I was ecstatic.

I wanted the residual income MLM offered without the pain of hand holding new distributors and going to rah rah network marketing events.

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How Busy Professionals Can Automate a Second Income Stream for Retirement in 2 to 3 Years

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Why “Automate?”

Automation is sexy, and who doesn’t want something automated – pulling them in $2k to $20k a month – whether they work or not?

Here’s some crappy retirement stats:

Average retirement age is 63, however we are living longer.

One out of four 65 year olds will live past 90. That means your nest egg needs to last 28 years or more.

A couple who retires at 65 will spend an average of $275k on Healthcare, out of pocket, according to Fidelity.

The average 401k or IRA account is $100k.

So, if you live 28 years past retirement, that’s only $3,571 a year!

Can you live on $297 a month?

Of course not.

Average social security was $1,371 a month. $16,450 a year.

So, with the average 401k and average Social Security that’s $1,668 a month to live on in your “Golden Years’ for the next 30 years.

Looks like Denny’s Value Meals for you, unless you create a second income stream using a network marketing business model.

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The Three Vital Steps to Making a $1000 a Day in Network Marketing

how to make more money in MLM

First of all – congratulations on wanting to make bank.

So, let’s get right to it and do the math:

$1,000 a day is $41.66 an hour.


So, how can you churn out $41.66 an hour around the clock?

We usually sleep 8 of those hours, maybe more like 6 these days, but what can you do while you sleep to make $41.66 an hour?

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Is Old School Belly to Belly Rah Rah Network Marketing Dead?

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Little backstory.

I hated the popular kids in school, who didn’t?

Then, I wanted to be a rock and roll drummer.

I could hide behind the drumset. (perfect instrument for introverts.)

But, stardom took a backseat to alcohol. (perfect love/hate magic potion for introverts)

Twenty years later, I’m still working two restaurant jobs making $12 an hour – my life-sentence for some past temporary high, partying years away.

There had to be a way out.

I found the internet and people making money online.

I started following people on Twitter because that’s what all the Amazon ebook authors were doing. ( I wrote a memoir, along with everyone’s mother.)

They shared their ebook links in tweets, so I promoted my book that way and made $70 that year.

Then, found some affiliate marketing products I could tweet links and make money. (Think Clickbank 2013)

Then tried getting “social” on Facebook and they threw me in jail. (over 10 times actually.)

Just wanted to connect and grow my brand.

Then I found network marketing, a form of crack affiliate marketing.

Saw MLM leaders holding up checks for $120k a month – wanted their crack. . .

But, knew that network marketing was all about networking with people, you know – belly to belly. (some MLM lingo.)

Didn’t want a sponsor to vulcher down on me when I joined.

So, I blocked him so he couldn’t call to welcome me aboard. (Still introverted)

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How to Earn Six-Figures One Hour a Day with an Automated MLM, Seriously

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Okay. Okay.

You’re calling BS a little about the one hour a day bit, right?

I understand.

I get old-school network marketers who join my business ask the same question.

They think I should be swamped with calls, doing three-ways with dozens of team members, and living on Facebook chat to make six-figures with MLM.

But, I’m not.

I’m actually petting my cat more than I’m on Facebook or on the phone.

In fact, in the last 5 years of doing MLM all online, I’ve done maybe two three-way calls.

Never done a home party or a hotel meeting either.

Yes, I have a successful team working all online as well, and yes, I work one hour a day and make doctor’s salary money.

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How to Automate 95% of Your Network Marketing Business and Make Six Figures

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Want to join a network marketing opportunity, but don’t want to get wrapped up doing rah rah events with your sponsor?

Or do three-way calls all day?

Or talk to everyone around you and get hung up on?

Me neither.


What I’m about to tell you might piss off some old-school network marketers and be a little controversial. . .

I haven’t done any of that stuff (for 5 years now) and I make six figures a year in network marketing.

I don’t even use Facebook.

95% of my network marketing business is automated.

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The Best Network Marketing Business You Can Do All Online

When I started network marketing in 2014 I was already an internet marketer. I was experienced in promoting affiliate offer links on my social media, mainly Twitter, and made money when people bought the digital products.

But, affiliate marketing missed something: residual income – a check that came in every month like clockwork when people re-ordered a product. See, with affiliate marketing it was mostly one-time sales, no residual income.

Network marketing was affiliate marketing on steroids because you could get paid for many months off of one person and get paid on everybody 10 levels down from you. I fell in love with MLM and will never go back to a regular job.

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