Not Another CBD MLM Opportunity – Global Expansion

Everyone knows that CBD products are everywhere. I can go down three miles to our two local gas stations and by some. I can drive across town and see three CBD stores that sell nothing but CBD.

But, when I started promoting CBD oil in one of the first CBD MLM companies back in 2017, life was good. I managed to get a few articles up on my other blog about the best cbd companies to join. I got a lot of signups a few months later when the articles ranked on the first page of Google. One month I recruited 57 people into my business without emailing or phoning one of them. For someone who likes to Automate MLM as much as possible this was a god send. My income also exploded. It grew 400% in 6 months. My team was duplicating and I had people joining everyday.

However, the competition began getting fierce. They attacked our company endlessly, and even YouTube shut down all my CBD videos. Every MLM company was now trying to launch their own CBD products – even Martha Stewart was launching CBD.

Then, to top that off, the company I was with started to police the internet to stop any distributor who were talking about the benefits of CBD or even talking about the marketing system they had. They had a killer autoresponder email system that emailed our leads for us, but you couldn’t mention that because it fell in the category of “get-rich-quick” which was against company policy.

Here’s more detail on another CBD MLM Backlash story I did about my experience.

Needless to say, as a full-time blogger who creates content to generate leads this was the final straw. The company slowly picked off my best content and my wife deleted her entire CBD blog so they would stop bugging her.

So, I thought being an MLM leader I should keep going and not play the victim card. I decided to try and use Pay Per Click advertising to promote my CBD Business. I started the ad and the next day found out that Google and Bing not only rejected the ads but also wouldn’t allow the keywords in the ad that mentioned cbd at all.

Around this time, my downline was having trouble setting up CBD business pages on Facebook. Facebook didn’t allow CBD either.

As my downline shrunk in my CBD MLM, I decided I needed to act fast before I lost all online income and had to go get a stupid restaurant job again. (I had been working from home full-time for 3 years at this point.)

My friend introduced me to another MLM company that was growing rapidly and they didn’t have CBD – thank God! This company also had “landing pages” I could use to generate leads and they had the same automated email recruiting system that my other company had. The great news was this:

One – The New MLM didn’t have a compliance department cracking down on anyone who mentioned the benefits of the product.

Two – The old MLM was just in a handful of countries because CBD was still considered illegal in most countries. The New MLM was in over 100 countries, including all of Africa and Asia – even India, Russia, and parts of China!

Three – The New MLM had over 25 products which helped with sleep, weight loss, diabetes, energy, etc. And, they predict they will launch 25 more in a couple years and become a Billion dollar a year company by 2023.

Four – The New MLM’s products sell around the world because everyone recognizes the product and wants it. I literally just share my customer website using PPC and I get customer orders every single day from around the world.

Five – The New MLM actually emails our reps three times a week about live webinars and testimonials from the leaders and product results.

The only people who are raving about CBD are the top leaders in CBD MLMs. The rest of the people in these companies are losing money and are exhausted trying to sell CBD on their social media channels.

I used to believe that there was no such thing as “saturation” in MLM, but I was wrong. CBD is everywhere and it’s extremely difficult to promote it these days. I feel sorry for the people just finding out about CBD. I believe CBD hit its spike in 2018.

Of course, it’s mainstream now and it seems really popular, but the problem is over a 1000 companies offer it on the internet. People have so many choices now and MLM isn’t the only industry that cashed in. In fact, most people want to avoid CBD if it’s MLM related.

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