Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Curacao 2024

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New entrepreneurs in the Curacao can potentially generate massive money with multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Recruiters and sellers in these Dutch islands can make massive multiple revenue streams with network marketing, including prosperous passive income monthly while working online from home or on the go traveling throughout the Dutch Caribbean area.

This Is The Fastest Growing MLM Company You Better Consider Joining

But which MLM company should you join if you live in Curacao and want the most profitable powerhouse organization? Here are our ten favorite MLM businesses to think about signing up with in Curacao to maximize your chances of success in 2023 and 2024 in an ultra-competitive marketplace:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Curacao For 2024

1. LiveGood

2. My Daily Choice

3. Valentus

4. Herbalife

5. Amway

6. Pampered Chef

7. Oriflame

8. iCoin Pro

9. Infinitus

10. Perfectly Posh

There are other top MLMs to ponder joining in Curacao for 2023 or 2024 as well such as BeachBody, Tupperware, Pure, Youngevity, Monat, Total Life Changes, Arieyl, Young Living, Arbonne, Organo Gold, Monavie, Isagenix, LivePure, Vorwerk, DoTerra, Juice Plus, Le-Vel, Mannatech, Modere, and Forever Living. Do your due diligence on the multi-level marketing company you choose to join when living in Curacao in the new economy!

How To Start Off Right In MLM

I want to talk to you about how to start MLM if you have never done it or are still a beginner. I have been doing it for nine years now. I will never go back to a job, and it is a very exciting profession. I wouldn’t do anything else but I want to really give you some advice if you’re brand new to MLM. 

And that is, it is a real business, it is a real profession for Dutch MLM business owners. You’re not going to just come in and make tons of money your first two weeks, you are basically going to have to learn it like a new profession. You don’t just want to, you know, if you want to sell Ferraris you don’t just go walk up to the car lot with no experience and say, I want to sell a Ferrari every single day and make tons of money. They would just laugh you off the car a lot. 

Same thing with MLM. It is a very powerful industry, it makes millionaires every single day. But you must put in some serious work and you got to learn how it works. I will give you some advice on how it works. 

The bottom line is that it is a business and you usually get a website when you join as a distributor, you get promotional tools, so you get your own website. You can order brochures shipped to Willemstad, you can order banners you can order business cards. You’re basically an independent contractor for that company. So that means that they give you a 1090 at the end of the year, you do your own taxes, you are like a contractor, a subcontractor for the MLM company on the island

You’re willing to promote their product when you join their business okay so you can pick any company you want. You know, look into the products if you love the products, and you want to promote them, then sign up as a distributor, and you’re probably going to have to buy product every month, every month to stay active as a distributor that’s kind of like the deal is you got to pay a membership fee or buy product each month to stay active as a distributor. 

So with my business the minimum is like $69 for one bottle of the product and when you pay that you’re basically paying for an autoresponder, which is an email sales funnel that helps you email your prospects. So, When you join you get your own website, and the name of the game is getting as many eyeballs on your website as possible. 

How are you going to get eyeballs on your website? There’s many different places. If you’re brand new on the internet, you don’t have much of a social media presence you only have maybe 100 friends on Facebook and you don’t want to bug your friends and family, and you don’t have a website or a blog, you’re still going to want to get a lot of people looking at your website.

So that means, you probably have to do paid advertising. Okay. This is because you don’t want to bug your friends or family. Now, if you are an extrovert, and you have hundreds of friends and they support you and they love you, then you are going to have a good chance. You are probably going to have a good start in network marketing if you are willing to share your product or your business with your friends. 

But the way you present the business will either make you or break you. So, if you tell your friends, Hey, you can make $5,000 a week with this business – I just joined, you got to join. We’re going to become rich! Now if you say that to your friends, they’re gonna be like yeah right, you know, they’re gonna think you’re full of crap.

They’re not going to join and you’re going to ruin a lot of friendships, and that happens all the time in network marketing. It’s called the NFL club, people join the NFL Club, which means no friends left when they try to pitch their friends and family about their new business but they have no idea how to present their business. 

So learn how to present your business before opening your mouth to your friends and family. What you could do is say, you know, check out this business. Please support me in my new business and maybe buy a sample or a product, you know, buy a product, start them off really small with a sample.

A sample in my business is only $11 and 95 cents and that’s for the shipping and handling the products free so you just start them really slow say hey I’d really like you to check out what I’m doing now and just be very mellow, be very real, and just be like I’d like you to check out what I’m doing. And if they go yeah okay then say, cool, check out this link and then share your link. That’s number one. That’s how you can share it with your warm market. 

Now, If you don’t want to share it with your friends and family and you don’t have any social media presence, you’re gonna want to buy clicks to your website, or you’re going to want to buy leads and call your leads. Okay. And so, calling leads is another thing that you got to learn how to do properly. If you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s going to be hard for you to convince strangers to join your business okay that’s  just the bottom line. So learn how to prospect your leads. 

The other thing that you can do is you can do something like advertising. You can buy clicks at MLM leads. com you can see that they sell clicks, you can go in my company’s back office. Once you become a distributor. You log back in and go to leads and traffic and scroll down a ways, and we offer clicks to your landing page through traffic authority. 

So look that up, the thing is that traffic authority charges like $1 or something a click, and I can get clicks for under 50 cents on Bing so if you want to check out Bing Ads.

But the bottom line is you got to get massive clicks onto your website, and you’re going to have to generate lots of leads before you even get a signup. Now these are people that don’t know you. Okay, aka the cold market, there’s only two markets. There’s a warm market, which are your friends and family and there’s a cold market, which are strangers. 

When I started network marketing 2014, I didn’t have any friends and I didn’t want to bug my family. So I went right into the cold market, which is really hard to do. But I eventually started generating leads and I started getting upgrades, but it was a lot of work. 

I was following over 1000 people on Twitter every day, just to get a direct message to them that I had automated through software called crowdfire, and I don’t even know if crowdfire sends out direct messages anymore to new followers, but I had like five Twitter accounts going I followed all these people, and then that direct message would go out to my new followers they would click on my link, which was a landing page for my MLM biz just like the ones we have today. 

And they signed the form, I got an email saying I got a new lead. And then I just let the company email my leads. But with a cold market, you’re looking at 100 to 200 leads just for one signup. So if you’re spending $3 on a lead, you might need to spend $500 just to get one sign up. 

So the cheaper way, but takes longer, is to start creating content. Then you can generate leads through your content like I can generate leads with videos. I just say at the end of the video click the link below this video and check out my opportunity, you can do that too, but you’re going to have to probably create 100 videos before you even start getting, maybe three leads a day. 

Another thing you can do is a blog, but blogging is even harder than YouTube. It’ll take three to five years to blog. So the fastest way to go about this is learn a couple simple prospecting techniques, and a lot of people use Facebook. Obviously, Facebook is free. You learn how to post your opportunity on Facebook. A lot of people are sharing the samples on Facebook, and all they’re saying is, do you want a free CBD sample comment below, that’s all they’re saying.

Then when someone says info please. Then you direct message them your link, you don’t just share it on your wall on Facebook. You send them your link, your sample link through a private message on Facebook, and people prospect hundreds of people this way. It’s very easy. And instead of saying the same thing on Facebook every day. Grab Your Free CBD sample here. Are you interested in free CBD samples? 

You can pin that post to the top so you don’t have to remake it every day you pin it at the top, and then post other things – post quotes from entrepreneurs – post news articles about your product that’s in the news today, CBD is all over the news. So posts like positive news clips, and then leave that pinned one about the CBD samples at the top. 

So whenever someone comes to your wall. They see the pinned one at the top, and they go comment, or they say info please you send your link, and you can probably push 10 to 20 samples that way, they get into the company’s email system, which will urge them to upgrade to a paid affiliate, which is the full fledged distributor position. 

So, that is how you start MLM. You learn by sharing your links and you learn how to get massive eyeballs on your website, and this isn’t something that’s going to happen in a month or two. Okay, you might get your friends to join you. You might get five to 10 people that join you and that is a great start. 

But you’re looking for people that want to build a business, you’re not looking for customers, you’re not looking to just sell your product one time, you want someone to join your business, an entrepreneur who wants to build their own teams. That is where you start making the big money. So if you sell a bottle here and a bottle there that’s okay, you might make 20 bucks, you might make 50 bucks. 

The big money in network marketing is creating a team of people that build their own teams, and then that exponentially grows into thousands of people. Then when they reorder the product each month, you get 15% of that, or whatever it is, and that adds up to five to $10,000 a month, maybe more, give it three to five years, and it could be $10,000-$20,000 a month. 

But you got to really consider this a real profession. It is going to take three to five years for you to truly understand it and to dominate it, but you can have a great start if you’re an extrovert and you have a lot of friends. But if you don’t have a lot of friends and you’re not on social media and you don’t have a blog, you’re gonna have to spend some money on advertising and not all leads are created equal. 

You can’t just jump on over to Fiverr and buy 100 leads for $3, or five bucks whatever, they are going to be crappy leads, and they’re not going to join you. Okay, you’re just throwing money away. There is no easy way out, there’s no easy way to millions of dollars, you got to put in massive work.

But the thing is that for under $200 a month, you can be making good money. So like for me I spend like $200 a month on my product, and I can afford to spend money on ads now. But when I started, you know, I spent the last $80 to get started five years ago, I only made $2500 my first year, and I was following 1000 people a day on Twitter. I was generating 20 leads a day, you know, minimum, and I was only getting three to five signups a month. 

It took me about three years to finally get some people on my team that started growing their own teams, and that’s where the money’s at. So remember that it’s not just buying a bunch of products yourself and selling it to friends for $20 markup. That’s not how you do network marketing.

 You want them to sign up through your website link, and have the company dropship the product directly to them. You don’t want to buy a bunch of inventory, just buy what you need each month, a bottle or four bottles and just share your website on the internet. Don’t just buy a bunch of products and try to sell it at trade fairs and stuff, that’s not where the money is. 

The money is building a team of people who want to build teams themselves, they want to make money, you want to make money. And you might have to recruit 100 people to find a couple people that want to build the business hardcore, and they know what they’re doing. 

And the way that you can improve your chances of getting a rockstar is by becoming a rock star yourself, by reading books about network marketing, by watching a ton of training videos and taking notes, get GoPro by Eric Worre on Amazon. Watch me and watch Todd Falcone on YouTube. Go to Ray Higdon, watch all of his training, start really soaking it up. 

Then in about a year or two. You know you’re gonna have a lot of people quitting on you too. That’s the thing is that leaders understand that you got to chuck a lot of oysters to find a pearl. And a lot of people quit because that’s just how people are, they quit the gym, they quit college they quit jobs, they quit lovers. That’s just the way it is. 

So you have to keep recruiting consistently until you find a rock star or two or three, and even then you don’t want to stop recruiting because your team is going to follow what you do, and if you recruit maybe 20 people and then you stop. You know, because you’re like, Oh, I have a couple rock stars on my team. I’m not going to recruit anymore. Well guess what, in a couple months you won’t have a team, because people are going to copy what you do. 

And if you just recruit a few people and think it’s like a lottery ticket and you’re just waiting for them to make you millions of dollars then you’re gonna have a sad awakening, because your team is going to quit. Then you’re going to have to rebuild your team, until you find a rock star again.

So never stop recruiting. The best way to keep recruiting for years and years and years, is to create content like videos and blog articles if you like to blog. If you don’t like writing, don’t even touch blogging, because you’re going to need 500 articles or more to even get decent traffic to your website. 

So you’re better off just running ads by some solo ads via some clicks. Try different advertising campaigns and to get the ball rolling because you will need a lot of leads to get signups, and we are talking 100 to 200 leads for one upgrade. That is why the true MLM leaders always say start with your warm market because friends and family are usually easier to get in your business first, and then break into the cold market and learn how to generate leads every day without breaking the bank, without spending thousands of dollars. Because if you don’t know what you’re doing, you will waste thousands of dollars. 

So learn some good advertising techniques. Watch training videos and generate leads every single day. Don’t take holidays off. Don’t take the summer off, because when you come back from summer you won’t have a team. So, the leaders have learned how to recruit every single day – they do it with their blogs, they do it with ebooks and webinars. They are out there and they are everywhere. 

That is why I create lots of videos, because it is free and it is free to do videos. It is free to share your links under videos. So, learn about doing videos and talk about who you are, you know what you do for a living, why you chose network marketing and target a specific audience, I target people my age that did service industry for a living, because that is what I did while I did MLM WFH. So talk about what you know and try to attract people that do the same things you do, and help them get out of their jobs or whatever your aim is. 

So I hope this helps you build up your MLM business in the company of your choosing. Click the link below to check out what I am doing if you are not in a network marketing online home business, like and subscribe to this business building blog.

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