Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Lebanon 2024

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Aspiring entrepreneurs in Lebanon can generate major money with multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Recruiters and sellers in Lebanon can make multiple revenue streams with network marketing, including prosperous passive income monthly while working online from home or on the go traveling throughout the Middle East.

This Is The MLM Business You Should Sign Up For Now

But which MLM company should you join if you live in Lebanon and want the most profits? Here are our ten favorite MLM businesses to think about signing up with in Lebanon to maximize your chances of success in 2023 and 2024:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Lebanon For 2024

1. LiveGood

2. Infinitus

3. Vorwerk

4. Herbalife

5. Amway

6. Nu Skin

7. Oriflame

8. Pampered Chef

9. Natura

10. Perfectly Posh

There are other top MLMs to consider joining in Lebanon for 2023 or 2024 as well such as BeachBody, Tupperware, ACN, Youngevity, Total Life Changes, Arieyl, Young Living, Arbonne, Primerica, Melaleuca, Sisel, Juice + and Forever Living. Do your due diligence on the multi-level marketing company you choose to join in Lebanon for 2024!

The Truth About MLM Business Success

I want to share the absolute truth on how to build your network marketing business in Lebanon. People have asked me, what are you doing, maybe we should get on a webinar or a zoom call and lay out a plan. And I am just like, here is the bottom line, I am going to just cut right to the chase for Middle Eastern multi-level marketers. 

The bottom line in becoming successful in network marketing is sharing your website to enough people consistently. That is the definition of network marketing success for Lebanese citizens. You don’t have to go on to a one hour zoom call with your leaders. You don’t have to do a webinar to find out how to do social media prospecting in Beirut. 

All you have to do is basically learn how to share your landing pages to other Middle Easterners that the company provides you. All I did was I learned how to share my landing page. I shared it under videos. I shared it under in blog articles, you know, at the end of a blog article, you would talk about network marketing or do some company reviews and then at the bottom of your blog article, you would say click the link to take a free tour to my number one home business opportunity in the Middle East and then you would share your landing page through that link.

I didn’t even use social media, except for Twitter to target Middle Easterner leads in Jounieh. You know, I wasn’t really a fan of Facebook. I just got bombarded by other people pitching me on Facebook, you know, I go into Facebook and right away these chat boxes open up and people were like, look at my opportunity look at my opportunity. 

But the thing is, I have never really done that. I have never been pushy with finding network marketing prospects. I am not going to get on a webinar to find out how to spam people basically, in social media. I’m not pushy. The type of business that I have built from day one is called attraction marketing, content marketing or attraction marketing, and what that is, is that you create content on the internet. It could be a blog post, it could be a Video. It could be an advertisement. People are looking for a home business through advertising. So there are different ways you can advertise in Beirut and Tripoli. You can use Facebook advertising, you can use Google advertising, you can use Bing advertising and you are going to target Middle Easterners that are looking for an opportunity in Byblos. 

So I have never been a person to stalk my old Middle Eastern friends on Facebook. And in fact, MLM is really getting a bad rap in the Middle East. Because people are prospecting on Facebook and just coming out of nowhere and talking, trying to spark up conversations with people they haven’t talked to for 10 years. And their sponsors are like yeah go ahead just talk to your whole warm market, your friends and family in Baalbek. They want the products okay so you just, you just text your whole family and all your friends even if you haven’t talked to them for 10 years and you tell them about your opportunity. That is what a lot of Network Marketing Leaders are telling you to do in Tyre Lebanon. 

They are telling you to spam your whole Facebook list of your contacts on Facebook. And that is what is making MLM decline and get a really bad name are these people just barrage their old friends and say, you know you would look great honey, wearing the makeup wearing our makeup you would look so good. wearing our makeup, and that is what these people are doing. You know, a lot of these distributors in Tripoli and Byblos are just attacking people on Facebook, being pushy and being salesy. 

And I have never had to do that luckily. There was a time in my life though. When I first started network marketing, I did automate my Twitter message to go out to all my new followers that said, we’re looking for motivated entrepreneurs who want to make money from home. That is it pretty much. And it worked back in 2014 and 2015. It doesn’t work now in 2023 or 2024 though. Because everyone knows that the direct message is kind of spammy, and that you can automate it with software programs. 

But back then, it worked because people thought I was personally writing to them. And I generated hundreds of thousands of leads with Twitter. And the thing is, is that you are going to have to change your marketing, okay? You are going to have to evolve with the times when you live in Lebanon. So Twitter works back then it doesn’t work now. So how can you do it today? How can you get your link seen by more people consistently?

Because, like I said, I’ve been doing this for six years. And I’ve never run out of contacts. I have a blog I can write, I’m not, you know, I can write a blog post – I can target any country by just putting the country name in a blog title. You know, I could say, new home business opportunity in Nigeria for 2024. And then I write about Nigeria, I write about how Nigerians are looking for extra income because their income is very low. Network Marketing is a perfect business model for them because you can start for free, and then it is only $10 a month afterwards. Right, you know, write a 600 word article like that. And then at the bottom, just put in your landing page link and have them take a free tour. 

I never really mentioned the company name, that’s just kind of like network marketing 101 you want to pique curiosity with your landing pages. You want people to take a free tour without being like, yeah, it is this company, because then they are gonna be like, oh, that company, let me go research it and then you lost them. Okay? Because they’re going to find another leader that sucks them in and they join them, or they find some scam post on that company. 

And let me just tell you, all those scam reviews are fake because those people are just trying to lure you to their website and people are so scared of scams that they’re going to click on that article. First, they’re going to click on the scam review articles, which inevitably send people to an opportunity that the blog master wants you to sign up with. Okay? There’s plenty of people online. That’s all they write about are scams. And there’s scams, the scams are scams, they’re just trying to lure you to their website.

So I never mentioned the company name, I just say if you want to make extra income, click the link, take a free tour into my number one opportunity online. And if you do that enough, you will start generating leads and when you start generating enough leads, you’ll start getting upgrades. It’s just a numbers game. You know, most of this is a cold market, okay, meaning strangers.

I do cold market marketing. So I’m dealing with strangers every single day. I talked to my mom about my business one time out of six years. I don’t have any friends left because they left when I quit drinking, and I haven’t really gotten new friends. And I wouldn’t bug them anyways, you know, unless they ask if they’re like, what do you do for a living and then go ahead, tell people what you do. Say yeah. If you want extra Income this business is taking off, we grew 1,000% in the last two years, our products are cutting edge. You know, we pay really high commissions. Take the free tour, here’s my website. 

So it is all about getting your website seen consistently, and generating 20 to 50 leads a day. You can’t just do this one time and then be like, Well, you know, I tried it. I ran an ad on Facebook and I spent $100 and I only got three leads. Well, your message was wrong, or your targeting was wrong. Maybe you were targeting people in Israel and they don’t even like MLM. You got to really look at your markets and what do they like?

That is a mistake that a lot of large corporations make. They think they can just build it and they will come. They think they can just open up a store in Japan, and since it is Asia, they think they’re going to be wildly successful. And to tell you the truth, I did try to market to the Asians, because they do love MLM. But I did not get any success from that, because maybe they don’t like Americans right now, maybe they don’t want to join someone they don’t know, maybe they don’t want to join a white guy who lives in North Carolina, maybe they want to join someone, a leader that’s already in Asia. 

So you really got to think this through, you got to constantly evolve, you got to look at your marketing and if you can put a source code on your links so you can see where your leads are coming from, and look at your conversion rates. So if I go into my statistics page, I can see that my blog has had the best converting leads because people found my blog, they found my articles, and they’re like, they’re already ready to pull out their wallets because they think they found me on Google. 

So if you want the best leads, start creating content you could know, if you don’t want to blog it takes a couple years, right? It’s not something I recommend. I recommend YouTube. I recommend Facebook maybe if you do long posts and you don’t bug anyone and let them come to you, all you gotta do is post an image on your Facebook that says you know something like, you know, are you looking for supplemental income during this crazy time in Sidon or even the Virgin Islands?

And then people will say more info they will comment more info under that picture. And then all you do is you private message the people that say more info and you send them your landing page link. That’s that’s how you should prospect properly on Facebook. You don’t just attack everyone that’s friends with you on Facebook and say, hey, check this out. This is curing cancer. You can make $5,000 your first week for free. I mean, that’s just spam. All right, you shouldn’t be doing network marketing if you’re going to talk that way, because it’s totally illegal to claim that your products cure anything. And no one can make $5,000 their first week, I don’t care who you are. And like, well, maybe if you got like 2 million followers, and you got a huge email list, and then you just put your landing page link in an email and you send it to your 20,000 subscribers, then yeah, you can make a lot of money. 

But if you’re starting from scratch, and you don’t have any followers, or any contacts, you’re not gonna make  $100 your first year. I mean, you really got to, you really got to have contacts or email subscribers for YouTube subscribers. You have to have a following. And if you don’t have eyeballs from people like that, then you got to pay money.

Money makes money and if you’re afraid to spend an extra hundred on your network marketing business, then you’re left only creating YouTube videos and posting some images on Facebook. You know, you got to build a brand from the ground up and it could take a year or two. I mean, my youtube channel is like six years old. My blogs are five years old. I’ve been doing this for a long time.

So if you think that you can just come in and write a couple blog posts, and do three YouTube videos, you’re not gonna get anything, you might get two leads, right? It takes a while. That’s why the big leaders say contact your warm market first friends and family, because it’s the easiest. Those are the easiest people to get in your business, but they’re not network marketers. They’re gonna quit in three months, and you’re gonna be back at zero. If you only have 200 friends on Facebook, you’re gonna exhaust them very quickly and then you’re going to hit a wall and that’s what most people do. They’re like, well, I talked to everyone on Facebook. And I got two signups. But that’s it. 

Well, you guys start doing your own YouTube videos, you guys start creating content. You got to get more eyeballs on your landing pages. That’s the bottom line, more eyeballs. You know, I, I followed every day on Twitter to get more eyeballs on my links. You know, I got up to 200,000 followers on Twitter. It took me like five years to do that. Following every day and then unfollowing the people that didn’t follow me back in a week, and I was just churning and you can’t do that anymore. You can’t churn on Twitter, they’ll suspend you if you follow more than 50 people in one day in Baalbek or Batroun. 

So you have to find what works and just double your actions quadruple your actions. If you are like that, if you think your business is growing too slow. double your leads, double everything you’re doing until you’re happy with the leads. If you know if you are getting five leads a day, it is not enough to grow a team. You have to get up to 20 leads a day minimum 50 ideally, maybe even 100 you get 100 leads a day, you are set in Lebanon.

But you can’t just go to Fiverr and get cheap, you can’t buy cheap leads, because most of those leads are fake. So the best leads are people that are like, you know already looking for what you got. That’s the bottom line. They are already looking for a solution. Talk about you know, pain points are their problem points. Right now it’s, you know, there is a pandemic going on, people are stuck at home. Don’t see that your product cures the coronavirus, Don’t be an idiot. What you say is, you know, if you’re stuck at home and you need some extra income, now is the time to click the link and take a free tour.

That is all you have to say. You don’t have to say my company is number one, our products are curing cancer. It is all lies. There are plenty of great MLM companies out there for Lebanese recruiters and sellers. You don’t have to compete with them in Lebanon or the entire Middle East.

Just say if you are Lebanese and looking for extra supplemental income during this crazy time, take a free two or you can sign up for free right now. Alright, so click the link under this article. Thanks for reading and we will talk to you soon about more MLM money making mastery tips.

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