Network Marketing Training Tips For MLM Leader Duplication

It is crucial that you have the most success in network marketing. I am going to give you some insights into MLM duplication, why “it is a numbers game”, and some of the secrets that the leaders know that you don’t. I want to talk about starting a multi-level marketing home business if you haven’t started one yet. Take the free tour since you can actually sign up for free and earn 25% Commission’s and we will give you 15 websites personalized for you that you can promote on social media or you can generate leads. You can do paid advertising. I can show you how to generate leads on any platform.

But the first thing I want to talk about is duplication in MLM and direct selling. So, you know, when you first start your network marketing business, the first thing you tend to do is you think about yourself, you are like, I want to make a ton of money with this. And it is all about me, me, me, because that is kind of what we do in the corporate world, is that we think about ourselves and to rise up the ranks – the corporate ladder, so to speak. But, network marketing it’s the complete opposite. It is a paradox to the normal business world when you switch to affiliate marketing and MLMs. 

So what you want to do is right when you sign up in your home business, your network marketing business, is that you want to try to get friendships going – relationships going with whoever signs up with you because it is a relational business. It’s not about you. 

First, I want to tell you what the first exciting step is – the first thing you will see in your business that is the most exciting thing in the world. And if you get this going enough, you can have a very solid financial future, a solid residual income stream that comes in every single month, whether you work one hour a week or 10 hours a week – doesn’t matter once you get this going, and it is called duplication. 

So what that means is that let’s say that you bring in a friend of yours, their name is Bob. So you say hey, Bob, take a free tour on my website, check out what I’m doing. This company is going places. We grew 1,000% in three years. Our products are cutting edge, you can sign up for free right now. I really want to lock arms with people like you because I really look up to you. I think you’re great. I think you’re a very great business minded individual. So, you know, here’s my link, tell me what you think. Let’s do this. That’s all you have to say. All right, so you get Bob in. He goes, alright, I’ll do it. You know, we’re on lockdown. So why not? So you get Bob in. 

Now, here’s what happens. Bob is actually a good business person. Any he figures out what his website URLs are, which you can get when you sign up, you get your own websites. So he grabs his link, one of his website links, and he goes over to Facebook and he goes right to one of his friends. Her name is Tina, right? So Bob says to Tina: Tina, I know we’re on lockdown. This is driving us nuts, but I’m doing this opportunity this little side gig for supplemental income. It’s not going to go down. It’s not going to be affected by the virus or whatever, check it out, you can join for free. I really respect your business sense. And I think you’ll do very well with this, check it out. And he gives her a link. So Tina signs up right there. That’s called duplication because Bob brought in Tina. Okay. So that is duplication. 

It’s all about what your people do. It’s not how many people you can recruit. It’s how many people your team can recruit. And if they can duplicate a system to generate leads and get signups that’s the name of the game and network marketing. It’s getting Bob to recruit three to five people. And then out of those three to five people, ten more are added to the group. And then after 10, 25 people are added to the group, and so forth. So if you just get three to five people that are duplicating and growing their business consistently for months on end, you will eventually get a big team. And you get a residual income check every month when they reorder. That’s where the passive residual income comes from, is when a large team reorder product. 

And then you can literally, you know, you should still work your business, but it’s going to take a life of its own. And that team is going to keep building without you. All right, it’s going to go down many different levels in your organization. You’re going to have people on your team so far down in the organization, you don’t even know them, and they’re just recruiting left and right and you get a little bit of commission from them. That’s why the big leaders in network marketing make over $100,000 a month or more, because they have 5,000 10,000 20,000 people growing their own teams reordering products. 

So, we get paid when we move product. But you can’t do it on your own. I mean, no one can, I mean, maybe the top 1% can do it, they can recruit a lot of people, because they have, you know, huge websites and a huge YouTube channel and they’ve spent tons of money on their business. Yeah. But for the normal Joe, you can’t recruit enough people to make enough money. It comes from a team effort. It’s called leveraged income, you’re leveraging the efforts of others to grow your business. So, that’s the first key that I want to talk about. 

The second key is it’s truly a numbers game. So here’s what I mean by numbers, numbers are basically leads. Now I don’t care how you generate leads, as long as you’re consistent and you learn how to generate leads consistently, you know 10 to 20 leads a day, ideally 30 to 50. If you want your business to grow faster, you have to generate more leads. So that’s, the name of the game, it is just generating leads consistently. 

So, for instance, my team genealogy right now on my left leg, my team has generated 100 leads now – it’s only the seventh of April. So it’s only been seven days. My team has generated 100 leads and 16 signups. Now on my right leg, they’ve already generated 1000 leads and there are 31 signups. So right there you can see that the more leads you generate, the more upgrades you’re going to get – the more signups. So if you want your business to start growing faster, you generate more leads. 

What does that mean? That means sharing your landing pages that you get from the company. The whole name of the game is to get more people seeing your landing pages. The more people see your landing page the more you’ll get signups. Now I’m not talking about just spamming everywhere. You don’t want to just spam your link everywhere you want. You want targeted traffic. So you know just spamming your link to everyone is not going to work. 

What you want to do is if you’re going to do paid advertising you want to target business opportunity seekers, if you’re going to target on YouTube, you’re going to do videos about how to work from home. You’re going to target people that are looking for a business opportunity. If you just go over to Fiverr and buy 100 leads for five bucks, you’re not gonna get anything. So I’ve been using solo ads. I’ve been posting on Craigslist till I got blocked.

I don’t know why I got blocked, I think because it’s a random thing. Craigslist will go after certain people randomly, because I have other people on my team posting there just as aggressively as me and they’re not suspended. 

So, you gotta keep finding what works and things are always changing. You know, the landscape and internet marketing is always changing. So what might work for us in a couple months will just stop working. For instance, you know when I joined MLM in 2014 Twitter worked for me. I just sent an automated direct message that went out to all my new followers and I got tons of leads that way. But the best leads came from my blog because I wrote articles that were geared towards people who were looking for a new MLM business. 

So my best articles are like, the top 10 MLM companies of 2020. And then at the very bottom of the article, you just put your link to your landing page, and say click on the link to take a free business tour into our number one opportunity. You don’t say what company you’re in. You want to keep that curiosity factor up. And you just say click the link under this article, or click the link under this video, you know, on Facebook you can put a pin on a picture that says, work from home start for free, who’s interested? Then when someone says more info please under that picture on your Facebook wall, then you private message them your landing page link. It’s as simple as that. 

The reason people fail is because they just bug their friends and family. And then they’re like, well, I talked to everyone and only two people signed up. So I guess this is a scam. It doesn’t work. But the leaders understand its consistency. And it’s constantly sharing your websites to people every single day. And that leads me to the third and last point of this article. 

It is the secret the leaders have that you don’t know about. The main secret that leaders have is that every MLM company that they’re in, they collect contacts. They get to know everyone in the whole business. That means cross line – even means other leaders in the company that aren’t even in their downline. They try to become friends with everyone in that MLM company. Just because they’re helpful. They’re selfless. But it’s what I say in the beginning of this article. Network Marketing is about relationships. It’s a relational business.

So, these guys, these top leaders, they get to know everyone on Facebook, they’re like, Hey, you know, I’m glad you’re in the same company. I just wanted to reach out to say hi. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Here’s some YouTube training for you. And they just start forming these relationships. 

Now let’s say this leader is in several MLM companies over the next 20 years. Now he collects 200 contacts that way, in his first MLM company, then that company closes or whatever. But he’s got 200 contacts or relationships from that company. Then he joins a new company and he might talk to this 200 over the next few months and says, Hey, I’m launching this new business. We’re doing a 90 day Blitz and I really want you to join at the top with me, lock in your spot. Check it out, because we are going places. Alright, so that leader just emailed 200 contacts that he created from the first MLM.

Now, let’s say he does the same thing in a second MLM. And in that MLM he’s in that one for two to three years and he collects 500 contacts and he’s collecting contacts through his social media and his YouTube and his blog everything so he’s just collecting contacts constantly. But he collects 500 from the second MLM company. So then that company, you know, starts deteriorating or he doesn’t like it or she doesn’t like it, and they move on to company number three. And they’re in that for five years, they collect 1000 contacts. So right there out of three MLM companies that person, that leader has collected 1700 contacts. 

So let’s say he joins his fourth MLM. He’s been in MLM now for like seven years. He has got 1900 contacts. He joins a new MLM and he just goes crazy with it. He starts doing a YouTube video every day saying join my team. We’re the number one Team, we are launching Europe right now and in Africa. And then he contacts those 1700 people. He says, This is it, guys, this is the greatest thing I’ve ever done. I want you to be part of it, because we are going places. So take a free tour on my landing page link and see for yourself. We have an automated marketing system that literally builds your downline for you. 

So as you can see, this is creating momentum. The leader is getting bigger and bigger, with every MLM company, because he is bringing over old contacts from the previous MLM companies. So there’s top leaders doing this that have been in MLM for 20 to 30 years. And you are wondering what the heck are they doing that I am not? Why are they always on the leaderboard? They’re always on the leaderboard because they contact everyone when they sign up with a new MLM. And they’re getting new contacts through their content, their social media, their blog, their YouTube, they’re constantly collecting contacts, and they keep those contacts going. They nurture their relationships, even if it’s cross line with other leaders. 

You’re thinking, well, why would I talk to another leader in the same company? That doesn’t benefit me? It does in the long term, because eventually you guys can lock arms in a new MLM. So that’s the main secret that leaders do. They stay in as long as they can, you know, as long as the company is growing, they stay in. 

The last thing they do is that I see this a lot in our company. Some of the leaders will comment under every post on Facebook. They’ll comment under the company’s posts and under other leaders on Facebook, and they say little things like keep it up, you know, we are blowing this up or our company is just on fire. And then they drop little comments on everyone’s picture that’s in network marketing. And what that does is it creates visibility because people click on those people that comment under the posts. I do it. I’m like, Who’s this who commented on this post?

So, the leaders are constantly sprinkling seeds. By doing these little comments on Facebook they also motivate their team. They’re like, you know, when someone hits a rank advancement, they contact them. They say way to go, Jane, you hit 5K. You’re gonna rock this even more next month, right? So you kind of have to be a cheerleader. You want to keep your team inspired and motivated because most people left alone, they’re not gonna do anything. 

I was the exception to the rule because I had a dead end job. I was flipping burgers for a living. I didn’t have any college. I had like one year of college. I wanted to be a rock and roll drummer when I was growing up but that didn’t work. I wanted to be a writer. That didn’t work. I basically got destroyed with alcoholism. So when I found network marketing, it was the only thing I had left to make significant income.

So I was like, I’m gonna go after this no matter what. And it was just me for like the first three years because I was an introvert. I didn’t reach out to people that joined me. I was just like, Here you go, here’s some training tips and good luck. And it’s really hard to sustain that. If you’re a lone wolf in network marketing it’s gonna be very hard for you, unless you have millions of dollars that you want to invest in advertising and you just become a huge recruiter. 

But the more you connect with your team and other teams, these contacts are gonna pay off in the very end. And the top leaders understand this. They collect relationships along the way. And when a new MLM comes along, guess what really helps them launch their MLM. It’s called thousands of contacts already established and lots of hype. And I don’t mean hype in a bad way. I mean momentum, because MLM loves speed and action, massive action.

That’s why the leaders do 90 day blitzes. That means balls to the wall 14 hours a day on the phone, on Facebook, creating articles, creating YouTube videos. getting the word out about your new opportunity. And then success breeds more success. So these leaders, they can recruit 300 people their first month, and jump to number one on the leaderboard, and then tell everyone how they got to the number one spot on the leaderboard. That creates more success. 

Because most people are gonna be like, who’s number one on the leaderboard, oh, I’m gonna join them, they’re number one. And that just makes them stay on the leaderboard longer and longer, because people are going to join the leader and the leader says: I am number one right now. And if you join my business, I will show you how to get to number one as well or something like that. There’s constant momentum, there’s constant growth, you know, like crazy energy. 

And it takes many many years to get that ball of energy spinning. If you’re brand new in MLM you have to start from the beginning and start collecting those contacts. The leaders have an unfair advantage. Okay? They’ve been doing this for 20 to 30 years, they have thousands of contacts from previous MLM companies, and they just contact them all when they join a new MLM. And they have a blog with 500 articles or more, they have a YouTube channel with 500 videos or more.

So they’re constantly getting leads around the clock just from their content. So if you’re brand new, you’re probably thinking, what the heck am I gonna do? I don’t have any contacts. What I did was I just started creating content because it’s practically free. I mean, videos are free. I got an iPhone and that’s it. You could start doing a blog, if you like writing, start writing two or three articles a week. 

Look into blogging to grow your top MLM company in Suriname or the United States. If you got a little money, you know run some ads, start experimenting, start A/ B testing different lead generation sources. It is all about getting leads. If you don’t have any contacts, it is all about getting leads from the cold market, the cold market are people that don’t know you, and that is all I deal with. I never bugged my friends or family to join my MLM. I just went to blogging and YouTube and then when I started making a little bit of money from MLM I started running ads, and buying clicks. 

If you’re not generating 10 to 20 leads a day, you’re not really growing a business, unless you’re still talking to friends and family, you can talk to your friends or family, create content, or buy clicks and leads. That is the three things you can do. It is hard, you know, the first couple years can be really hard. Unless you are an extrovert and you have tons of friends. Now is the time to talk to them. Because of this lockdown. You can say, well, you can still make money from home. You know, check out my network marketing online home business, since it is for free. You know, but if you are an introvert like me, it is going to be a hard road in the beginning to MLM success.

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