How To Grow Your MLM Business Long Term

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Do you want to make money in MLM? Of course you do! We have the secrets and strategies below to help you achieve network marketing success.

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I want to talk about two things that will just catapult you in network marketing – two very important things. The first thing to consider for multi-level marketing or direct selling is longevity. The second thing is the best MLM leads online. And we will get into that at the very end because I have the best lead generation sources for you, and I will explain them in detail. 

The first thing I want to talk about is I have had probably over one hundred jobs in my life. I never took them seriously, because I always had bigger dreams. I always had bigger ambitions. And when I had very low periods in my life, and I was depressed, I always thought about what I really wanted to do. I always had fantasies and I always had something to keep me going when it came to financial success aspirations. 

I have never fully given up, even when I was getting drunk twice a day. And my life just was a wreck. I always had either like a European travel magazine or I had my Edward Jones portfolio sitting there, I could look at my statement. I told you in another video that I would just drive around and look at my portfolio statement from Edward Jones. As ridiculous as that sounds, it gave me just a little bit of hope that I could make decent money and change my life or I could travel to a different country and experience life, a better life. 

A lot of European immigrants feel that way. For instance, when they join network marketing, a lot of immigrants will just dominate it. They will go all the way because they put their heart and their soul in it. They put everything in their business and that is why they succeed in Europe. A lot of global citizens don’t do that because it is just a side thing or you know, people treat it like a lottery ticket. And they are like, if I just get one or two people and I will be rich, and they don’t have realistic expectation. Europe in general is a huge market for network marketers. There are over 10,000 distributors in Moldova alone so I am not criticizing any one country for its MLM performance. 

I am just saying the mentality that you need to make network marketing work is that you have to treat it like a million dollar business, not a lottery ticket. It’s going to take probably several years. It all depends on how fast you grow, and how fast you develop a team of people that are like minded and have a great work ethic and want to go all the way to the very end. Anyways, so the point is, is that network marketing has taught me longevity. Because my longest job in my whole working career or whatever, has been about two and a half years, and I am past the six year mark in network marketing.

I have learned so much about myself during my MLM journey. Eric Worre has a quote where he said, network marketing will either punish you or reward you depending on your past. Now, I have been punished hard, because like I said, I was an alcoholic. I thought just about myself, I was very self centered, very emotional, and people would join my team, and then they would quit in a month or two, or something would happen with the company. A distributor wouldn’t get the product or the labels were slipping off. Or there was one or two times I was actually negative with my commissions. I owed the company money because my only upgrade in my business refunded. 

I have had a lot of crazy stories, but the thing is every network marketing leader has crazy stories. You just have to live through them and keep going with your affiliate marketing and direct selling goals intact. And I have seen so many things change. I have changed and my downline has changed. The companies have changed in the last six years. And I wouldn’t do anything else in the whole entire world except maybe travel a little bit more, which obviously we can’t do with the recent events. 

But you know, the other thing I would really like to do is connect more with my MLM downline and build more relationships in the Balkans because I have always been kind of the automated Internet marketer guy, blogger guy, who just kind of recruits a lot of people, but then I don’t really have a lot of systems to plug them into. I do now, but in the very beginning people were like, I don’t know what you’re doing. I don’t even know what a blog is. I just say okay and good luck fellow Moldovan. 

Today I have MLM company systems and you need systems for your team so they can start generating leads, which is the next thing I want to talk about because past your friends and family, you have to generate leads, leads or prospects, people that are looking for your opportunity. Those are the ideal prospects for successful multi-level marketing ventures. I am going to talk about two different types of leads in multi-level marketing. 

So there are unsolicited leads, and there are solicited leads. Now when I started network marketing, I did the unsolicited leads. I forced my opportunity onto people that weren’t really looking. Now that is what 95% of network marketers do in the beginning of their MLM journey. They spam their Facebook friends, followers, and groups often. They do unsolicited lead generation for their MLM company in Moldova. And what that means is that, let me give you some examples of unsolicited lead generation. 

The first one is seeing an old friend on Facebook, and you haven’t talked to them for 10 years, and then you just drop them a message in private messenger. And you say, Hey, how is it going? But really what you want is you don’t want to catch up with them, all you really want to do is just promote your business to them. And that is what most people do. They are like, hey, I haven’t talked to you for 10 years. Oh, by the way, I am in this company that is going places. We are in the fortune 500 list of companies. We are in the Forbes 500 list. We have been around for 22 years, you got to look at this. That is unsolicited network marketing if you were not aware. 

They did not ask you for any information. And that is what gives MLM a bad name – thousands of distributors are doing that in their Facebook or any social media, they are just like, I have done it. You know, you just say, hey, check out what I’m doing. I did that on Twitter. And if you do it, if you do it to enough people, you’re gonna get a sign up and you’re gonna think, Wow, this is great, but you’re actually burning bridges, and it’s unethical. 

Another place where it’s unsolicited, is basically solo ads. And I’ve told you guys that solo ads are good, but there’s better sources out there than solo ads. Ideally, solo ad vendors email your link to their list of emails and those people are looking for a business opportunity. That’s the ideal scenario. But you don’t know who those solo ad vendors are emailing. You don’t know if they’re really looking or not for a business opportunity, they could just be emailing 5000 people, and only 10% are looking for a business opportunity. And then it just turns into spam. And you know that we all hate spam. 

So if you do a cheap solo ad, you know, and you buy a 500 clicks, that means that your link, your link is going to go out to 500 people. Now if it’s a poor quality solo ad, your email is going to land in the inbox of people that aren’t interested. Now that’s pretty much unsolicited at that point, it’s annoying. 

Another thing and it’s even more annoying and unsolicited is calling people randomly. I’ve done this. In my first year I literally opened up the white pages and just started calling numbers. I also had an email scraper phone number scraper software program that my upline gave me at the time. And it was literally just collecting phone numbers from the internet. And I had no idea where they came from. And he’s like, just call them and it turns out that most of those numbers were churches and tire places, tire service places, so I didn’t get anywhere. 

And I was just spamming – I was calling unsolicited people. The definition of unsolicited is not asked for. So solicited is asked for. Now, let me give you some examples of solicited lead generation techniques. My favorite right now is pay per click. And it is also Craigslist. Now, I have people on my team doing great with Craigslist, however I randomly got suspended. This has happened twice to me in the last two and a half years. I’m not crying about it. All I did was I was posting in gigs. Then Craigslist busted me and said that my ads were mistakenly categorized. 

Okay, so Craigslist still works, but you might have to post in sales and business, I think sales and biz or something like that. And those are more expensive and most of my guys post in gigs because they are $3 to $7 an ad. But I got flagged. So if you want to post legitimately on Craigslist, you might have to do sales, which is $15 to $45 an ad instead of $3 to $10 an ad, but it’ll stay up. So Craigslist is great because people click on your ad, meaning they want more information, meaning it’s solicited. So Craigslist is my third best lead generation source. 

My second best lead generation source is from my blog. Right now I’m getting leads from my smaller blog, best network marketing business from my pop up, so when someone is reading an article, and then they start to leave, my pop up comes up and says, Take a free tour in my number one business opportunity. They sign up on my landing page and that generates a lead. Those people are solicited, because they found my article on Google because they’re searching for a new company. 

I write articles or I have a writer, write articles that summarize the top 10 MLM companies in a specific country. So I get a lot of traffic from Asia, from Europe, from people looking for their number one company in their country, and I have tons of articles written that way. So they are solicited because they’re looking and blogging is very powerful, but it’s very hard to get going. It takes hundreds of articles, it takes a couple years to start ranking in Google. I’m just telling you what has worked as far as lead generation sources. 

Now my number one lead generation source right now is on Bing, owned by Microsoft, it is a pay per click (PPC) network. So I put my ads up on Bing so when someone types in the best MLM opportunity, my ad will show up on that page. If I bid high enough, what I mean is that you have to bid on keywords. So let’s say you put in the keyword MLM opportunity. In about a week or two, Bing will probably suggest a bid amount for that keyword. So you can get on the first page. And MLM is very competitive. So you are looking at paying .70 cents to $1 per click. So when someone types in MLM opportunity, if you want to be on that first page of those results with your ad, it’s going to be 60 cents to $1. That is if you’re targeting America, now you can get cheaper clicks if you do the whole world. Okay?

So, why do I like Pay Per Click so much, especially Bing? Google does not really like MLM so if you do a text ad on Google, it will probably get flagged in a day or two. If you do MLM network marketing, home business, they will detect that you are using a landing page from a network marketing company. And they will probably just say sorry, declined.

Bing on the other hand, they’re pretty MLM friendly. And what you want to do is you want to start with an ad that is maybe 20 cents a click and you want to come up with 10 to 20 keywords. Maybe you are buying keywords like new MLM, new MLM business, new MLM opportunity, best MLM opportunity, top MLM companies, those are keywords that people who are looking for a new MLM are going to type in. So think about what your prospects are typing into the search engines to find your company in a new company, or you know, or the best company. 

Your company might not be new, but just say it’s the best. So I really like Bing advertising because it’s solicited, people are looking for what I have to offer. Now like I said, 90% of my marketing today has been solicited, I create content, I do attraction marketing, and I attract prospects to me. I am not a fan of unsolicited – I do not call leads, I do not force people to do three way calls, I don’t want to tag team prospects, you know, two against one where I convince my distributor for someone to join my business. I don’t like doing that. 

I want people to come to me and click my link. That’s basically the key definition of solicited is that they wanted to click on your opportunity, not you kind of convincing them to click. Now in the beginning, I convinced people – I used to post my link in MLM Facebook groups. Every day, you know, join my business, join my business, join my business. And I never got clicks. Because the only thing people do in MLM groups usually is spam their links all day long. So no one’s really in there looking for an opportunity, the only people in MLM groups are the MLM spammers. So my thing has always been content to attract people to me, like YouTube, my blog, and paid advertising, not solo ads right now, but pay per click, PPC advertising being the best for me.

You could look into other search engines besides Google. Like what’s that one Duck Duck go. There’s private search engines out there you can see if they have a advertising network and start running ads on those advertising networks and see if they accept them you know don’t read the fine print because they’re gonna say you know you can’t promote MLM just do it anyways and if they flag you fine move on, but Bing is pretty cool with MLM they are not cool with CBD. So don’t type in keywords related to CBD at all. hemp cannabidiol whatever it doesn’t work, stick with the income opportunity, not the not the product. 

Anyone can buy CBD or your products anywhere, shakes, skin cream, bath bombs, whatever you promote. People can buy that anywhere including Amazon or the convenience store down the street with no shipping costs. They don’t even really care about that. I always promote. I always lead with the business, the income opportunity, the business opportunity. I say if you want it to earn passive income Automated passive income click the link take a free tour into my number one MLM business that has that’s how I promote my business for the last six years and have recruited 4400 people personally – few hundred of those were customers but most of them were distributors that wanted to build a business that is how you do it. That is how I do it to achieve network marketing or affiliate marketing success.

You cannot lead with the product in your MLM company. You can say that your product is amazing. But that is more like spam. At least to me, I don’t care about your diet shake by itself. I care about making extra money. And most people do care about money more than skin cream, they want to know about how your MLM company is helping you and changing the lives of others for 2024.