Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Dominican Republic 2024

top mlm companies in dominican republic best network marketing businesses dr

Aspiring entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic can augment their money making with multi-level marketing (MLM) monthly. Network marketing allows Dominicans to generate multiple revenue streams, including passive income while you sleep.

It Is Time You Joined This Successful MLM Business

But which MLM business should sellers and recruiters in the DR join? Here are our ten favorite MLM companies to consider signing up with if you are a Dominican in 2024:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Dominican Republic For 2024

1. LiveGood

2. My Daily Choice

3. Valentus

4. Herbalife

5. Amway

6. Nu Skin

7. Tupperware

8. BeachBody

9. Avon

10. Mary Kay

There are other successful MLM companies to consider joining in the Dominican Republic for 2023 including Kannaway, Sisel, Youngevity, Young Living, Juice Plus, Le-Vel, Isagenix, and Total Life Changes. The best MLMs help to build your health and wealth!

MLM Allows For Introvert Income

So network marketing can work for introverted Dominicans, let’s talk about that. MLM is one of the most exciting businesses I have ever done, and I am an introvert so it is a completely different business for me, as it would be for an extrovert. I have pretty much gotten MLM down to a science by automating 95% of my business in the DR. 

I know you guys in the Dominican Republic have heard me talk about this before, but I use attraction marketing for my prospecting and for my recruiting. What I mean is that people find me first and I don’t find them. I don’t have to go on Facebook and stalk people. I don’t have to call leads or email leads 90% of my prospects find me first are actually all of them, but 90% find me through my content – through my blog and my YouTube channel.

It is all about attraction marketing. You want people to find you first, that is the key. And a lot of people try to emulate my system. They are like okay, so you just run ads, okay, I can do that. And they run ads for two months. They spend like 500 dollars and they get maybe three signups. 

And here is the thing is that I am doing a lot more than just paid advertising. The paid advertising is mainly just to get more leads in the hopper, which makes the automated emails sound more enticing to my leads, because every lead gets a series of emails from my company. 

In those emails, there’s a long list of prospects or leads. So the more leads you generate, the longer that list is in those emails and people are like, Are you kidding? 300 people have already taken their spot in this company. I am going to sign up. That sounds a lot better than three people having taken the tour or have upgraded.

So I use paid advertising to kind of spice up my organization. I do get signups, don’t get me wrong, it does work, but you need massive leads, and a lot of people can’t afford it. Or it doesn’t make sense to them.They don’t know that each person they bring in could potentially be worth thousands of dollars each month if you get a leader. You can start getting residual income every single month for years from that one person, and people don’t understand that they can’t see the full picture. They can’t see years ahead.

But I know for a fact that I’ve gotten paid thousands of dollars from a couple people that are just building their teams. I don’t even talk to them anymore. They’re just doing their own thing. They’re prospecting on Facebook. I don’t even want to get near Facebook, or Twitter. I just go in there really fast and see if I have any messages and then I’m out. 

I don’t want to see the craziness and the fear porn of the lamestream right. And so I try to keep myself sheltered. I want to be naive in that area. Because what’s real, you know? And pretty much anything that the mainstream isn’t talking about is real. Let’s just put it that way. 

But, I’ve automated most of my businesses because I do a mixture of content and paid advertising, a little bit of social media but not much. For me, that’s not my thing. So you got to find out what your thing is and what kind of combo you want to do. Because, if you’re just buying ads, and clicks, it’s gonna get expensive. And if you don’t have a team building under you, you’re taking all of that expense. What I mean is that you’re not leveraging the efforts of others yet to help you with your income. 

See, I can afford advertising, because I have a team, and I get paid on everything they do every month. So I can afford ads and do blogs and do videos. But a lot of people if they just do ads, it’s expensive. I mean, if you’re doing a Craigslist ad, it could take 200 leads to get one sign up. Maybe more, depending on how long you’ve been doing it. It takes a few weeks to get momentum built up. So you’re looking at 300 leads and two to three weeks, maybe to get a sign up. 

For a lot of people that’s very daunting. Because they’re like, man, I just spent $300 for one sign up or no signups and it’s like, well, you gotta get Get the ball rolling. Look at it like a snowball. You need a big snowball to get things going. And a lot of people that are successful in network marketing, they already have lots of friends on Facebook they can talk to because they’re extroverts, they’re outgoing. And that’s great. Network Marketing is great for extroverts that have a lot of contacts. 

But for those who are reclusive, have social anxiety in MLM and don’t want to bug friends on Facebook, you can run ads but you also should create content like this because content is pretty much free. I mean, it’s free on my phone and then it’s free on YouTube. 

Then again, you are going to have to do a lot of content. There’s no easy way out. You have to have a lot of friends and contacts. Or you have to have a lot of money, or you have to have a lot of content. 

So in the beginning, I didn’t have any money, so I created content. I saw most of the MLM trainers I looked up to. They had 500 videos on YouTube. They had probably 1000 or more articles on their blog. And then they are all over social media. And they are still doing it today. They are doing it every single day because it’s part of their work day. It is part of a habit. 

MLM Can Help With Sobriety And Wellness

So you gotta start doing it until it becomes a habit. Like for me, this is a habit because I have been doing it for a few years. I even dialed it down even better. My routine is getting tighter. You know, I’m trying to lose weight. And I’m trying to blow up my brand trying to get closer to God and my wife is gone. So I am just full on going into the military boot camp style of branding. So that means two to three videos a day, one blog post today and doing push ups and sit ups in between drinking these shakes. 

I’m only on 400 calories a day right now. And I only lost one pound yesterday, which is crazy. Because I was cleaning the house all day and I was on 400 calories. It’s hard work. So like with every diet, there’s gonna be some plateau days. And I’m not giving up. I mean, this is just the beginning. I turn 48 in six, seven days and I want to be in the 70s – 175 ideally. 

So yeah guys just choose your flavor and do it consistently. What’s your combo? Are you gonna use Facebook, buy clicks and YouTube or are you gonna just blog and YouTube? Are you gonna just use Facebook? Pick your flavor and create content so you don’t break the bank. 

It’s Sunday. You know, I’m in the Baptist belt, North Carolina. But Forgive me, father. I gotta do this video. But so yeah, this is my morning walk. There’s no traffic. You live in the city, you gotta get out. Because it’s gonna get crazy before the election, they’re gonna try everything they can to derail Trump. We won’t get into politics. You guys see enough of that from people that know more than I do. 

I do know this: I’m sober. And I’m grateful for a new day. It’s been 12 years almost, I think a couple relapses in the first two years, which I’m not going to count. I’m really surprised I’m alive. That must mean I have a message to share. Heart attack at 32 and getting drunk twice a day. I stopped eating. I was only working two days a week as a caregiver so I could get drunk in the morning, pass out and then wake up, start drinking again in the afternoon and get wasted by nighttime.

It gradually got to that point since I was an 18 and 19 year old teenager drinking with a fake ID

Then around 4am when I was shaking with withdrawals, I’d have to drink another beer. And then at 8am I would try to slam a beer to start the day and I would puke it all over the floor. It would just be this foamy cheap malt liquor foam all over the place. Girlfriend at the time just leaves disgusted. Go to work. That was great. That was a life right? That’s why I’m thankful I’m alive. 

One day, for some reason I just stopped. I was like, Alright, I’m done. And I was living with a girlfriend and decided to end it all. I was like, this is killing me. And I had my own place. So I just walked home. I literally walked home from her place to mine. I had two beers left in my backpack. And I drank those slowly, because I knew it’s the last day and it probably saved my life because withdrawals from alcohol can be deadly. 

So I had two beers. That was it. I slept for like two days. Got some multivitamins. You’re really deficient when you stop drinking. And just got two jobs and worked my butt off to get my mind off of drinking. ate some candy at night as a little treat because you should treat yourself for being sober and going to AA meetings

But eventually the m&ms went away because sugar is just as bad as alcohol for some people and I’ve been sober ever since. But then all these skeletons came out of the closet. You know, the layers of the onion started to peel away the longer I stayed sober. I still had to do a lot of work. I was pushing those feelings down for 20 years getting wasted every night. Yeah, isn’t that awesome? 

How are you guys doing? Are you sober? Are you overweight with uneven pecs? What do you want to change? I can talk about it. If it’s in alignment with my brand, you got to stay in alignment with your brand. You don’t want to go off the track too far. Then you’ll lose your part of your tribe. You know, what’s funny is I’ve been kind of changing my brand a little too fast. Talking about diet shakes. And this coffee fast I’m doing and I lose about three subscribers every day, but when I wake up in the morning, I get two more new ones. So I gained six, I lost four. 

I gained six because my tribe is changing with me. So don’t worry about it if you start doing videos and you lose a couple subscribers, that’s normal. All the big YouTubers go through that change due to telecoms in control and other factors. Eventually your tribe is going to be tight with you. They’re gonna understand all of your moods, all of your themes. 

You should only have one theme in the beginning but then you can add a couple more. Like MLM videos are very hard to get traffic to. I love doing network marketing training videos because I know a lot about it. But look at the weight loss videos man, millions of views. There’s only a couple network marketers that have a million views. You see the blonde chick all over the place with 1.4 million.

That’s not my style, though. You know, she’s an extrovert. She’s pretty. She’s got lots of friends. That’s why it was easy for her to get 30 recruits in a month or whatever the title of her video is. You’re probably going over there right now. You’re like, what blonde chick? I gotta go see now, but at least, at least listen to me first. 

So yeah, you can click the link under this article, check out what I’m in – what I’m promoting as far as network marketing goes, and I’ll keep you posted about weight loss, but I’m not done yet. 

Sobriety is a trip man, life is a trip. I found God about four years ago. The Holy Spirit came into me. And it was like a lightning bolt of unconditional love and it rocked my world. And it was a love that I’d been missing. Most of us are missing. That’s why I was an addict for so many years. I was trying to fill that void in my heart. 

(on another note) I don’t get these people that yell into the camera about their network marketing business, you know, the spammy salesy type. There is a new MLM paradigm for introverts. We’re going to take over – the recluse, the overly sensitive, the Asperger’s. There’s a place for you guys and me in network marketing, even if you’re quiet. 

You do enough content people will follow you. They will understand everything about you. I talked to the guy on the phone two days ago. He said that you are just like me. He’s like, it’s a trip. You’re just like me. And that’s why I do these videos and articles. In fact, the longer you talk, the better. That is how you prove that you know the best MLM companies in the industry for profits. Good luck and sign up below!

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