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Network Marketing Training that Will Speed Up Your Success

Do you want more success in your network marketing business? stay till the very end of this video/article because I am going to give you all the nuggets you need to grow a successful network marketing business. I have over six years experience. I’ve recruited over 1400 people personally into three different businesses over the years, and I have the techniques. 

So here’s the thing is that most people, they don’t study network marketing, it’s a new profession, but they don’t treat it like a new profession. They treat it like a lottery ticket. They treat it like a pyramid. Even my mom calls it a pyramid and it’s not a pyramid. 

It might be shaped like a pyramid when you build a team, but there is no way that you’re going to benefit by joining at the top or joining in the beginning or joining under the right leader, because you still have to personally build a team. 

Because I did all those things. I joined in the very beginning, I joined in the pre-launch for a couple businesses, and I still had to recruit my own people. I didn’t get any spillover from my sponsor, unless I matched both legs, which means I had to recruit my own people. 

So don’t think that it’s a lottery ticket. Don’t think that it’s a scheme, because it’s a real profession. It’s a real 300 billion a year industry with over 100 million distributors worldwide. So this is not just a cute little lottery ticket. It can produce life changing income, you can make over $100,000 a month, legally. It’s all dependent on how you grow your business. And how determined you are. 

So here’s the other thing, is that a lot of new network marketers don’t study any training. They don’t watch any videos about network marketing. So they think it’s going to operate like their corporate job. 

In particular, like any professional who tries network marketing, but doesn’t do the studying will get very frustrated – because they think that they can apply the same work ethic and the same type of corporate work values into network marketing, and they get very discouraged. 

And here’s a couple reasons. Network Marketing is counter intuitive. In the corporate world, you think about yourself and how much money you can make; in network marketing, you want to become selfless and help others make more money than you. Ideally, you want them to succeed. 

So the people that do make it in network marketing naturally are coaches, are trainers, are insurance agents, anyone that has to build an organization. So keep that in mind. Network marketing is counter intuitive. 

Another thing that can really hurt the pride of a professional is that normally 50% of people will quit their first year in network marketing. So you’re putting all this energy in building your business and your hand holding people and you’re talking with them until one in the morning and just putting all of your effort into these people, your team, the people that you recruit, and half of them are going to quit within one year. 

And that hurts the ego and the pride of a lot of people, because you’re like, “what am I doing wrong? I spent, you know, four hours a day for three months, and he left.” And a lot of people can’t handle that. 

So, if you want to do network marketing professionally for years to come, you have to understand the attrition rate. People are going to quit. And it has nothing to do with you or the company. It’s going to be hard in the beginning. 

It’s gonna start slow, but you have to put all of your energy into it, because you want to launch your business, just like you would if you had a brick and mortar business. You would get your flyers out everywhere, your brochures, you would email everyone you know, and you would do basically a 90 day Blitz launch campaign. Same thing with network marketing, it’s gonna take all of your energy in the beginning, and you got to watch a lot of training videos. 

So you can watch all my videos, it’s free training. If you watch all of those videos on this page of my blog, you will get a very strong sense of what network marketing entails. But don’t leave yet because we’re still talking about some tips.

So it is a numbers game. You’re going to have to recruit consistently, and it’s going to be slow in the beginning until you get your websites out there and seen more. 

So the more you share your websites, the more traffic it’s going to get and the more signups you’re going to get. That’s just common sense – internet marketing, and advertising, big corporations still do that today, with commercials – you see Coca Cola all over the place and all the big fortune 500 companies still run ads, because they’re still looking for a client or customer base. 

The same thing with network marketing, you never stop sharing your websites, even if you got 10 to 20 years of network marketing, you still want new people to join you. You should never stop recruiting. 

The other thing is your team is going to look at what you do, and if you just recruit five people and then you stop and go into management mode and micromanage your team, they’re gonna be like, you know, I’m out of here because our sponsor isn’t recruiting anymore. I’m out of here. 

You want to be in the trenches with your team, and you can do that passively. You can still bring in people with just creating videos like this and blog articles, but you have to be consistent. 

But in the beginning, leaders always tell you to start with your warm market. Because friends and family already know, like, and trust you, and people that know, like, and trust you will join your business easier. 

So how do you establish trust in your warm market? If you don’t know how to talk about network marketing yet, you’re going to have to study scripts, and study the trainers. I didn’t even talk to my warm market when I started. I went right into the cold market. I started creating content, I used my Twitter account. You can use your Facebook account.

I attracted prospects to me. It’s called attraction marketing, and it’s a beautiful way to grow your business because you’re not spamming people. You’re not pushing your opportunity on anyone, they come to you. How do you do that? 

You can post an image on your Facebook that says, You know, I started this new business. You can make $150 a day or life changing whatever, you know, find a couple key points. Maybe your sponsor has something that you can say, but you want to pique curiosity. 

You don’t say the company name when you’re prospecting, you want to pique interest and get people to sign up on your landing page form that the company gives you. They sign up the form, you get an email that says congratulations, you generated a new lead. That’s what you want. 

And you want to work your way up to 20 leads a day and then up to 50 leads a day once you get the hang of it, and you get some content out there generating leads for you. 

So you want you to have content to help you generate leads. But you also want to hit your social media. And you can start with your friends and family if you want but you have to learn how to speak about network marketing. You can always pick up the little black book of scripts by Todd Falcone, and that will give you some verbiage on how to present your company. 

The other thing I would do is pick up the GoPro by Eric Worre. I think it’s an audible version on Amazon. You can pick up the audible version. I think the E book is in Spanish. I don’t know if the English version is up, but try to find Eric Worre’s Go Pro. Okay, that is your manual for network marketing.

So after you watch my videos, pick up GoPro and get the little black book of scripts. But guys, it’s a serious business. Just like if you wanted to become a doctor, you would know that you would have to do eight years of school minimum. That would be super hard. 

You probably have to work in the cafeteria to make a little extra money because your tuition is so high that you don’t have any extra money. So you’re studying all day long and then you gotta go to work at night, just to get yourself through college. And you’re not making any money in your profession. The profession you want. 

In network marketing however, you can earn as you learn – you can start getting paid your first week in network marketing once you recruit people. So that is a beautiful thing you can earn as you learn. And that can supplement your product. You can get your product paid for by recruiting a couple of people every month. 

But keep studying, watch all the training videos and take notes. This is what I did in 2014. I would watch training videos on YouTube. I would take notes. I did this two hours a night. And then I would do my own video the next day after I let the information marinate – and the first hundred videos sucked or 200 videos, but I kept doing it until I got the language, some experience behind my speech. 

And once I got experience, the more people I recruited, the more I could talk about network marketing. And the more I studied it, the faster I grew as a leader. 

So that’s the whole point of this video/article is that the more training you soak in and apply, the faster you become an authority in network marketing, because people want to join people who know what they’re talking about. 

You want to become a trainer because a trainer knows the ins and outs, and people want to join someone who knows what they’re talking about. And they want to join someone who can take them all the way to the finish line.

If I wanted to buy a Ferrari, I wouldn’t talk to someone that didn’t really know about Ferrari’s. I would go to an expert, I would go to the manager of a car dealer, I would go to whatever salesman knew the most about the Ferrari and I would talk to them. I would want someone that actually owned a Ferrari that worked at the car dealer that could tell me exactly which model to get. That’s what I want. 

Same thing with network marketing. When you get serious people that want to join in network marketing, they usually look for a leader to join. So you want to position yourself as the authority and that means studying, watching all the videos and absorbing it. 

You know, when you join my team, I’ll teach you how to generate leads. That’s not an issue. You can generate 20 to 50 leads a day with my system. That’s the easy part. The hard part is consistently doing it, day in and day out, week after week, month after month. 

Because in the beginning, you don’t have a team yet. So it’s all it’s all based on you. It’s gonna take all of your resources because it’s just you in the beginning. But then slowly, you will start to recruit people, and it will become a group effort, and you’re going to have people that don’t do anything. You have to realize that that is normal. It’s human nature for people, for some people not to do anything and that’s fine. 

What you do is you keep shucking oysters until you find a couple pearls. It might take a year, might take three years, I might take five years. But I work one hour a day, and I have for the last three years, I can do what I want. I don’t have to show up at a job, I don’t have to wear a mask. 

I design my day. You know, if I want to go for a walk, I go for a walk, it could be any hour of the day. If someone wants to call me I’m like I’m available all day. There’s nothing imposed on my life that I don’t want. And if you want that same kind of life, then network marketing is your answer.

But you have to swallow your pride, and know that there’s a learning curve just like any other new profession. It’s all about ego busting and humility and vulnerability. The top leaders are becoming more vulnerable. They share their stories. They get very personal. 

It’s not like the 80s and 90s where it was like a huge sales pitch, annoying car salesman people are getting more in touch with their true natures. And they realize that being vulnerable actually can establish trust faster with their prospects. 

I watched a video from another leader yesterday, and he cried on the video he was talking about his life. A lot of people share their life stories where they came from and where they are now. It’s kind of like a before and after network marketing video – rags to riches – They’re very inspiring. And he had a horrible childhood and he started crying and really cracked open my heart. I wanted to join him. And we’re in the same company, so it doesn’t matter. 

But I was like, wow, I thought I was vulnerable when I spoke on video, he really just nailed it. So you got to open your heart. It’s not like the corporate world where you want to be hard and step over people to get to the top and network marketing and the people that usually make it have big, big hearts. They’ve done a lot of soul searching their backs against the wall. 

So they have a lot of motivation to make it work. A lot of them have lived in poverty. They were recently divorced. They lost a job or they lost parents, whatever, there was a tragedy, and then they had total commitment to make network marketing work. 

That’s why a lot of immigrants make it in network marketing. Because they put everything into it. They’re like, this is my life. It has to work. That’s the kind of energy you want. If you really want to go 10X in network marketing, and earn six figures a year or per month, you have to go for it, going all out and never giving up. 

You might have to go all out for three years until your team starts growing and then they can help you grow your business as a team effort. It’s called leveraged income. So when you start getting a team, you will earn a little commission from everything that they do, that’s leveraging the efforts of others. 

Because you can’t sell enough products by yourself to make $100,000 a month, unless you get like a million views a month on your own personal website, or a YouTube channel, maybe. But that’s very rare. 

So, you only need three to five leaders helping you build a sizable organization, which will give you a sizable income, three to five leaders, but you might have to recruit a couple hundred people to find those three to five leaders. 

So there’s really no shortcuts. The bottom line is you have to recruit a lot of people. If you already have network marketing experience and you’ve built teams before, then this is a no brainer. All right. But this training video is usually going to be for people that are brand new. They don’t understand network marketing. 

It is a different business model. It doesn’t operate like any other business out there, and people want success in one month, they’re not going to last. This is something that you got to buckle up and get committed for the next two to three years. And that means generating 20 leads a day for the next two to three years. If you’re serious. 

So that’s what network marketing is all about. It’s about tenacity. It’s about blood, sweat, and tears. But it’s about exhilarating highs. It’s about tenacity. Blood, sweat and tears. Staying committed and helping your team succeed.

When I get a new rep on my team, I send them a welcome email that has the best way to generate leads, because you want your team to generate leads, if you’re in a binary like my business, we have a left leg and a right leg and you can put leads down both legs and the more leads you put down with your team, the more momentum and excitement that creates because MLM, not only loves speed, which is what Eric Worre said – MLM loves speed, but it loves momentum and a little bit of hype, but nothing spammy. Nothing too salesy. 

You can’t make medical claims about your products. You can’t make income claims unless you put a disclaimer under your video or blog post. You can’t say you know, I make 125,000 a month and you can do it easily. You can’t do that. If you even mentioned your income, you have to have income disclosure. And you can’t really say anything about your products as far as curing anything. 

So there are some policies and procedures you should look into before you start marketing your business so it’s not something that you just join and spam all over the place. There has to be ethics. It is a real business and the company you work for wants you to have an ethical way of promoting your business. 

And that’s fine because MLM has gotten a bad name for a lot of companies that don’t have rules, and so the distributors just run wild and make all these medical claims and income claims and then the FTC and the FDA come around and shut the company down. 

So there are repercussions for speaking about your business without the proper information or education. So really treat it like a business. And really start training, watching training videos starting with mine. Take notes. Read Eric Worre’s GoPro, get the little black book of scripts and watch his training videos, Todd Falcome and watch Network Marketing Pro, which is Eric Worre’s YouTube channel. 

Then you can branch off and watch Matt Morris who’s a big leader in WorldVentures. And you will be dialed in and then stay committed because you’re in for the long haul. This isn’t something that pays huge money your first month, or even six months, maybe a year if you have a huge network of people already. 

But if you’re just starting out with no following, or any friends or family or anything like that it’s gonna be slow. So stay committed and it will eventually grow and the more you learn, the more people will stay with you. You will start attracting leaders and higher quality people in your business the more you learn, that’s the bottom line that if he only took that from this video, that would be enough that the more you learn, the higher quality prospects will be. You’ll start attracting leaders, the more you become a leader. 

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