MLM Training Tips – How Much Can You Earn from One Leader?

MLM Training Tips - How Much Can You Earn from One Leader?

So, we’ve talked about how much leaders can make in your downline in previous articles, because it’s an exciting thing. One of the biggest components of building a network marketing business is getting a couple leaders. And really in our business, it is easy to build out this organization, because it’s a binary compensation plan. So you have a left leg and a right leg, you get one or two leaders on both legs, you’re set, especially when they start recruiting their own people. 

So you want to teach duplication, you want your people on your team to start recruiting their own people. Obviously, the products do matter. You can’t just recruit, recruit, recruit without talking about your products, but I always lead with the income opportunity. But I want to talk about exactly how much you can make. I’m going to use an example of one of my guys on my team just to show you the power of residual income that you can get in network marketing. 

Now, he’s been in for about two and a half years, but maybe the last two years, he’s been doing very well. And what I’m looking at is basically just one component of our compensation plan, which is called the leadership check matching. So for every person on my first level, when they start building a team, and they start getting paid in the binary, which is monthly, I get 30% of that in our company. 

So if I have a leader, that’s making $1,000 a month in binary, I’m getting $300 a month just from that one leader. So in this example, this guy has probably made me $300 a month for the last two years. So that’s $7200 that this leader has allowed me to earn.

Now, I’m doing this to put in perspective how cheap advertising is. Because you know, there’s people that don’t want to spend any extra money on their business. They just want to buy MLM products. They just want to buy one product a month and that’s it. And then if I talk about advertising, they’re like, No, No, I can’t do that. I can’t put any money in this – just the products and I’m like, well, you’re missing out because when you do paid advertising, you can start attracting real leaders, because you can target them. You can look for people that are looking for a home business right now. 

And with this leader, I don’t even remember how he signed up. I think he read one of my articles on my blog, which is free. I write articles for free on my blog. And so he clicked on my link on my blog article and signed up two and a half years ago, and he’s probably made me $7200 or more, probably a lot more, because 7200 is just 30% of his binary. And I get that from the first level, I get that from the second level people, I get that from the third level people, I get that from the fourth level people. 

So anyone that starts building a team and building their left leg and the right leg, and they start getting a binary check, I get a percentage of that and you get a percentage of that if you’re in our company, and you start building your left leg and your right leg. 

So, guys stay in because once you start getting one leg built, you can just focus on the other leg. Just put one person, maybe 1 to 3 people on your power leg, and then just build out your small leg. I’ve been building just one leg for the last almost two years. So I literally just have to build one leg, the other leg is taking off, I don’t have to worry about it. There’s like 100,000 BV over on that leg on my power leg, which I can pretty much just cash out whenever I start building my small leg. It’s kind of like a piggy bank. 

So consider each leader that you bring in potentially worth $10,000 $20,000 $50,000 or more over the course of the next three to five years. You don’t even know if you have a leader on your team until a couple years pass. You can’t tell in the beginning because you’ll get people that talk big and then they quit. And then you’ll get people that don’t do anything for a year or two, and then all of a sudden they become active. And you’re like, where in the heck did you come from, and they start building a team. 

So I’m talking right now just from this one leader, and he’s not even a big leader. But when you get a few leaders on your team it adds up. And so like I said, $7200 just from the binary leadership check matching that we get, that’s only one out of seven ways we get paid in this business. So it really does add up. And that’s how the Network Marketing Leaders can make over $100,000 a month or more legally, there’s no income cap, there’s no boss telling you to stop working. 

You can literally recruit whoever you want. You can run as many ads as you want. You can do a blog, you can do YouTube, just get your link out there. Start targeting the right people that are looking for a home business and you’ll do great. That’s all you got to do. So click the link under this article, check out our number one business. Thanks for reading.

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