Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Barbados 2024

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Experienced entrepreneurs in Barbados can generate major money with multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Recruiters and sellers in Barbados can make multiple revenue streams with network marketing, including prosperous passive income monthly while working online from home or on the go traveling throughout the Caribbean islands.

This Is The Best MLM You Want To Consider Joining Before It Is Too Late!

But which MLM company should you join if you live in Barbados and want the most profits? Here are our ten favorite MLM businesses to think about signing up with in Bridgetown or to maximize your chances of success in 2023 and 2024:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Barbados For 2024

1. LiveGood

2. My Daily Choice

3. GS Partners

4. Herbalife Nutrition

5. Amway

6. Nu Skin

7. LivePure

8. Arbonne

9. Avon

10. Melaleuca

There are other top MLMs to consider joining in Barbados for 2023 or 2024 as well such as BeachBody, Tupperware, Youngevity, Total Life Changes, Arieyl, MonaVie, DoTerra, Isagenix, Young Living, Live Pure, Monat, Arbonne, Juice Plus, Le-Vel, Modere, Mannatech, Perfectly Posh, Pampered Chef, and Forever Living. Do your due diligence on the multi-level marketing company you choose to join a new MLM venture in Bridgetown or other parts of Barbados!

Lead The Way With More Top MLM Leads In Your Company

Today I am going to talk about where I get the best sign ups in your MLM company on your Caribbean isle, and it is going to be kind of surprising because it hasn’t been from YouTube. It hasn’t been from solo ads recently. It hasn’t been from social media and I am going to explain why you need other leads for your network marketing business. 

So there are two ways to generate leads. I will call it push and pull lead generation and solicited and unsolicited lead generation. And so push is the same as unsolicited. That means that you are basically pushing your opportunity on someone who might not be looking. And that is how a lot of people do it in network marketing, and that is kind of tarnished the name of network marketing with a lot of people because people are told by their sponsors to just go on Facebook and just private message everyone out of the blue about your business. 

And that is not the way to build a sustainable long term business in the MLM industry. It is going to turn off a lot of friends and family, people are going to start to block you, especially if you don’t know how to talk about your MLM company opportunity. I have never really done that when I was able to avoid it. 

I did that maybe the first year in network marketing, because I was so desperate to get my business started, that I just started spamming my links everywhere, hoping that someone would sign up. And it didn’t work that well. I got maybe one person from Twitter, and he was just bored and looking around and was like, why not, you know, but it was very rare for me to just get a random sign up. 

So I am going to talk about the best converting leads. It’s not usually from just buying a bunch of leads – it’s not from solo ads where they just put your link into an email and send it out to 200 people. It’s none of that – because you are still pushing your opportunity on people that might not be looking. Or they might even be upset that they’re getting spam. 

I hate getting spam, and I’m sure you do too, because it is so prevalent these days. So don’t be that guy or that girl that pisses people off, because you’re just spamming your links everywhere. 

So the best leads, for me, are called pull leads. We’re going to call it pull lead generation, or solicited lead generation, and that is basically where I attract people to me, they are already searching for what I have. So, how do you do that? 

You do that by running classified ads because people go to the classifieds when they are looking for a new opportunity. Craigslist is very powerful for MLM recruiting on different Caribbean isles. I am not saying it’s perfect, and I’m saying there is risk involved because I did it for almost two years and I finally got blocked, because I put an ad in the wrong category, and they suspended me. They were done with me. But I did spend, you know, probably over $20,000 on Craigslist alone, and I recruited maybe 200 people from there. 

So it is powerful because those people are looking for extra income on the Caribbean island. And here is the other thing I want to talk about is that there are two primary ways to promote your business. You can lead with the business opportunity, aka, talk about supplemental income or working from home or avoiding rush hour, you know, whatever the perks are from working from home. 

And the other way is to lead with the products. Now leading with the products is kind of sketchy these days because the FDA is going around really looking closely at MLM companies and how the distributors are promoting the companies right now especially during the recent health crisis. I am afraid to even say that word. 

In fact, Herbalife is really under the gun right now because of their product and business model claims. People are making claims that their products can help during this time, and it’s a big no no. The only thing you can really say about the products is that you feel great. You know, you feel a lot better. If you start saying my products can reduce anxiety. My products can reduce back pain, you’re kind of encroaching on medical claims. In fact, we can’t do that in our company.

So I don’t even touch the products, the benefits of the products because I have had to delete hundreds of tweets and blog posts because I said that my products did things to me. So I don’t touch it. 

And the other thing that you don’t even need to mention is your company name when you’re prospecting, you don’t even want to talk about your company, because most people are going to research it after you drop the company name. 

They’re gonna say, Wow, yeah, I’ll look at it, when you give your link to them, and then what most people do right after that, they go to Google and type in the company name and do research before they come back to talk to you. That’s what I would do. 

If someone’s like, hey, Erik, you gotta join MLM gold. They’re just huge. They’re blowing up everywhere. You know what I would do? I wouldn’t just sign up on his website. I would go Google it, MLM gold. 

In fact, I did it the other day. One of my friends was like, this company is taking off. It’s a very exciting time. I got tons of signups already, and I’m not even really promoting it. 

So I looked at his website, and he gave me the link. And I didn’t just blindly sign up. What I did was I googled the company. And it turns out that the company has been around since 2013. There were videos all over the place about the company, there were a lot of marketers that had already called it a scam – that’s a trick that marketers use to get you to look at their articles.

But I still don’t want tons of articles called that associated with the company. And I don’t want to be in a company that’s six years old or whatever, seven, eight years old. I want something brand new that’s on fire. So I can create content about it, and not compete with 100 other bloggers. I’m not even really looking. I’m just saying what I look for in an MLM company. And it just didn’t feel right, because I googled the name. 

So what you want to do is you want people to sign up on your landing page. You just want to pique their curiosity. You want to say something like this company is on fire. We grew 1,000% last year. We pay 50% commissions, there is free training, there’s free websites, we have an automated email system, check it out and tell me what you think. 

If they say what company it is, just say, you’re very busy and just say check it out. You don’t mention the company name. And 99% of the time, I have promoted the business side of my opportunity. 

I am very excited about the automated email system and the landing pages that we get – and now you can sign up for free in our company, which is the first time that our company has ever done that and that’s almost four years I’ve been with the company, so I talk about that.

I am also really excited that the landing pages are connected to an autoresponder – a built in sales funnel that helps you recruit, that is what I lead with. I don’t go around saying you can make $5,000 your first week with this. And that’s what most people do on MLM Facebook groups.

They’re so desperate for a sign up that they just completely exaggerate how much you can make. You see it all over, sign up for free and make $10,000 in three days, it’s all over the internet. And it’s a total lie. 

So if you want to attract real business professionals to your website, you want to talk about something that’s realistic. And for me, it’s built in systems. Its automated systems. And yes, 50% commissions is very exciting. In fact, I looked at a new MLM company the other day, and everything was great about it. It was flashy, they had a flashy website, they had flashy products, they just looked super trendy – they were around the world. They had a great video. But then I looked closer at the compensation plan, and they paid like 10% to 20% Commission’s which is lower than Amway. And that’s lame. 

Where do you think most of that profit is going? It’s not going to the so called marketing or the product formulation or anything like that. It’s going to the owners of the company. So, you know, if you want to be in a company that treats the distributors, right, then you have to find a MLM that is actually created by distributors, people that have been in the field that have been distributors, like our company pays 50% on first time orders, that’s literally half of the products value is going to the distributors. 

I won’t touch anything less than that. I’m spoiled. That would be like if you made $50,000 last year at 50% commissions and knock that in half – and now you made only $25,000 last year. Now, if your company only pays 25% commissions instead of 50%, you just lost half of your income instantly. 

So it could also go the other way, you could leave your crappy MLM and sign up with mine. And you would double your income potential overnight. So you really got to look at what they’re paying you because you’re going to work very hard for this company. And you’re going to put your blood sweat and tears into this company and they have to compensate you very well because MLM is very competitive these days, and MLM got a bad name in some places because people don’t know how to prospect properly. 

So, the best leads and the best signups I have gotten have come from Pay Per Click (PPC) ads because people are looking and they click on my ad because they are looking. How do I know they are looking? Because all of the keywords that I use for the ad are sign up keywords: Best New MLM opportunity, best MLM company to join, best MLM company, best MLM company in the world, best MLM company right now, best MLM company in 2020 – those are the types of keywords I use in my ads because people are going to type those keywords in the search engines and find my ad. 

Now I don’t use Google advertising for this because they don’t really like MLM and you certainly can’t talk about CBD oil. Google does not accept CBD oil. In fact, none of them do. Bing doesn’t. So I use Bing advertising because they’re MLM friendly. And they’re not as strict. But you’re gonna have to pay more for clicks, because they have a smaller audience than Google. Something that can cost 10 cents a click on Google is going to cost you 50 cents on Bing. And if you’re just targeting the US, you might have to pay $1 a click, depending on your keywords. 

Now, if you use very general keywords like MLM, and network marketing, then you could probably get 50 cent clicks. If you’re lucky, maybe 40 cents, you’re going to have to just slowly increase the bid amount until you start getting clicks.

If you follow their recommendations, they would want you to spend all your money on ads, so you have to really be careful not to do every recommendation they give you, you know, they might recommend you pay $5 a click to get on the first page of Bing and that’s just way too much money. You have to have a limit on how much you’re going to spend on a click. Because a click is not even a lead – a click is just someone clicking on the ad – might take 10 clicks to get one lead, it might take 30 clicks, it might take 100 clicks to get one lead. 

So you really got to start looking at what your performance is. Write down your numbers, look them over and have limits just like you have limits when you go to a casino – like I only have $100 that’s all I’m gonna spend. And most people probably can’t do that. But you have to really try because you’ll blow all of your money if you get greedy, or if you get impatient. 

So that is the first place where I get the best signups for my MLM company. I have been getting a lot of signups from Bing so check out Bing. I have videos on how to do Bing advertising on my homepage on YouTube, you can check out the lead generation category and I have videos on how to run PPC ads. 

The next place where I get the best sign ups would be the pop up on my blog. Now, blogging is great, it’s very powerful. I don’t recommend it if you don’t like writing because you must do hundreds of articles over a couple of years. 

But they are the best sign ups because once again, people find me doing a Google search and they find my article because they type in Best New MLM and they find my article They are already looking for a Best New MLM. So they read my article. They go, yeah, this guy is very knowledgeable. He seems like he is a professional. I’m gonna sign up with him. That’s what you want people to think. You want them to look at you and go, Wow, this person knows what they’re doing. 

Because people want you to take them to the finish line. They want you to take them to success, because it’s a big investment. If I was going to sign up into a new business, I would sign up with someone that is very professional, has a long track record in MLM and can take me to the finish line. 

Most people I do not want to sign up with because they are still operating in old school methods. They are still wanting to do three way calls. They still have a lot of hype associated with their business. You know, they bug the crap out of you every day on Facebook Messenger. They say Go team, go team – get on this webinar! Let’s do three way calls. Let’s email all of your friends Okay! I will help you email all of your friends – I say no thanks, please go away. 

I want to automate this all – I want to do is attract people to my links. And I want the company to have an automated email system that emails my leads for me because I don’t want to be on the phone all day, and I don’t want to be stalking people on Facebook. So go away. I do not want Old School Network Marketers bugging me. So there are not many people out there that know how to automate their MLM business and treat it like an affiliate marketer, you know, affiliate marketers, they just generate massive traffic to their offers. And they get signups. 

I used to do affiliate marketing, but MLM I believe pays A lot more, because you get paid on many, many levels down. Affiliate Marketing, they pay down maybe two levels, three levels if you’re lucky. So I’m basically an affiliate marketer blogger who’s doing MLM and I just want tons of traffic to my landing pages and that gets me signups and I am doing very well at it if if you want to ask, because, you know it’s controversial people are like, Oh, you can’t build your network marketing biz automated. 

You have to have the personal touch you have to connect with people. And I do connect with people, but they have to email me first. They have to be like, Alright, I signed up with you, Erik, what do I do? And then I say great. generate leads. This is how you do it for multi-level marketing success. Because it is all about leads. It’s all about getting eyeballs on your website. 

So that is the bottom line for big multi-level marketing company success in the Caribbean islands. And the leaders are not going to say that to you. They are going to say just talk to friends on the isle, but your friends don’t even like MLM, and you are going to turn off a lot of friends, because you are going to say something wrong. And a friend that you have had for over 30 years is going to start to ignore you and your beach business proposition. Because they say they only want to talk to me when they have a new MLM. And I hate MLM. So you don’t want to do that to do that to achieve multi-level marketing success in Barbados. 

But you do want to start generating leads in the cold market, because the cold market is unlimited. It is people that don’t know you, but they are looking for a new MLM business. The best way to attract people that don’t know you, is pay per click ads, and blogging, and maybe YouTube. I can point people to my blog from my YouTube videos. So they watch the video, they get a little trust, a little sense of who I am. And they click the link under this video, and they go to my blog and they read more about me and then the landing page link is at the very bottom where they can take a free tour into my business in Barbados from the beach. 

I still don’t mention the company name in most of my network marketing content. If you get enough people looking at your landing page you will start to get signups. That is the bottom line on building up a top MLM business in the Caribbean islands.

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