MintBuilder Precious Metals Opportunity Review: Huge Silver and Gold News

MintBuilder Precious Metals Opportunity Review: Huge Silver and Gold News

Hey guys, Matt Barkes CEO of Mintbuilder. Today I just wanted to reach out to you and let you guys know what’s kind of going on in the marketplace. Those of you know that we just added more bullion in our shop. 

We’re able to tweak some of the pricing from our vendors. I just got that added, we put it up as fast as we can. When we had it put up and I told him just to play it safe get it on there right now we got it at a cost, everything’s that cost setup on there so you’ll see gold and silver best prices anywhere, especially when just buying five or 10 or 20, things like that.

Nobody’s beating our prices. You know premiums are what they are right now. There’s nothing we can do about that. This has to do with the myth being shut down because of the pandemic that’s going on. You know, as far as market prices go they’re working their way back up. And that is what I wanted to talk about here so you can go in the shop and check that out, but the gist, I’m going to walk you through and let you know what’s predicted and what’s happening. 

Here at Mintbuilder we’re not a brokerage, we’re not an investment firm so i’ll let you know that right away so make sure you’re not marketing the businesses such as if you are an affiliate here with Mintbuilder. It’s really just kind of a savings – you’re taking your hard earned money, your currency, and you’re converting it into real money real tangible assets. It’s not something that’s going to pay you dividends. Although your savings of silver and gold could literally double that possibility, that’s just a great savings way I look at it. 

It’s kind of like insurance for your money, you have insurance for life, you have insurance for your car, you have health insurance, those kinds of things you insure, why not insure your finances, your finances are important. So that’s what we do when helping people to ensure their wealth, with a proper savings of real wealth. 

So let’s jump into it here. Now, you can kind of see right now, you know, where we’re at with silver and gold, right here on the website, and then builder you can see silver currently as I’m talking is just $15 Gold is just below 17, you know, so they’re down is a little today, but that’s a perfect opportunity for buying. 

And I’m not just talking about bullion I’m talking about numismatic so let me jump in and show you so we’re going to go right on to Bloomberg, Okay, very trusted, as far as letting you know what’s happening and. And when your investments and things like that again we’re not into investments, but they do mention often, silver and gold precious metals, and right now they just did a report, coming from Bank of America, one of the big banks, one of the top banks and Bank of America is talking about a huge increase in gold okay they’re talking about gold reaching $3,000 by next year at some point.

Now, you know, usually they’re pretty good at their predictions. You can do the research on that. But that is a massive massive increase from what they originally were talking about is only 2000 as a more conservative amount, and then with everything is happening right now, they’re talking about, you know, some of the major reasons we know for doubting fiat currency, things like that. It’s making a perfect storm. So whereas they thought it was going to steadily rise to 2000 now they’re talking about $3,000 an ounce gold price. 

And that’s something they believe is certainly less conservative that so that’s literally almost doubling the current price that we have going on right now. Now, that’s with gold, now let me just show you a little bit of forecasts with silver as well.

You know they’re looking at the rest of this year being somewhat bullish as it says here, mildly bullish – talking about silver getting back to $20 I would call that pretty bullish because we’re talking about, you know, silver going up $7 that’s a 50% increase, just this year alone, but they’re talking about next year, silver, hitting the $20 mark.

Now I do remember – I’ve been in the industry since the late 90s but even in the 2010 decade. You know, silver did hit, well beyond $30, you know even $40. So when it does that, that’s when everybody wants to start buying, you know, silver and gold when it caps way up high like that. 

The same thing happens with Bitcoin and everything else. Now is the time it is the best buying opportunity that I’ve seen personally with what’s happening in the market, the perfect storm is happening, to be able to have not only silver gold bullion, but also numismatics now let me explain that for a second. 

When you’re looking at an example right now, American Silver Eagles is a really good example of this. Then, the US Mint shut down, it actually shut down. Prior to the corona crash, everything is happening with that even shut down a little bit for that because demand is already starting to increase. Now, you know, people aren’t working, men aren’t working. Things like this are happening. So it puts a lot of pressure on, you know, these men to be able to invent those kinds of coins. 

So, with that happening, and with the prices going up, you know, for bullion for ungraded coins. What’s going to happen to the numismatic side of the business. Just think through it logically for a minute. You’re gonna have all these, you know, say Silver Eagles right – you only have so many, you know, normally there’s 30 million plus, you know minted every year. There’s going to be a far less mintage of it. and people are going to be grabbing up and hoarding as much as they can. 

So there’s going to be far less being submitted and so it’s going to create a rarity in the numismatic field. I’m telling you right now that I believe that numismatics are going to be the big money makers for the next two years. And so I, you know, I that’s something I would really encourage to take a look at those kind of products that are something that, you know, there’s not as much minted of those are always the ones that go up so fast I can think of a few off top my head like the the Austrian Crux the northern skies that was the first like domed point they didn’t make that many of them. And that coin literally went from like $150 to like $1,000, when they’re graded for it because they were pF 70s.

Now, with the demand on all these coins, the gem bu, the brilliant uncirculated ungraded. The demand is so strong, that it’s going to be far less being sent to them and be graded, which means that the pressure on him is going to cause the prices to go up, I believe, as well you don’t really care about that because people aren’t investing in, there’s no futures and options and you know paper investments with numismatics just the gold, silver, so that’s all you’re gonna hear people talking about, but just think logically through it. 

And that’s where it’s going to be that pressure is going to cause numismatics to also be more rare more Rarity means more worth more money and more money in your pocket so whereas you could double your money with bullion which I suggest you should have some of you could double your money with that. I think with the numismatics you have potential to maybe even triple or quadruple. 

And again, it’s not an investment it’s just a smart saving. It’s an intelligent way of saving paper currency right now is not an intelligent way to save. Because you know what’s happening in the market, what’s happened, what has been happening is the crisis isn’t just now it’s been something that’s been getting worse and worse we’re past the tipping point there’s no going back with whether fiat currencies around the world. 

Doesn’t matter if it’s us doesn’t matter if it’s the Euro or the pound doesn’t matter where you are, the fiat currency is going to crash at some point, and they’re going to have to reevaluate everything but guess what’s going to always hold value, silver and gold is gonna always hold value numismatics are like, you know, precious artwork, it’s going to hold value as well.

This is a whole different type of thing I’m not saying, This isn’t I don’t believe, like in my personal belief I don’t believe it’s like the end of the world doom and gloom. I believe that, you know, will recover and have to revamp the entire you know currency system.

And that’s a whole nother topic. There’s too many opinions on that but what I do believe is that silver and gold are always gonna have value and I believe in this and so this is the time now. With all that said, this is the perfect time also right now people need. The second stream of income, you know, in this business model, it’s almost like a perfect storm, that’s happening right now that you know there’s so much bad stuff that’s happening. But all of this can be spun into something tremendous for literally millions of families or people looking for extra income ways to preserve their wealth

You have that available right here at mintbuilder, whether you’re an affiliate with us currently, or if you take a look at or if you’re a customer, I encourage you to take a look at both sides of the coin, and that’s what we think of mint builder is a two sided coin, one side of the business is wealth preservation with precious metals you know bullion and numismatics, and the other side of the coin is creating a stream an extra stream of income for those that, like, helping other people with their wealth. 

And also, you know, being able just to have that extra revenue that’s just nice coming in weekly. So yeah, take a look at that, you know, do your own research, do your own due diligence, that’s the biggest thing you could ever do is just make sure that you look into everything that seems like a big news story. Make sure for yourself. So I just wanted to bring that out to everybody, take a look at that. This is the time to get really stirred up with being able to have this kind of opportunity that we have here at Mintbuilder. So we’ll talk to you guys real soon. Thanks Everybody stay safe.

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