How To Make Money from Home Dieting and Vlogging

Making Money from Home Dieting and Vlogging(2021)

What’s up guys. So big change is happening – Misha is just taking off in three days. She’s going to be traveling to all the state parks and national forests in the upper part of America with a friend of hers. 

Here’s the thing is this is attraction marketing at its finest. She was getting kind of bummed out. She didn’t know what direction she wanted to take her blog and her YouTube channel, it was looking pretty dismal there. She didn’t know what to do. 

So she went upstairs to the shrine and prayed for direction and literally like the next day, one of her girlfriends called up and said, Hey, I’ll pay you basically, I’ll pay your bills, you just come with me and we’ll do a vlogging tour of all the state parks – all you gotta do is just do YouTube and just hang out with me. 

We’ll camp, we’ll hike. We’ll set up our recording equipment and just, you know, have beautiful backdrops with our videos at waterfalls and all this stuff for three months. This woman is just gonna pimp out my wife’s life for three months. 

But it’s also gonna set me on a huge journey because I got to keep losing weight and just staying on edge. If I’m just living like everyone else, there’s no reason to watch me. But if I’m dieting, losing weight and giving you value, and living an exceptional life, then maybe you’ll be drawn to me.

So that’s, that’s basically part of making money from home, and creating a brand is by doing something exceptional. What is your gift? What is the unique gift that you have, and all you gotta do is just share it with the world. 

Be vulnerable, be humble, be real. Drop the sales pitch. No one wants to buy your products. If you just sound like a commercial, you have to live it. It’s kind of like the world is divided. Right now you have the people that are on the right and the people on the left. And if you want to make change, you have to just show people the truth. You can’t tell people the truth. You got to show people the truth. 

So I’m going to get into more longer videos of just being myself and I still want to talk about how to make money from home, what dieting techniques I’m using and how I want to help people. But I also want to share on a personal note, and  hopefully build a tribe and relate to people and just comment below and share what’s going on in your life and let’s get a family going here, a tribe.

They say it only takes about 1000 people, a 1000 devoted people, only 1000 devoted fans to make a good living online. Now that can be a blog, it can be YouTube. It might take a lot of videos but once you get up to 1000 devoted fans, you can pretty much be supported by them. 

You don’t have to ask for help. What you do is you just put links under your videos, you don’t even say anything, they find your website because they’re interested in you. You know, you taught them something, or you may have tweaked their perception on something or you may have given them inspiration or insight. And they’re like, I really liked this guy, I’m gonna check out his website, then they click the link under your video. 

So if you do enough videos, just talking, you know working from home, you can be camping, you can be hiking, you can be fasting, you could be doing a diet, you could be working out in your living room, but if you just share with people what you’re doing, more and more people join the party.

So that’s basically what I want to talk about today. I might ramble a little but, you know, I have to develop that silent charisma like James Dean had where he could just look at the camera and then look off at the sky, and you’re just drawn to him, you know, or Elvis or whoever, what actor draws you in, and they don’t even have to do anything. That’s what I want to do, and I want to make money around the clock. 

So how can I do that? Well, I have to find a business that is available around the world. I have to promote a business, a company that has not only a cutting edge product, that’s really cool, but I have to make sure that their shipping is tight so that they can ship in the countries that I want to be in. 

I have to find out if they have if I can market it on Google ads. Do I want to write about it? Are there other blogs writing about it? How big is the competition you know? You gotta come up with a unique angle, a unique selling point. And once you get that unique selling point, stick with it, and keep doing it, keep doing it. 

You know if you’re a prepper, if you’re a survivalist prepper guy and you look at your previous YouTube videos, and you’d notice a trend that all of your knife hunting review videos are doing great then keep doing knife reviews, if you notice that they really like your dry fasting videos, you’re getting a ton of views then do that. 

Do it over and over and over and over. Then YouTube will be like, okay, that person is an authority because they’re knowledgeable. They talk about it in every video. So if you want to rank for a keyword, you have to hammer it. That’s one of the tips I want to talk about today, hammer it over and over and over. 

Like the title of this video/article is going to be How to make money from home dieting. I could name it: make money from home diet. It could be dieting while working from home, it could make money from home dry fasting. But if I want to rank for making money from home, I’m going to have that in my title every single time. I’m going to put it in the keywords and I’m going to put it in the video description. And I’m going to do it over and over and over. 

There’s this kid that I follow on YouTube. I talked about him once before. His name’s Gabe Dawg. And he’s just a good guy. You know, he’s only in his 20s maybe. And he’s got 2200 videos, and he just talks and he talks. I guess that’s what a vlog really is. I try to do tight little 10 minute business videos but I’m starting to lean towards his style of vlogging especially since my wife’s going to be gone for three months. 

I’m going to be in the trenches. I’m going to be here all alone. You know, I started a brand the other day called Recluse Marketing. I got the website for it, I went to name com. I bought recluse marketing com for $8.95 cents. Then I made a page on my blog called recluse marketing and then I pointed that website name over to that page on my blog, you can check it out, I’ll probably leave it under this video/article. 

So I’m promoting several businesses and the days that I’m dieting are the days I want to hammer diet keywords, you know, diet videos, then I’ll probably show you guys the shakes that I use without being salesy. Just be like, you know, check out the shakes. I might show you the coffee shake recipe I love.

If it’s another day I might talk about the lockdown and having you know enough money or afraid that the dollar is gonna crash. I might talk about my gold and silver company I’m in. 

But the bottom line is I want to just kind of hammer maybe three SEO keywords in all my videos – it could be dieting, dieting for men over 50 another one could be precious metals from home, you know make money with silver and gold

You know my wife and I went to town today and I still haven’t worn a mask. And she bought a little hair tie thing. You know it slips over your hair. So she can go camping now without really dealing with her long hair. And she’s like, yeah, if I go into a store and they make me wear a mask, I’ll just slide this down. And I was like, that’s a great idea. And we talked about it for a little while and I was so hesitant to wear a mask. 

I’m not going to wear a mask, but while she’s gone, I might have to go to the store. And she’s like, Well, why don’t you just wear a handkerchief that’s what farmers wear all the time around their neck, you know, the bandanna handkerchief. And I was like, wow, that totally put everything into perspective because I love farmers, I look up to them. And they do wear that handkerchief around their neck. I could buy one of those and just slide it up. I don’t even want to do that. 

So today we went into town and everything we did we went through drive throughs. So we got this food app for Lowe’s market. And so they literally have a little drive up and Walmart also has a curbside pickup and you just, you order it, you schedule a time and we just drove up and we didn’t even get out of the car. I just said open up the trunk and just throw the groceries in there and she was like, okay, and she was wearing a mask that, you know, everyone in stores has to wear masks and I felt wealthy. 

When something is running smoothly and easily for us, I always say that we’re wealthy. You know, it’s kind of like a little law of attraction type of thing. You know, you say something enough and it attracts it to you. And I used to say that we’re like the vanderbilts but we changed that to the Kennedys. 

We used to have fun going to hotels for three days and just pigging out and closing the curtains and watching TV because we don’t watch TV here. And that’s on purpose. You know, we want to treat our home like a spiritual retreat, and really dive into our businesses and launch our brands. 

So with her leaving, it’s going to be a really awesome time for me to launch my brand doing vlogging type videos because it’s just me and you guys. I mean, I literally don’t have any friends around here. You know, we’re not from North Carolina, and I didn’t really pick up any new friends when I got sober about 11 years ago. I was like, No, I’m fine with just my wife. I don’t need friends. But I still need people. I’m not gonna lie to you. I still need people. I’m still a human being. I still have a beating heart. I’m a recluse though. 

My dad and I can work alone for a long time. My dad just goes up in the shop. We just call it the shop, but that’s where his cars are, and he’s got his metal lathe and all his tools, and he likes to restore things. So he’ll go up to the shop at like 10am and he’s done by 3pm. And, you know, my mom has her own life and goes out with her girlfriends and they go to restaurants for lunch and they have these little clubs, and then they meet up for dinner and everything’s fine, but my dad can stay alone for days at a time. But he needs me, he needs my mom back. 

I’m the same way I can go a long time without my wife. But eventually I need her. You know, I need somebody in my life. But so while she’s gone, you guys are welcome to hang out with me. 

So that’s it guys. The bottom line is, I’m going to be connecting with you and just talking about many things. But the bottom line is I want to help you make money from home, just by being you. The bottom line is just to be you, but you gotta create content. And blogging is pretty hard. Not many people like to write. Anyone can shoot a video on their phone. I don’t even you know, you can transfer it right over to YouTube. What I do is I send the file to my email, and then I drag and drop it over to my desktop.

I would really like to go back to Gabe Dawg. You know, this guy has 2200 videos and a lot of it’s just him talking like this. And he’s got 23,000 subscribers. Now he’s been doing it for a while, I only have 500 videos, so he’s almost five times bigger than me. But if I could make money just with my YouTube – if I could make 3000 a month with my YouTube, that would keep all the headaches away. I really don’t need a lot of money. You know, my bills are only like 1500 a month, and I made it that way. 

You know, I could live in a fancy house and pay 10,000 a month and do these fancy things and have two cars on loan, we don’t do that, you know, our bills are pretty low. So if I got 3000 plus my other businesses, they say the happy number to make per year is 75,000. That is where the happiness curve peaks, then it plateaus. It only grows a little bit more from 75,000 to 100,000 and onward. 

So 75,000 is 6250 a month. Now, if I work only one hour a day from home, I can do videos like this, I can show you trails. We can talk by the creek, I can get deep and spiritual. I might even cry with you guys and show you the whole gamut of my emotions. Plus, YouTube is paying me. I’d be in heaven. I’m sure $6250 per month would help you out too. 

I mean, 6250 a month is the ideal. That’s 75,000 a year. You pump out videos every day. Put your link to something under it so you can make other sales. YouTube just paid me two days ago, my first check. And, you know, it was only 100 bucks. Because I haven’t really been hitting YouTube hard. I deleted my first 200 videos because they just sounded like someone else. I didn’t get my voice yet. I hadn’t done enough videos to get my voice. 

So and I’ll probably transcribe this, turn it into an article put on my blog. So I get two types of traffic from one video. So you might want to think about transcribing your videos, put it on your blog. You definitely want to do both. You know, you don’t even have to write articles anymore. You can transcribe them using otter AI, but only transcribe your stuff, don’t get sneaky and think you can transcribe all of YouTube. 

You know, because, number one someone might have already done it number two, it’s not yours, it’s plagiarism. If I do copy something, I always check it with a plagiarism checker, I use copyscape. I check all of my work because if you put duplicate content on your blog, you might as well just kiss it goodbye. It’s not gonna get you any traffic. Unless your website, your website’s domain authority is higher than the other person. It’s all about authority with blogging. 

Same with YouTube. You know, I only have 2000 subscribers. Gabe Dawg has 22,000 subscribers so if we both did the same video title on multi-level marketing business, he would win because he has 22,000 subscribers. That’s one way that YouTube ranks channels so that’s another little tidbit for you. 

But once you start feeling what your audience likes, just hammer it every day. If you work from home already, do three videos a day, you know, talk about your weight loss, talk about what’s working for you talk about how much sleep you’re getting, talk about how the weather is, talk about politics, whatever. 

This video article is about making money and losing weight. I’m about 185 lbs right now. We kind of splurged a little today, got some chips and some brisket and chicken salad. But when she leaves, I’m going to do either Atkins or I’m going to do the shakes that I was talking about two shakes a day and a lean meat at night. 

Try to stay away from the carbs. I hate carbs. Atkins always worked, but my doctor said my cholesterol was really high. But I could eat a ribeye every night. I could do the caveman diet. What is that? Where you just kind of do fasting – you fast all day and then you just have a big steak at night. I loved that when I did that, but I can’t because the ribeyes are very fatty, so good the fats like butter. You grill it over a fire. I can gather all the wood around here. Have a fire every night and grill steaks. 

It’s kind of gonna be paradise in a way I’m gonna be all alone. You know, I already have Asperger’s, I could literally just get a system down and routine and just do that every day. It’s still hard. I mean, I still need contact, and I’m not going to do video conferencing. Not going to do zoom. But I need you guys so like and subscribe and get ready for a wild ride this summer.

And turn off the news. Get away from that stuff. Try to find a little sanctuary like this. It’s just heaven on earth. Beautiful clouds. You hear the creek? I mean, it’s just so peaceful here. How can you be crazy or have anxiety in a place like this? How can you feel anger living here? I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. There’s no reason for me to be crazy. In fact, every day I live here, I get calmer and calmer. And we’re gonna buy this house. 

In fact, while my wife is gone, I’m dealing with a realtor. I’m fixing my credit really fast. I’m going to use a credit repair service. And I’m going to fix it really fast. And within two months, it will be under contract, and we’re going to own it. And then there’s this whole hillside behind the house. You can’t see it, really, but right over there. 

That’s a big hill and that’s the National Forest. We are on the edge of the National Forest. So there’s literally our nearest neighbors like a mile over that way down there. Road but I want to make it kind of like little Japanese gardens, little cherry trees. And you know, amongst the big trees, red cherry trees, little Japanese maples and mount Fiji’s blossoming cherry trees, little pathways, maybe little statues, little water fountains. Little intricate stuff along the mountainside, little hidden treasures. And then maybe even at night lit up with little candles all the way up to the top. And at the top, there’s a little place to sit. It’s flat up there. You can see the other mountains. 

It’s really a Shangri La here. It really is a true spiritual retreat here. And I could easily ruin it by watching negative crap on TV, I could turn on my old hard metal and rap music from the past and get all angry I can go buy some donuts and get wasted on sugar and feel like crap and and start doing stuff I don’t want to do and totally ruin my vibration attract hate and crap in the world. Or I can just get blissed out and raise my vibration and attract more beautiful people to me and live abundantly. That’s what it’s about. So find your niche, use keywords in your titles, hammer it over and over and over. And then eventually YouTube will pay you. The links under your videos will pay you. Your online blog business will pay you and it will be happily ever after.