Legendary Marketer vs Easy1Up High Ticket Commission Programs

Today, we are going to compare two powerful affiliate marketing programs that pay high ticket commissions, up to $3,000 commissions, and that is easy!up versus legendary marketer, these platforms have been really going viral lately because people need to make serious money and a lot of people are leaving MLM and joining high ticket affiliate programs that pay in the thousands. 

And the two hottest ones right now for MLM bloggers are easy1up and legendary marketer. So, easy one up has digital education products ranging from $25, up to $2,000 legendary marketer has products ranging from I believe a subscription or a one time $7 all the way up to a huge mastermind event that’s $10,000.

Easy1up, was founded around 2016 by Peter, who wanted to streamline the foundation of network marketing, and so he disassembled the cumbersome infrastructure and completely streamlined the system, and it is very apparent today with easy one up how simple and how lucrative it is. 

Legendary marketer was founded by David Sharpe who has made over $200 million for him and his team, and you might have remembered him from Empower Network, it was a blogging platform that he created, along with his partner, David Wood.

And David has a very powerful rags to riches story he basically was a ninth grade dropout and got into heroin and all this stuff and then went on to become a very successful entrepreneur. So these are really powerful stories. 

Let’s talk about the products of each one really fast, easy1up has on demand courses from the beginner to the master. And here is the modules right here: you have elevation which is $25, one time these are all one time, network marketing basics, and then affiliate Kickstarter video series, you have the elevation elite. One time $100, and you get all of these different training courses you get, how to do solo ads, YouTube clickable links, YouTube as a social network, etc. 

The vertex is $250 its advanced digital business video series. Traffic Secrets Revealed, the launch process passionate profit business systems. The irresistible offer. And then you got the vertex elite which is $500, you get everything from from this one plus this one drop shipping counts zero cost traffic 50 non stop traffic methods. 

You get the vertex pro Connect which is $1,000 one time, you get all these different types of trainings for Tumblr for Reddit SlideShare Facebook ads, you name it, you get all of it there and then the vertex live is $2,000, how to build sales funnels drop shipping, the 10 k blueprint, turbo cash live, journey to be a top blogger, CPA periscope vertex live. 

Very cool, and then legendary marketer, has the 15 day online business builder challenge. It has the legendary marketers Club, which is like the Netflix of marketing training, the traffic University. How you can advertise on YouTube and Facebook. And they even have a training for Tick Tock now which is all the rage affiliate marketing business blueprint. And then digital products business blueprint.

Coaching and consulting business blueprint, and then events and masterminds business blueprint, and then legendary marketer mastermind. This is the $10,000 mastermind very high end, you could receive up to $3,000 if you promote this and someone orders it through your link. 

If you’re that pro affiliate there’s to affiliate. You can be a free affiliate and earn 10% commissions up to 30% commissions or you can be the pro affiliate and earn 20 to 60% commissions. 

So let’s go over the pros and cons of each platform. I have it written up right here, easy1up was founded in 2016. Legendary marketer was 2017.

Available countries, easy one up is available in every single country because they accept so many different payment processors, and we’ll get to that in a minute. 

Legendary marketer is not available in over 80 countries you can see their list of all blocked countries. Okay, so they can’t do business in Asia, they can’t do business in Russia. They can’t do business in all of these countries, just keep that in mind if you’re in Kenya. You can’t do it, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Vietnam, lots of countries you can’t do it in Philippines. North Korea, obviously.

So that’s one negative.

The cost, easy1up, like I said, it’s a one time fee. It’s 25 one time, up to the $2,000 package one time, plus the admin fee which is like $5 up to $200, depending on which package you get, it’s one time that’s it. 

If you’re an affiliate for legendary it’s zero to $30 a month. This is for affiliate marketers so I’m not going to go over the products. You have to buy the products for easy1up to make those commissions, whereas legendary marketer, you don’t have to buy the products to receive those commissions, you can come in at the free affiliate and make up to like $1,000. If you come in as the $30, a month pro affiliate you can earn up to $3,000. 

But with easy1up. It’s one time, and you can receive $2,000 in commissions, if you sell the $2,000 product, and you can sell all the products beneath the $2,000 one payout. This is what’s really exciting. 

A lot of people are struggling financially. This is why I began the research to begin with because a lot of people are looking for money, they’re desperate and easy1up has the instant payout. Depending on the processors that you set up, you can instantly get paid when someone buys the packages through you. 

You can use PayPal, cash app. And the list is down here. The list is unlimited almost okay it’s because in the checkout that’s where you give instructions to people that pay you, because they’re going to pay you directly. And then you have to pay the admin, their fee, and then you pay your upline directly. 

So for instance I set up PayPal, cash app, and Zelle goes directly to my bank. I haven’t set up a Bitcoin yet. And legendary marketer I believe they pay with a check, and it’s monthly. Now, don’t quote me on that I’m pretty sure it’s a monthly check. Okay, I saw a video on it, guy received this check in the mail. And so I, that’s just what I assume it is okay, that’s kind of that’s hard to swallow especially if you’re hurting for money. 

So legendary marketers payment processor is, I believe credit card. That’s why all these countries you can’t do business in those countries, because of the payment says right here due to restrictions with our payment processors. You can’t do any of these. 

Okay, easy1up you can set up any kind of payment processor you want. Alright. So I hope this helps your decision in joining one of these powerful platforms. I’ll leave a link under the description. Check out what I’m doing, hit that subscribe button if you’re new.

          Easy1Up                                  Legendary Marketer

Founded:     2016                                               2017

Available countries:  All                                  not available in 80+

Cost:  $25 to $2000 + admin                         $0 to $30 a month

Payout: Instantly                                              Monthly check

LM Payment processor: CC

Easy1up Payment Processor: Bitcoin, cash app, credit card, checks, paypal, venmo, etc     

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