Is Valentus the Best Network Marketing Company?

Network marketing nearly covers all walks of life and all product lines imaginable these days. How can one company stand out among the rest when we have so many offering similar products and the same promises day after day? A company must offer something no other does within its products or compensation line to truly be unique in today’s direct sales world.

Valentus is one such company. Unlike some others, Valentus offers a company based on integrity in everything they do, with leaders that lead by example rather than leading by telling others what to do. Valentus is a truly unique network marketing company that is currently making waves in the industry with no signs of slowing down.

What is Valentus and what is their Mission?

Valentus is a company that strives to prevail. That’s exactly what their name means. The goal for Valentus is to be a company that provides power and strength to their clients. The focus of the company has always to be built on integrity and to have their product line and business opportunities follow suit.

Valentus strives to build networks of strength as well as healthy relationships and allow you to make money doing it! The company aims to help you prevail in all you goals, mentally, physically, socially, and financially. Valentus holds its mission to stand out among the rest and build a company that is unparalleled to any other in the network marketing industry.

Valentus Leadership

Valentus is led by CEO and founder Dave Jordan. Jordan has long recognized that you must lead by example, not by telling your team what to do. No one has done this better than Jordan himself, as he has worked hard his entire life. As one of 14 children, Jordan has used this experience in hard work to drive him to be the leader he is today.

Along with hard work and enthusiasm, Jordan’s commitment to help others is what drove him to success, taking those working hard with him along the way. He now leads Valentus into success and beyond as this has carried over into all that he does.

Valentus Products

Valentus has a line of products called the Prevail line, which aims to help people live a healthier, happier life that’s full of energy. As a weight management and wellness promotion company, they offer products to suit every need. Valentus prides itself of effective and efficient products that get the results you want and need.

 With second to none products, Valentus covers all the bases to include energy, detox, and keto options. Customer testimonials attest to the great taste and results the products have to offer, all made with natural ingredients from all over the world.

Valentus Compensation Plan

With Valentus, there is a compensation plan like no other. With experts in pay planning behind how this portion of the company operates, the goal was to make it unmatched. They did just that, by providing 7 whole power bonuses on top of the compensation plan that was laid out.

For those who sign up with Valentus, they receive a weekly pay out on their retail commissions, which is 25% of their website orders. These are all personal BV amounts, which are necessary for commissions. A member must keep 50BV each month to continue to qualify for retail commissions.

There is even a Preferred Customer Loyalty Reward where members who sign up as preferred customers can receive a nice incentive of a free month of scheduled product when they refer two other preferred customers. This isn’t an incentive you run into in the direct sales business!

Once you’ve become a member, you begin earning towards your First Order Bonus, or the Fast Start Bonus, which is paid out weekly. Depending on your starting package, you will earn a different bonus amount.

Once you’re on the way to starting your own team, you qualify for more bonuses, including the Legacy-Coded Bonus, which is $100 paid weekly. You actually can begin to earn $100 for every enrollee you gain beyond the first three. You then can earn even more through their legacies! Past your first three, you earn unlimited legacy bonuses.

If you sponsor at least 2 IR’s who maintain the 50BV monthly, you qualify for the Dual Team Cycle Commissions, earning you even more profit. Based on overall team BV, you can move up the ranks of the company, earning more and more profit and bonus as you move up. Through the Dual Team Cycle commissions, you earn the Matching Bonus based on your level as well.

There is also a Global Enrollment Pool Bonus where anyone that personally sponsors and qualifies 3 new Ruby IR’s in the same calendar month, has 100BV in that month, and qualifies a share in that pool can earn the bonus. The bonus amount is dependent on the number of the total divided among the qualifying recipients. The more times you qualify over results in you getting a bigger percentage of the share.

Once you reach Diamond ranking, you qualify for a Vehicle Bonus. This helps to pay for your traveling costs associated with your business. Think promoting and telling people about your business. Your car must be no older than 2 years to receive this bonus.

Where is Valentus Going?

Valentus is a fast growing company that has seen nothing but success. With products that are proving to provide the results people are striving towards, there is room to believe that the company will continue to see great success and growth for years to come. With the development of more leaders as part of the goal, Valentus will become more well-known and more popular by the day, reaching more and more people and helping people far and wide.

As with any direct sales company in today’s world, Valentus knew they had to offer something unmatched in the market. The company does just that with top products and the commitment to integrity in all aspects of the business. Valentus is sure to continue to lead amongst other network marketing companies and will surely be successful moving forward.

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