Is Valentus the Best MLM in Thailand?

As a United States Based company, Valentus has made quite a name for itself in recent years since it was founded. The MLM Company has become very popular in the Asian market and is known most for their weight management products including their SlimRoast Optimum Coffee. This is particularly true in Thailand, where Valentus could very well be the best MLM in the country. Here’s why.

Thai Economy

Thailand’s economy is greatly dependent on the exports the country makes. As a well-developed and newly industrialized country, Thailand had an income per capita of roughly $19,000 in 2018. With an economy thriving and growing, with a great deal of potential for business development, Thailand is an optimal location for MLM companies to take off.

As this trend begins to become the norm in the country, the people of Thailand will be able to see that the economy continues to shift into a more upscale threshold, as they were able to see over the last forty years. Thailand has enough population within the working class to still make MLM and network marketing a prime opportunity for the citizens of the country to not just supplement their income but to possibly replace their income completely.

Why is Network Marketing successful?

Asia was responsible for 45% of the gross retail sales from Direct Sales in 2017. The MLM business plan is very popular among Asian countries and continues to be, as the method of network marketing allows individuals to start their own business. Thailand alone generated $2.8 million worth of sales, placing the country among the top 8 MLM countries in Asia.

 The Thai people are able to see success and grow financially for a small investment compared to brick and mortar style business startups. By building a profitable MLM business, the people of Thailand are able to return on their own investments as well as impact on the overall economy of the country, all for less than $100 a month.

What makes Valentus so popular in Thailand?

As Valentus grows in popularity among Asian countries, the success and growth of the business has skyrocketed. With over 11 million independent representatives in network marketing in Thailand, more and more of these people are finding Valentus and using this opportunity to build their success. With a popular product centered on coffee, which happens to be a favorite among the Thai people, Valentus sees remarkable success and popularity in Thailand.

Valentus Compensation Plan

With 7 different ways of getting paid, it’s no wonder that people are flocking to join Valentus. Valentus offers one of the highest paying compensation plans in the MLM industry, allowing people to earn and get paid on many scales.

Not only does Valentus pay 25% on retail sales commissions, but new reps also receive $20-$200 on first time orders. Valentus also offers a $20 per match (or cycle) between the Binary volumes of both legs of your team. With a ‘Team Match’ bonus, distributors can earn up to 20% on commissions with the team’s binary match bonus.

On top of these team deals, you also get bonuses as you grow through the ranks and there is even an opportunity to earn a car bonus. Many of the great chances to earn with Valentus are unmatched by any other MLM company. With the Fast Match and Binary Team Match bonuses, you even get paid weekly, which is unheard of in the MLM world for bonus payouts.

Top Products

Valentus has seen great success with the current product line offered, but continues to strive for growth and the creation of more products. With a newly built 100,000 square foot facility created strictly for the manufacture and distribution of new products, Valentus has its eyes set on bigger greater things. The company’s goals for the next two to three years includes developing more products to build the offering up to 50-80 items as well as meeting a $1 billion per year sales revenue.  

Here are a few of the top products currently offered by Valentus and what makes them so successful:

SlimRoast Optimum – Hands down the most popular product is SlimRoast Optimum Coffee. This slimming coffee is made with an extremely powerful new formula that includes Dark Roast Coffee, Green Tea Extract, Chromium Polynicotinate, L-Theanine, and L-Carnitine. This makes for a highly satisfying weight management and energy aid.

24/7 Carb Burners AM/PM – A personal favorite, Carb Burner AM includes Green Coffee extract as well as mulberry extract, pear powder, damiana extract, guarana, raspberry, and galanga extract. PM includes all that AM does along with Melatonin and L-Theanine. These make for great carb burning supplements paired with a sleeping aid for nighttime.

Emulin – This breakthrough product has been successful in helping those with Diabetes to live healthier and more stabilized lives. By assisting in lowering blood pressure and stabilizing blood sugar, Emulin has truly helped to remedy many diabetic complications.

Other Countries in Asia

Valentus actually ships to more countries than almost any other MLM in business today. Included in that group are the larger economic powerhouses such as Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea as well as the smaller Asian countries like Singapore, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

Looking to Recruit

While you can benefit from the products alone just by purchasing and enjoying them from the link below, you can also begin to transform that appreciation for the products into an income making business. Here’s how.

Valentus is always looking to expand and grow. As a company that is innovative and driven to constantly push forward, Valentus wants people to join who are motivated to take the initiative to change their lives and help others do the same.

With an opportunity like Valentus, people can make over 6 figures a month, all by developing a team of like-minded people who aim for bigger and better for themselves and those around them. While this can take some time to establish, having the self-starting mentality and determination to recruit and grow can get you to that level and to a long path of success.

How to Begin

The beauty in MLM companies is that you get to be your own boss and you get to pick and choose how you begin. For Valentus, that starts with a one-time fee of just $20. Becoming an Independent Representative (IR) is easy and you are able to decide what rank you opt into after you join to become a distributor.

Once you are a Valentus IR, you can select what package to start with. You can begin by purchasing just one product to try, then upgrade over time to build your business through the ranks, or you can purchase a larger pack to enter the company at a higher rank.

An example of how this works in Valentus can be seen with the purchase of the ‘Builder Pack’ giving you the ‘Ruby Rank’ in the company. Likewise, the ‘Career Pack’ earns you the ‘Emerald Rank’ and so on. You have to consider how you’ll maintain your ranks though, since many of these have a 100BV per month every month starting after the second month post purchase. Make sure you can keep that up to avoid losing rank.

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