Is Valentus the Best MLM in Taiwan?

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Valentus is a young MLM company that has hit the ground running and never looked back on the path to success. As a global enterprise, the company continues to make great strides in markets all over the world, including the Asian MLM markets, as the company offers slimming coffee, an incredibly popular product.

No matter the economic structure and struggles of a country in Asia, it seems Valentus has the opportunity to grow the success of the overall country as a whole as well as the individuals that make up the population. This has been seen in countries like Taiwan, where industry may rule, but MLM companies find great success. The question remains as to whether Valentus is the best MLM company in Taiwan. We think it is a top MLM business to join, and here’s why.

The Economy of Taiwan

As a capitalist economy, Taiwan relies heavily on industrial manufacturing and the export of the goods produced. This can cause fluctuations to the economy, but Taiwan has proven to be quite the economic stronghold and has stood well despite the ever-changing markets. The country has a wide array of industries and markets it caters to, helping to keep the economy afloat in rough trading times.

Taiwan has an average income per capita of roughly $25,000, providing ample opportunity for growth in that area. With much of the population belonging to the labor force, it comes as no surprise that the Taiwan people are seeking alternative ways to supplement and replace their incomes. With a very technologically based population, entrepreneurship is literally at anyone in Taiwan’s fingertips. Over 70% of the Taiwan people use a smartphone to access the internet, making MLM and network marketing a great opportunity for this country.

How Network Marketing Works

In 2017, network marketing hit an all-time high of $189 billion in sales revenue at the global level. With over $76 billion paid out to distributors in the industry, it’s no wonder this business strategy is catching on like wildfire. With an opportunity to not only supplement your income, but to potentially completely replace it, anyone can truly change their lives through network marketing.

In a growing market, Asia is responsible for 45% of all network marketing sales, accounting for over $85 billion of those sales. That comes with a 37% growth for network marketing in Asia alone, showing that there is no sign that this business strategy will slow down anytime soon. As there are over 116 million distributors in Asia overall, it is safe to say that many have found great success in this profitable business strategy.

By opening up the business opportunities to people outside of someone’s family and friend groups, they are able to expand further than ever before imagined. This is all thanks to network marketing and the social and technical approach to running a direct sale business.

Taiwan’s Valentus Success

Network marketing overall has been quite fruitful in Taiwan. The country is home to nearly 3 million distributors of direct sales products and is responsible for $3.94 million in retail sales for 2017. Ranking number 10 in the Top 10 MLM companies in the market, Taiwan has set itself up to be an epic network marketing powerhouse.

Taiwan is also in the top 5 network marketing countries for the Asian/Pacific region and truly has found its niche in this business world. Valentus specifically has been successful in this country thanks to the Asian love for instant coffee and the unmatched compensation opportunities never before seen.

Get Paid with Valentus

Valentus doesn’t shy away from paying its distributors, and paying them well. Offering seven methods of payment, Valentus truly rewards its distributors for a job well done and is one of the highest paying MLM companies around today.

Valentus pays 25% on retail sales commission, which we all know can really add up once your company has grown. For new representatives, Valentus offers to pay $20-200 on their first orders, giving them the early incentive to push through and sell, setting the pace for the business to grow and profit.

Along with the startup bonuses and great sales commission, Valentus offers team match bonuses and other bonuses as you climb through the ranks of the company. The more you sell, the more you grow, and the more you will earn. Added to these great offers are also car incentives and other great sales bonuses along the way. Many of these are even paid weekly, surpassing the rates of payment any competition can provide.

Top Products

Constantly evolving and looking for what’s new and great to come, Valentus has found great victory in the Asian market with their current products. The company, however, will not slow down when it comes to looking for the next best thing. Developed solely for the manufacturing and distribution of new products, a 100,000 square foot facility was recently built in Florida to keep up with the expanding company. Here are three products that have greatly contributed to the success of the company.

SlimRoast Optimum – This instant coffee product is hands down the best seller for Valentus, Asia included. Made with a combination of slimming and energetic ingredients including Dark Roast coffee, green tea extract, and chromium Polynicotinate, SlimRoast is a satisfying energy aid that also helps with weight management.

24/7 Carb Burners AM/PM – This product is one of my particular favorites as it helps to curb the carbs we intake each and every day. The AM form of the carb burner includes green coffee extract and other great tasting supplements to help burn the carbs throughout the day. The PM form contains all the same things along with L-Theanine and Melatonin to work as a sleep aid as well.

Emulin – In this breakthrough formula, Emulin acts as a secondary insulin product, almost. This life changing product has literally brought healthier more stabilized lives to those affected with diabetic complications. Even offered for those who aren’t faced with diabetes, Emulin helps to counterbalance and combat the access sugar we consume on a regular basis.

Other Asian Countries

Valentus ships to more countries than almost any other MLM company around. Not only does this include economic powerhouses like Japan, South Korea, and Thailand, but Valentus even ships to those countries who are still fighting to make an economic name for themselves. These include Laos, Singapore, and the Philippines, among many others. Valentus has quite the Asian following, so there is widespread accessibility and success in that region.

Who We Want

At Valentus, we want driven individuals that are self-starters and who can hit the ground running with a brief overview of how it works. As an innovative and driven company, Valentus is always looking forward, never back, so it pays to have that same mindset. If you’re the type of person who is always looking at how to better yourself and your business, you have found the right place.

Getting Started with Valentus

You get to decide how you jump into the Valentus train. You can choose to go the slow route where you start with one product and upgrade over time, or you can jump right in and buy a bigger bundle package to enter the company at a higher rank. Regardless, you can find great success in the company once you have become an Independent Representative (IR) after paying a one-time fee of just $20 to join the company.

Buying one product at a time and slowly growing your business is not a wrong approach at all. Keep in mind this is an investment that is going to be benefiting you and your family, so don’t break the bank trying to jump in and end up doing a belly flop. Do what is necessary to find your comfortable level of success.

If you’re able to, buying a bigger bundle pack does have its advantages. You can buy larger bundles, such as the ‘Builder’ or ‘Career’ packs and you enter at the ‘Ruby’ or ‘Emerald’ levels respectively. This puts you into a high rank from an early start and will result in bigger profits more quickly.

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