Top 10 Best MLM Businesses in Myanmar for 2023

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Network marketing is far from a new and trendy business strategy. This method of business has been going on for some time now, but the popularity of the method has growth largely in recent years, and it is not surprising as to why. Network marketing can allow people to reach unheard of levels of success.

Here Is Our New Favorite Network Marketing Company

One such company that has really used network marketing to change the game has been Valentus, whose primary product has been SlimRoast Optimum, a slimming coffee. Valentus has recently grown very popular in Asia, where the population is a huge fan of coffee products. Is Valentus the Best MLM business in Myanmar for 2023? Which MLM company should you join for the best chances of success?

Here is what we think for the top new Myanmar network marketers in 2023 and 2024. 

10 Top MLM Companies In Myanmar For 2023

1. LiveGood

2. Valentus

3. Herbalife

4. Avon

5. Primerica

6. Tupperware

7. Beachbody

8. Mary Kay

9. My Daily Choice

10. Sisel

There are other top MLM companies in Myanmar to consider as well, just make sure to look into each network marketing business closely!

Myanmar Economy

Myanmar is currently an emerging economy that relies heavily on industry and production. Former under nationalism rule, the country has been economically liberated for over a decade. This has allowed its citizens to become involved in foreign investments and has been favorable for foreign exchange. With an income per capita on the rise, the most recent number have shown the country as having an average income per capita of $7,500, supporting the idea that the economy is still growing and developing.

With the liberated economy allowing for the foreign interest and more freedom for citizens to make their own way, Myanmar has seen a rise in social entrepreneurship. This is allowing people to build their own businesses as a way to supplement and replace their income. Attributed to the age of smart technology, along with the continued access to the outside world despite previous economies, Myanmar is sure to thrive when it comes to social entrepreneurship and MLM in 2023 and 2024.

Network Marketing Works: Here Is Why

Some may question why network marketing works for MLM companies to find success and profit. It is really a simple numbers game. Network marketing can take your client base from a few to a few hundred easily. That being said, network marketing can take your income into the 6 figure amounts.

With over 116 million distributors globally, network marketing clearly has shown to be fruitful and successful. The market has seen over $1.5 trillion in sales in the last decade alone, far exceeding anyone’s early expectations. 

Valentus in Myanmar

Specifically in Asia, Valentus is skyrocketing. The Asian market alone has made over $85 billion in sale, and wellness products make up 34% of the market base. Valentus is a health and wellness company, making it the prime company to grow and gain popularity in this region.

Myanmar in particular is already seeing Valentus take off in popularity and success as the country is a hotbed for entrepreneurship and small business. Valentus offers products that are well received in the area and has both a compensation and business plan that are just simply unbeatable, making it a great company in Myanmar for 2022 and 2023.

The Valentus Compensation Plan

Valentus is perhaps the best paying MLM to come around. The company offers seven different ways to get paid, ranging from new member bonuses to car incentives and everything in between. This has reaped quite a deal of success and admiration for the company which is entirely understandable.

With a 25% retail commission and an initial bonus of $20-200 on first time orders, Valentus starts off paying you well. Through the ranks, you can earn bonuses and extras as you grow your business. You also qualify for team match bonuses on either leg of your company, making the payout for Valentus team bonuses unlike any others.

Valentus remains unmatched by any other MLM company when it comes to payout and earning opportunity. The company simply has created an incredible business plan that has proven to work and succeed in the network marketing world which can otherwise be very competitive and daunting. Valentus also pays you weekly, more frequently than any other comparable company.

Top Products

Valentus already has a solid product line that has garnered the company much success. That being said, the company is always looking to go the next extra mile and see where they can grow and build to next. Always looking to continue to improve their product lines and provide something new, Valentus recently built a state of the art facility strictly for the development and distribution of all new products and formulas. Here are just a few of the items already incredibly popular at Valentus MLM that we love to use daily.

Emulin – Making quite the impact on people everywhere, Emulin has been shown to help stabilize blood sugars, reduce blood pressure, and help to alleviate the complications seen in diabetes patients. Emulin is even good for people who aren’t diabetic but wouldn’t mind the extra help in fighting some of those excess sugars that we take in.

24/7 Carb Burners AM/PM – This is my personal favorite, as the combination of ingredients in the carb burners work to balance out all those extra carbs we tend to consume each and every day. Targeting these carbs helps to take some of the guess work out of carb counting. In addition to that, the PM formula even includes melatonin to help you get to sleep, so you’re burning more carbs even as you get a great night’s sleep.

SlimRoast Optimum – Coffee that’s slimming. That’s the reason that SlimRoast Optimum is so popular and probably one of the top selling products offered by Valentus. With green tea extract AND dark roast coffee, this coffee sure packs a punch that just so happens to help manage your weight.

Asian Countries and Valentus

Valentus ships to probably more countries than any other MLM in the region. In Asia specifically, Valentus ships to countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam which are understandably highly developed economies. Smaller developing countries don’t get left out, though, as Valentus even ships to those such as Laos, Singapore, and the Philippines.

New Members

Valentus is always looking to grow, to gain more people wishing to prevail in life and to help drive others towards success as well. A great Independent Representative of Valentus is one who is self-starting and aims to build their business themselves. Someone who is willing to take initiative and is motivated to find success is a great addition to the company.

Valentus can offer you the opportunity to earn a six figure income, supplementing or even surpassing and replacing their regular income. This chance to change your life is for those people who are willing to take a little bit of effort and motivation and turn it into something amazing.

Get Started with Valentus

When you get started with Valentus, you sign up for just $20 and you are set up as an Independent Representative. From there you are your own boss and get to decide how you want to run and build your business. You can decide to join at whichever level you are comfortable with and start your company how you want to.

As a Valentus IR, you can opt into the company at any rank you choose. If you want, you can begin with one product and slowly upgrade over time as you are able to, building your rank level by level. If you are able to and want to, you can buy in at a larger package and therefore a higher rank. Making an initial order of a bigger bundle will get you to a higher rank quicker, bringing with it more bonuses and earnings. You can then build your team and continue to grow.

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