The Best MLM Company in Laos for 2023

Valentus is a newer wellness company in the MLM industry when compared to the many others around. This has not stopped the company from making great big waves all over the world as it quickly rose to global stardom and success. With a popular product consisting of slimming coffee in an instant form, the Asian market quickly caught on to what Valentus could provide, both in product and in opportunity. This holds true even in countries with poorer economies, much like Laos, where Valentus is likely the best MLM company for 2022 and 2023.  

Laos’ Economy

The economy of Laos has transitioned in more recent years from a strict communist and capitalist economy to one that is more like a free market system. While there is still active central government planning, citizens are allowed to work for themselves if they choose. Due to this historical economic outlook, the country has seen dips and dramatic fluctuations in the overall economy for years.

With an income per capita of $2460 in 2018, Laos is clearly a lower income country that is still working itself towards becoming a more profitable and wealthier economy. With the rise in popularity among network marketing for entrepreneurs in the country, the overall economy of the country has the potential to stabilize and become stronger. As joining an MLM company can not only supplement but entirely replace an average income, there is great opportunity in Laos.

Why does Network Marketing Work?

Network marketing takes direct sales into the cold market – the vast and expanse world of people a seller doesn’t know. Because of this, the possibilities for success are without limits. A MLM business person can only make so much by selling to their friends and family, and while those can be great customer bases and even team members, to really make it you have to break into the unknown clientele market.

Thanks to this business strategy, people all over the world can make thousands more than their standard income each and every month. For less than $100 a month, people could build a profiting business that can generate well over six figures each and every year. This could dramatically impact the standard of living as well as the overall economy of Laos, proving that network marketing has amazing benefits that it can offer.

How Valentus has Found Success in Laos

Laos is still a developing Asian country, but the country holds great potential to see long term success in network marketing. As 89% of the population has access to the internet via smartphones, nearly everyone has the chance to make network marketing work for them.

From 2010 to 2017, the network marketing industry saw a shift in market shares, from 66.2% of the market including well established MLM companies to that number dropping to 56.7% where newly developed and emerging companies rose to make up 43% of the market.  This shift has allowed companies like Valentus, who are relatively new to the MLM ball game, to come in and gain popularity. With 34% of the network marketing industry focused on wellness, it is not surprising that companies such as Valentus see such great success in these developing countries for 2023.

The Valentus Compensation Plan

Valentus offers a compensation plan unlike any other MLM company around. By offering 7 different ways for distributors to be paid, Valentus almost makes it easy to forget where you were before starting with the company.

With one of the highest paying compensation plans, Valentus pays 25% on retail commissions, but also pays $20-200 in a new startup bonus for recently joined representatives based on their first orders. Along with various team bonuses and match programs, there are ample opportunities to make money with Valentus. There is no reason someone wouldn’t profit and grow their company with this business model and compensation plan.

Key Products

The products currently offered by Valentus have already seen wave after wave of success in Asian markets. This especially holds true for those coffee products, particularly the SlimRoast coffee. To continue along this trajectory of success and growth, Valentus recently developed a 100,000 square foot facility with the sole purpose to manufacture and distribute new products.

The company is always looking for the next great product they can offer customers and their distributors, continuously looking at innovative ingredient combinations that truly work. Valentus has big goals for the future and this drive will surely continue to take the company to great heights. The success of the company was built on the currently available products, however, and here are a few of my favorites just to show you why they are great.

SlimRoast Optimum – The most popular Valentus product is without question the SlimRoast Optimum Coffee. This new formula includes powerful ingredients like Dark Roast coffee, green tea extract, and other great energetic additions that make this drink pack a powerful punch. Along with a great energy boost, SlimRoast offers weight management through appetite control and a refreshed feeling.

Emulin – As a breakthrough product that can’t be compared to anything else, Emulin is changing people’s lives. Stabilizing blood sugars and reducing blood pressure are just two of the many effects that Emulin can have to combat diabetes related health complications.

24/7 Carb Burners AM/PM – This is actually a personal favorite of mine. The AM carb burners include a combination of ingredients including green coffee extract and other great things to help combat the amount of carbs we tend to intake daily. This unique combination of ingredients can really help fight a carb heavy day. The PM carb burners include all the same things, but add in melatonin and L-Theanine, giving you the carb fighting power along with a sleep aid for nighttime use.

Other Countries Valentus is offered in Asia

Currently, Valentus has broken into nearly every corner of the earth, seeing amazing success everywhere it goes. Asia in particular has been so successful due to the widespread accepted concept of network marketing paired with the Asian love for coffee.

This combination was perfect for Valentus to work into to grow and find success. Along with the larger and more developed countries like China and Japan, Valentus is also shipped to small developing countries where network marketing has the opportunity to change the economic environment. Just a few of these countries include Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar.

We Want You!

At Valentus, we look for individuals who think like we think. Why simply buy and use a product when you can sell them and make a profit that can change your life? As a growing, adapting, and constantly changing market, the wellness industry will continue to be the leading industry for network marketing. Valentus not only knows that, but they trust in that fact.

Valentus holds innovation key and is always looking for the next great thing that will forever change the face of business and wellness. As such a driven company, Valentus needs people who are also driven and self-motivated to put in the work and effort needed to succeed. With a few key tools, there is no reason anyone shouldn’t be able to hit the ground running with this opportunity and turn out to be successful for years to come.

How to Get Started with Valentus

With Valentus, you get to decide how you want to join and build your business. After a one-time fee of $20, you can become an Independent Representative (IR) and be your own boss! You then would examine the different packages offered by Valentus to choose which Rank you want to enter the company at.

Keep in mind that you can also just purchase one product and slowly grow your business. This isn’t a race to the top, and you have to choose the course of action that will best suit you and your budget, time, and effort. If you need to go the slower route, that is just fine, as many people have gone down that path and achieved amazing success!

The way that purchasing bundles to quickly gain rank in the company is simple: the bigger the bundle, the higher the rank you enter on. This correlation is clearly described when you are browsing your options, so read carefully to ensure you understand what level you come in at. Also keep in mind that you have to keep your sales volumes at 100BV or more every month after the second month post purchase. This will hold your rank and build you in the company while earning as an MLM pro in Laos during 2022 and 2023.

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