Is Valentus the Best MLM in Indonesia?

Indonesian’s love their coffee. Coffee production has increased by 100,000 bags over the prior year because of ideal weather conditions. Plus, Indonesian’s are drinking more coffee because of lifestyle changes. Coffee is cool now globally.

Indonesia’s Economy

Indonesia is climbing at a 5% growth rate year after year and their GDP is a staggering $1 trillion dollars annually, whereas the Philippines and Malaysia are around $300 Billion. Indonesia’s poverty is at a record low as the government is building up the infrastructure and making Indonesia a maritime powerhouse with over 17,000 islands.

Why Network Marketing?

Asians love MLM because it gives them the opportunity to earn significant income without spending a lot of money on start-up cost. For as little as $100 per month, Indonesians can become independent reps in MLM and promote products for commissions. There is little risk involved. Indonesia generated $1.42 Billion in retail sales in direct selling companies in 2017, and that number continues to climb 10-20% year after year.

Why Valentus in Indonesia?

Valentus is a U.S. based network marketing company that specializes in weight management products, including instant coffee. Asians love instant coffee, for example Malaysians drink 6 million cups of Nescafe (instant) per day. Valentus is growing exponentially around the world and is dominating the asian markets. Valentus offers over 20 cutting-edge products and releasing new products continuously. They have a giant new manufacturing facility that is over 100,000 square feet just to create and manufacture new products. They estimate they will be a Billion a year company in the next 2 to 3 years.

Compensation Plan: 

Paid 7 Ways:

25% on Retail Sales

Fast Start Bonus on first time orders $20-$200

Legacy Bonus adds another $100 onto large orders when qualified.

Dual Team Bonus – match binary volume between legs and get paid up to $20 each time.

Dual Team Match – Get Paid up to 20% on your leaders Dual Team Bonuses.

1% Global Shares from Company’s revenue.

Vehicle Bonuses.

Top Selling Products: 

Emulin – A product which emulates insulin, hence the name “Emulin” and may help people with diabetes and blood sugar problems.

SlimRoast Optimum – The strongest instant coffee with Green Tea Extract and 25% more Caffeine.

24/7 Carb Burners – With AM and PM formulas you can burn carbs during the day and at night.

Asian Countries We’re In: 

Valentus is in the following Asian Countries: Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Japan. Asia accounts for 45% of sales revenue in network marketing at $85 Billion a year. 

Who We’re Looking For:

Valentus is great for both customers and distributors. They offer cutting-edge products that actually work – coupled with one of the highest commissions in the industry.

We are looking for network marketers who have experience and want to create a large organization in your country. Valentus offers all the marketing tools you need to promote your business locally or globally.

If you want to try the products and see the benefits that is great also! You can always upgrade to an IR (Independent Representative) later.

How to Get Started:

You can join either as a customer through the button below, or take the free business tour through the link. You can sign up as a customer or pay a one-time starter fee of $20US to become an IR (Independent Representative) below here.

So, is Valentus the Best MLM in Indonesia? We think so, they offer products people already love with amazing weight loss results and Valentus ships to the most countries we have seen. It’s easy to promote Valentus anywhere in the world.

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