Top 10 Best MLM Companies in Cambodia 2024

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Cambodia is a growing spot for MLM entrepreneurs with LiveGood as the top multi-level marketing company. Despite being a new kid on the block so to speak, LiveGood is an MLM company that has made a global statement and has already proven it is here to stay. Known for its slimming coffee and other wellness products, LiveGood has garnered quite a following in the Asian market as the region is a big fan of coffee, especially instant coffees. This is true for Cambodia specifically where the company has been met with welcoming arms and one could now argue that LiveGood is the best MLM Company for Cambodians in 2023 and 2024.

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So what are the best MLM companies to consider joining if you are Cambodian? Here is why we think this is a valid argument for the top 10 best network marketing business in Cambodia for 2023 and 2024.

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Cambodia 2024

1. LiveGood

2. Valentus

3. Avon

4. Amway

5. Herbalife

6. Mary Kay

7. Tupperware

8. Coway

9. Infinitus

10. Youngevity

There are other top MLMs to consider joining if you live in Phnom Penh or other parts of Asia such as Younique, Perfectly Posh, Pampered Chef, Total Life Changes, Vorwerk, ACN, Nu Skin, Isagenix, MonaVie, Farmasi, Juice+, DoTerra, and My Daily Choice.

The Economy of Cambodia

As an open market economy, Cambodia has seen great growth in its economy over the last decade. The country has taken an uphill turn when it comes to its economic health, with a steadily increasing income per capita. While the economy of the country is growing successfully, the overall numbers are still low when compared to other Asian markets.

With an income per capita of only about $5,000, Cambodia still sits low on the charts of Asia economies. Through the change to an open market, however, Cambodia has seen remarkable growth, with many sources arguing that the country is one of the fastest growing economies worldwide. As the country’s economy has averaged an 8% growth rate in a single decade, this could very well be true for MLM growth potential.

How Network Marketing Works

The Asian market accounts for almost half of all network marketing sales. Because network marketing makes business ownership available to anyone no matter what they have, where they are, or their experience, people all over have flocked to this opportunity and have accomplished much as a result.

In developing nations, network marketing actually works as an amazing tool for the average lower socioeconomic family to become more prosperous and able to thrive. Literally anyone can grow a highly accomplished business using network marketing in 2024.

Why is LiveGood working in Cambodia?

As a still developing economy, Cambodia has faced some negative experiences with direct sales and network marketing in the past. This is behind the country, however, as the economic climate continues to improve and the true successes of network marketing have been discovered and shared throughout the Asian region.

As the growth in network marketing in Asia has been a staggering 37%, some of that can be attributed to the growing trend in popularity in Cambodia. The Asian market loves coffee, and with LiveGood having a top product that is slimming coffee, it is a no brainer as to why LiveGood has seen great success in Cambodia already.

Getting Paid with LiveGood

LiveGood is a really incredible top MLM company option. Not only are they one of the highest paying MLM companies in the market today, but they also pay you up to 7 ways and quickly too. First and foremost, LiveGood pays 10-45% on retail commissions – one of the highest around to start with.

For the first orders placed by new MLM distributor representatives, LiveGood pays a $20-200 bonus just to get things started! From there, you can earn bonuses as you promote through the ranks of the company. As you grow your teams and build up the business, you also can get team match bonuses based on the success of your team – even the smaller leg of your team can earn you money in Sisophon and Krong Battambang!

On top of several different bonuses sprinkled in as you grow through the company, you also have the chance to earn car allowances and more great incentives. On top of all the ways that LiveGood pays you, they pay you weekly for many of these bonuses, unheard of in the MLM world, making them truly the best in the industry.

Best Sellers

LiveGood is all about serving the best to their customers. This is why the innovative company recently developed a new facility to manufacture and distribute new products, along with warehouses. LiveGood has big goals in mind – including expanding their product line to include up to 80 products and making it to a $1 billion a year in sales! Currently, there are already great products that have raked in the achievements for LiveGood for ambitious Asians.

Asia Outlook

LiveGood ships to more countries than many MLM companies that are around today. This includes many large Asian countries such as China, Russia, and India as the company has spread in popularity among this region in recent years. LiveGood ships to larger countries such as Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, but also includes smaller and developing nations like Myanmar and Indonesia.

Bringing in New People

LiveGood is always looking to grow with Cambodian distributors. The company seeks motivated people who are aiming to build their lives and success. Always wanting to seek the bigger and better for their company and clients, LiveGood wants their representatives to want the same. The goal is always to help yourself while helping others push forward towards brighter futures.

By growing a team of people with the same mindset, a representative will be able to grow their business towards a six figure a year income. This could replace a regular income or it could even be used on top of an average income – completely their choosing. That is the beauty in an opportunity such as the one that LiveGood provides.

Get Started Now Co Cash In On MLM In Cambodia

Joining LiveGood is as easy as handing over a $50 bill – because that is all it costs to join for Cambodians. A one-time fee is all it takes to unlock the answer to all your financial needs as a Cambodian home business entrepreneur. While it takes a little business building and strategy to get to earn those six figures each year, joining the team is the first step.

As a member affiliate of LiveGood, you will then have to consider how you want to get started with your multi-level marketing and direct selling business. Some may opt to focus on buying one product at a time and upgrading as they can to build their rank through the company. This is easier if you have a more limited budget and gives you what you can handle as you learn the business.

If you are able to, you can alternatively opt to buy in at a higher rank as an MLM distributor in Cambodia for 2023 or 2024. The way you do this is by purchasing larger packages that reach a certain sales volume, automatically advancing you up the ranks. For example, buying the Total Wellness Pack will put you into the live good health and wealth mode without having to slowly make your way up. There are many options to do this, so look at them carefully to see which will work best for your MLM business budget going into 2024.

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