Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Portugal For 2023

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Entrepreneurs in Portugal have the powerful potential to earn extra profits with multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses. Network marketing for motivated Portuguese people offers a proven business model to generate multiple revenue streams, including passive income.

The Top New MLM Company Changing Lives Daily

But which MLM company should you join for the highest chance of success as a Portuguese professional? Here are our favorite MLM companies in Portugal for direct selling and affiliate marketing success in 2023 and 2024.

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Portugal For 2023

1. LiveGood

2. Touchstone Essentials

3. Valentus

4. My Daily Choice

5. Amway

6. Herbalife

7. Avon

8. Mary Kay

9. Usana

10. Market America

There are many other top MLMs to look into joining in Portugal such as Tupperware, Primerica, Legal Shield, Monat, Sisel, Natura, Organo Gold, Isagenix, Perfectly Posh, Pampered Chef, Younique, Arbonne, and BeachBody.

Top MLM Profits With MLM

A decade ago, Touchstone Essentials was founded to accomplish the goals of making clean and sustainable health supplements. The company also has the goal of making organic and pure supplements available and affordable to everyone. By cutting out a middleman, the company has achieved these affordable products that they plan to continue to make available in 2023.

MLM Mission

With the mission to make health supplements healthier, Touchstone Essentials aimed to purify what goes into the nutritional supplements they provided. Knowing that Portuguese families deserved better than standard supplements full of the toxins we all aim to avoid, Touchstone Essentials set out to do better. They believe if we fuel our bodies better then we will do better to reach our potentials and profits in Portugal.

Touchstone Essentials believes in pure and high quality ingredients, naturally sourced to fuel your potential. Providing organic supplements full of ingredients derived from super foods, Touchstone Essentials fuels you to do your best in every aspect of life. With natural ingredients delivered straight to your door, you are ready to take on each and every task you face.

Leading MLM

Products and formulas offered by Touchstone Essentials are completely backed by a group of experts in the leading science on the ingredients and sources of the nutrients. From Internal Medicine to Holistic Care to dentistry, these experts cover all aspects of healthcare that can be impacted by the products offered by Touchstone Essentials.

Along with these experts are knowledgeable individuals with solid principles deeply rooted in natural alternatives to medicines and in overall fitness and wellness subjects. The common denominator among all these people who back Touchstone Essentials is the mission to better help people take care of their bodies in an organic, natural way.

MLM Profitable Products

Touchstone Essentials offers a wide variety of products, many of them among leading CBD oil treatments. Healing oils and balms are some of the best sellers by the company, but there are a number of others offered with great and wonderful benefits. Touchstone Essentials also offers protein mixes and detox programs to help in your overall health, no matter what phase of life you may be in your wellness journey. They offer higher strength CBD Oil that other companies in Porto and Coimbra cannot touch, the highest being 3000 MG.

Touchstone Essentials products aim to remove those toxins you face every day in your life. By doing this, it will defend your body against the ailments that they can create and feed. Touchstone Essentials products in turn will help your body to reach further, climb higher, and excel at all that you do in Evora or Braga.

The MLM Opportunity

By becoming a Visionary Business Owner (VBO) with Touchstone Essentials, you can love the product and share it with others that you think will love it too. In turn, you will be rewarded for sharing and be able to earn as you grow your business in Lisbon and Funchal.

As a VBO in this established multi-level marketing company, you can earn revenue 9 different ways. First and foremost, you will earn on your Retail Bonuses – meaning that you will earn the commission from retail sales you make. You can either buy wholesale and sell at retail cost for the profits, or you can be sent the bonuses if you make the order to be shipped directly. You can also earn with the Referral Bonus. This is where you bring more people onto your team to join as VBOs themselves. You can earn this bonus at 3 different levels.

Once you have 10 VBOs on your team, you become eligible for the Advanced Referral Bonus where you are able to earn three times the bonus of the enrollments. You also get the Rank Advancement Bonus as you reach new levels in the company and the Team Builder Bonus as you grow your network marketer downline team. When you have advanced to the Star Level, you are eligible to earn the Star Bonus when you maintain your status. With the Start Bonus Program, you can earn faster than before.

With the Residual Bonus, you earn on your retail sales for 10 levels. You also can then earn the Royalty and Infinity Bonuses. With the Royalty Bonus, you are able to earn up to 20% on your personal volumes and can earn a five level payout without limitation on how much you earn. With the Infinity Bonus, you can earn an additional 1-2% on your team from the level of Ambassador.

Moving Forward Making Money In MLM

Touchstone Essentials is truly making great waves in the direct sales and network marketing areas. The stalwart MLM company has a solid foundation with an amazing panel of experts backing the products offered. The company also has an outstanding compensation plan that is sure to continue to grow the company. The amount of success that Touchstone Essentials is due to earn is remarkable. There is nothing but promise for an outstanding future with this leading multilevel marketing company. 

Here Is Our #1 MLM Company Choice.

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