Is SeneGence the Best Network Marketing Company?

SeneGence is more than a ‘lipstick’ company. Offering empowerment right there along with that lipstick, SeneGence is a network marketing powerhouse that is changing the beauty industry. With lipstick only a small piece of what the company is all about, SeneGence reaches to new depths to provide the best possible ingredients and products for women to grow their business with.

The SeneGence Mission

SeneGence was built to empower women with a unique business opportunity while maintaining environmentally friendly support and ingredient sourcing. SeneGence aimed to change the cosmetic and skincare industry by using all natural ingredients that improved the quality of the products.

Combining Senescence, Intelligence, and Synergy, SeneGence was born with the goals to provide long lasting and anti-aging products that truly work! With the goal in mind to inspire woman to live life in love and abundance, SeneGence hopes their innovative products will appeal to the masses and change lives for the better.

SeneGence Leadership

When faced with making her dream come true, newly single mother Joni Rogers-Kante founded SeneGence in 1999. Rogers-Kante wanted to empower women with the business opportunity to build their own cosmetics business and earn a reputable income on their own. With high quality products being highly important to the essence of the company, SeneGence leader Joni wanted to hold true to the empowerment of the business. She wanted to have quality ingredients that didn’t destroy nature or the communities around us.

Joni herself worked with scientists and developers on the ingredients and products used in the cosmetics produced for SeneGence. She even traveled to far reaches of the earth to do so. Knowing that most cosmetics use the same ingredients time and time again, Joni knew that her brand had to stand out to make a difference.

Products by SeneGence

With ingredients sourced naturally from all over the world, SeneGence is more than just lipstick. From anti-aging products to full cosmetic lines to fragrances and haircare, the company has many product lines for anyone’s specific needs and use. The formulas created for all of these ensure to be all natural, animal cruelty free, and completely made in the US.

With removal of toxins and the use of almost exclusively non-GMO ingredients, the quality of SeneGence products promises to be among the absolute best available. Products are not tested to ensure quality assurance and results. SeneGence also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

SeneGence Compensation Plan

With SeneGence, the earning potential is amazing for network marketing. The opportunity to share empowerment with others truly does pay off with this company. The compensation plan by SeneGence has multiple facets in which you are able to earn a sizable income to fit your lifestyle and your future.

As an Independent Distributor, you are able to earn through Sales Income and through Commission Income. The way that you earn through Sales Income is where you make a sale when you host a demonstration and then through the reorders from those sales. You are making a wholesale purchase for your demonstration products where you then sale stock product to individuals at the retail price. You then pocket the profits. The more you sale, the more you earn and grow.

Commission Income is accrued as you build your downline. These are based on your Group Sales Volume. The earnings of your downline in turn earn you more bonuses. As your team gets larger, you can earn up to five levels deep in commission sales. You are also able to earn on an overall team total sales volume.

The Future of SeneGence

SeneGence already has a large and great following all over the world. With quality ingredients and the foundation of empowerment at its base, the company will only continue to grow in popularity and success. Already seen in magazines far and wide, this beauty company shows no signs of slowing down and continues to adapt and develop products loved by thousands. With the network marketing approach, the company will soar to everlasting heights and continue to break the mold in the beauty industry.  

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