Is Quick Silver Wealth Accelerated a Scam or Legit?

Is Quick Silver Wealth Accelerated Direct Selling Business a Scam or Legit?

Quick Silver is the creation of Chrissie and Keith Messier out of Sarasota, Florida. Quick Silver was founded May 1st, 2019. Quick Silver is a MLM or Direct Sales company that mainly offers physical silver bullion to its members. 

You can sign up as a customer or as a wealth ambassador for $9.97. The auto wealth program allows you to receive 1 to 10 1 ounce silver coins per month. The challenge kit that you can also buy is a silver holding case that if you fill with 16 coins in 90 days, Quick Silver will double your bonus pay and give to the feed my starving children charity.

The founders have extensive experience with Direct Selling and Chrissie has a business degree. Together, Chrissie and Keith seem to be the real deal as far as implementing sound business practices to carry their company past the 3 year mark and beyond.

Quick Silver is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, the U.K. and parts of the EU, including Sweden, Switzerland, and Ireland.

From a YouTube video on Quicksilver found online we got the following important message from MLM scam and fraud expert Mike Schiemer:

Welcome to quick silver. Are you ready to be given the four keys that unlock the secrets to the wealthy life. Of course you are. We are a precious metals company that provides people with a four keys to the wealthy life through our proprietary wealth platform that enables people just like you to automatically gain wealth and an accelerated way how by combining beautiful pure silver bullion assets from around the world, with a very progressive income generating system designed in a way, never done before, with a focus on helping anyone accumulate wealth and capitalize quickly. 

We are currently expanding globally and have positions available for those who recognize what it means to have a first mover advantage and a new program that is growing phenomenally and, in turn, creating extreme excitement about the program’s design. That is a clear indicator that Quicksilver will have widespread exponential growth as we move into the future. And best of all, you can ride the wave with us. 

Now, before we continue, we want you to be relaxed, and knowing that you can participate as a preferred customer with no membership fees or, as we’ll discuss in the 14, you can stick your a lucrative Ambassador position for just $9 and 97 cents today to leverage our wealth platform. So, listen close. 

The first key to the wealthy life is wealth building precious metal assets. That’s right. Something as simple as pure silver is the foundation to gaining and maintaining wealth, world famous author and financial expert Robert Kiyosaki once stated, silver, is the biggest opportunity I’ve ever seen. Now that is a clear indicator of what the future of silver holds. The second key is automatic wealth building. When you make something happen automatically, you’ll succeed, through our auto wealth delivery program, you will automatically acquire wealth building assets, each month, and a quantity tailor to fit your budget. 

There are no membership fees and no long term commitments to access our very competitive pricing, you can begin with a little s one one ounce silver coin monthly or better yet, take our 90 Day Challenge, and receive our premium challenge packets, with your choice of how many coins you receive with it, and each month thereafter. It’s a six pound starter kit full of awesome. What is the challenge and how do you accomplish it simply? Just acquire 16 one ounce coins from us within 90 days. That’s it. 

Now, the third key is making the world a better place to feel like you actually make a real difference. That’s why we formed the project asked for. We joined forces with a nonprofit called Feed My Starving Children, to provide meals to starving children and families with every purchase. This will make you with automatic lights sustainer when you join us. 

Okay, you’re probably thinking that all sounds great. But how can a low cost Ambassador position produce lucrative profits for me. Well, that leads us to the fourth thing. You need to have a simple income generating system that creates a leveraged residual income for you automatically. 

We have that for you here at Quicksilver. We created a proprietary wealth building an income producing platform that automatically leverages exponential growth. Incidentally for you accelerating your wealth with our wealth platform is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. We’re not like other companies who make you jump through countless hoops before they’ll even pay you a dime. 

We have extremely easy achievement levels that put you in 100% control of your income. This means you can get paid fast, just how easy it is you activate your wealth platform for less than $10, and choose either a challenge package starter kit option, or as little as one to 10 ounces of silver for your monthly auto wealth delivery, then refer to people who do the same. That’s it. 

This is how it all begins, you’ll automatically be developing lucrative residual income, while earning upfront customer acquisition and challenge bonuses. Better yet, for a limited time, you can lock in earning double challenge bonuses for life by simply buying or selling a challenge pack to a preferred customer within your first 30 days. That’s right. You’ll earn double challenge bonuses for life. 

Again, all while developing lucrative residual income automatically from the purchase of every product in your organization through infinity as your team grows exponentially, you can earn up to $10,000 monthly and residual income alone per Business Center. That’s not all, because our platform is based on a binary structure, you can have others automatically spill over into the infinite depth of your team for you to benefit from financially. Now that’s automatically leveraged residual income infinitely. 

Think about it, because the cost is so low, and the plan is so simple. Anyone can find at least two people who would like to join in the journey to a wealthier life and get silver bullion at highly competitive prices. 

So let’s recap to put this all into perspective, Quicksilver is a brand new company with a brand new concept that has never been done before. This means you have a first mover advantage. This means you can get in at the beginning. This means you will be poised to capitalize, which all means, you could be on top of a lot of spillover business in a relatively short period of time. 

You pay less than $10 a month for your wealth platform. That is crazy crazier yet this low cost program could be positioning you right on top of $10,000 residually, each month. what are you waiting for, take action before this window of opportunity closes forever.

So is Quick Silver Legit or a Scam?

I have been a wealth ambassador with Quick Silver for a couple weeks and everything looks tight. I have already recruited 4 ambassadors and 2 customers. I can request payment from Paypal at any time. I truly feel that these guys know what they are doing.

However, I am not a fan of binary MLM companies because people get left out on inactive legs. I also am not fond of the one page website of quicksilver, and they are still not known in the industry of silver squeezes.

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