Is Optavia the Best Network Marketing Company?

As a network marketing company, Optavia is breaking the mold on wellness direct sales companies. Instead of pushing product and quick fixes, Optavia has optimized a program set on developing healthy habits to help people achieve sustainable weight loss. Recognizing that one of the biggest problems is keeping the weight off, Optavia even has a follow up plan in place to help people continue their healthy living.

The Optavia Mission

At Optavia, the mission is to help people begin their journey to Lifelong Transformation with One Healthy Habit at a Time. This motto, along with a strong community of people supporting clients along the way, it’s no surprise at the plethora of success people have achieved on the Optavia program as well as the success the company has been able to reach! This community is available all the time and once you’ve reached your success, you can then be an inspiration to others just starting out.

One Step at a Time

As a Coach with Optavia, you are an integral piece of the puzzle. Optavia Coaches help others to realize the potential to be unlocked with this mission and plan. A Coach will help clients through every step of the journey, for every phase there is to go through. This is one of the important things that sets Optavia apart from other wellness companies.

Optavia takes this approach because they know that there is no quick fix that will work for a healthier life. Instead, Optavia helps you to make the necessary changes from day to day to help form healthier habits and to set realistic goals that are more possible to achieve in smaller increments. With the healthier habits and frugal fitness, you can then replace unhealthy habits to truly transform your life.

Optavia Products

Optavia offers weight loss programs and products that are scientifically designed to help you to get to your optimal weight. There are a couple of these programs, specifically designed to help lose and then maintain weight lost. Offering follow up products designed to sustain a healthy lifestyle, Optavia has accomplished what many fail to do – they help people success in their wellness journey then help them to keep it up for life.

Optavia also recognizes that weight management and overall good health is a multifaceted aspect to life. They provide supplements that can help you to maintain proper and purposeful hydration to help you make it through the day and to help you focus on your daily goals.  

Optavia Compensation Plan

With an Integrated Compensation Plan, Coaches can help to transform lives while changing their own with financial wellness. There are three main ways to earn with Optavia. You can earn with client support income, with team building income, and then with leadership development income. Within these categories there are various ways to earn for the hard work you put in, including bonuses for various achievements along the way.

At the Client Acquisition and Support level, you are compensated based on your sales to your sponsored clients. With commissions, you are able to earn 15% on the personal volume for client orders.  You have the opportunity to become a Certified Coach with Optavia, meaning that you qualify for the Certification Bonus which is paid on a monthly basis and at 3% more of the personal volume. There is then a tiered Client Support Bonus which allows for more earning as there are more and more orders generated.

There is then the Coach Consistency Bonus which allows you to generate more income when you have a consistent Frontline Volume month to month. Lastly, you have the Client Acquisition Bonus which rewards Coaches for building their client base and expanding the company.

With Coach Sponsoring and Team Building, you build your team of coaches and help them to build their teams to gain more clients. With their Client Acquisition Bonus, you will be matched an Assist Bonus. The more coaches you assist, the more you will earn! With Team Growth Bonuses, you can earn on your downline of Coaches and Teams. This works on a ranked system where you earn more and you move up.

At the Leadership level, you begin to qualify for Executive Director Generation Bonuses. With these, you are rewarded for becoming a Regional Director or higher in the organization. When you grow your teams, you should keep them separate so that you can build on your rankings with several Executive Director Teams under you. You also qualify for the Elite Leadership Bonus where you earn based on an override on the entire downline earnings.

Where will Optavia Go

With a promising compensation plan and a program that sticks with people as they move through their wellness goals, Optavia breaks the mold when it comes to weight loss and management direct sales companies. There is a great deal of promise looking forward for this network marketing company. Optavia is sure to continue on their path of success and to grow and build in that success. 

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