Is Network Marketing Worth Leaving Your Job?

Not many people realize, that network marketing is a true profession. It’s over a $300 Billion a year industry with over 100 million distributors worldwide. Many leaders make staggering incomes in their business, over $100k a month. So, Is network marketing worth leaving your job?

In 2014, I discovered network marketing. I had been doing some affiliate marketing and other stuff online since 2011, but I knew MLM was a game changer. I saw the leaders in network marketing make over $100k a month, and I knew many had barely graduated high school. I wanted what they had.

I was a line cook by trade and barely made $1200 a month. My best month ever was $4200 and I basically worked every day from morning until late at night, chopping onions and flipping burgers.

I was approaching 40 and my body didn’t think the restaurant industry was fun anymore.

Here’s 5 Indicators You Should quit your job for Network Marketing:

One – Your Job is Just a Job

This is pretty self-explanatory – you go to a job to get a paycheck and when your off work you don’t think about your job. I get it. This was my situation. I was always daydreaming at work how I could eventually escape! You should learn everything you can about the profession because it will shorten your time in getting income from network marketing.

Two – Love Your Job but No Time

Professionals run into this problem. They are doctors, lawyers, and other career professionals who are devoted to helping people and changing lives, but they have no time with family or friends.

There’s a lot of very successful professionals in network marketing. They became very successful because they put their work ethic into MLM. Most professionals have an insane work ethic and understand that network marketing is like any other profession – with a learning curve and needs patience and tenacity like anything else they do.

On the other hand, some professionals don’t understand where the income comes from and can become upset with their small commission checks. In short, the big money comes from the organization you build, not from sales only you do. When professionals understand the concept of building and motivating a team they can go really far and make 10 times more than their salary.

Three – Match Income First

Many people make the mistake, like I did, of leaving their job too soon. I’ve actually had to go back four times to a job because my income fluctuated. MLM can pay very well with just a few people on your team building their own teams, but life happens and people drop out, which can significantly cut your income in half some months. I would match your income or exceed your income from your job or career for at least 6 months before turning in your notice or retiring.

Four – Check Company’s Track record

Most MLM businesses fail in 3 years. You definitely want to wait for the company to mature and get past the new company “ground floor” spike that happens the first two to three years. You also want to look into the leadership – has the CEO done network marketing themselves and do they have your best interest? If leadership doesn’t have any MLM experience themselves, but they thought they would push their product with this business model, run the other way.

Five – Are the Products Evergreen?

Remember Bitcoin? I watched several crypto MLM companies come and go and get shut down within a matter of months. Make sure the MLM you’re with has “evergreen products” like soap and shakes and stuff. If it is too new or too technological, it might just pass by as a fade, like Bitcoin.

Conclusion for Is network marketing worth leaving your job

Network marketing is a very powerful business model which has allowed me to work from home full-time for over two years. I’m able to eat out more and go on trips with my wife, when just 5 years ago we were both working crappy jobs.

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Erik Johnson