Is iBuumerang The Best Network Marketing Business?

More and more network marketing companies are popping onto the radar of what’s hot and what’s going to last. As this business strategy grows in popularity and success, the number of successful companies following this plan will grow as well. One such company is iBuumerang, a travel rewards type of company aimed to save customers on travel costs, but benefit members in rewarding them for finding the customers.

As a newer MLM and network marketing company, iBuumerang holds a unique approach to the market. Without a physical product to stock, or a true retail experience, iBuumerang may appeal to a different audience and give them the opportunity to earn residual income and improve their way of life without feeling like they are really selling anything. Learn more about this unique company now!

iBuumerang Leadership

iBuumerang was founded by Holton Buggs who has over 28 years of experience in network marketing and direct sales. Early on, Buggs didn’t see the rapid growth and success so often seen with network marketing. In fact, he never made more than $500 a month or grew his company beyond 50 people. This goes to show that hard work and perseverance can grow into success.

Alongside Buggs is Mr. David Manning, who owns and operates two very successful travel companies. Manning is an accomplished member of the travel world and has seen great multibillion dollar success in the industry. Terrance Gray is also on the iBuumerang roster. ‘T.Gray’ brings over 25 years of experience in internet corporations to the table.

Mark Kitchart adds to the leadership another 25 years of experience in growing company revenue across several markets. As VP of Marketing, Kitchart has seen great marketing success in many well-known companies and has used a number of platforms to do so. Lori Speers, Director of Travel Services, brings both travel professionalism as well as leadership experience to iBuumerang. Speers has been behind a remarkable 400% growth in membership and a tremendous boost in sales.

Pete Hirsch heads the giving back program, the Buum Foundation. He brings to this over 3 decades of experience in many walks of life including as an attorney and pastor. As a developer of leadership and mentoring programs across the world, Hirsch also is a sought after inspirational speaker and author.

iBuumerang Services

With iBuumerang, members of the company sign up to reap the benefits of savings. A member can send anyone a link for a free website set up through the membership. Once someone books travel through this website, which offers great savings rates, the member then gets paid a portion of the savings amount.

There is no limit on how much a member can make through iBuumerang. With iBuumerang, you put out this savings opportunity to others and you in turn get a savings bonus in cash. You get paid by your customers saving money. This is unique in that you are helping the customer spend less, yet you are still earning more!

Xstream Travel

As a support entity, Xstream Travel provides iBuumerang customers with travel resources and services. As an award winning entity, Xstream Travel helps the customer to  design their travel experience. With this resource, iBuumerang customers will be more likely to book through the website and save money! This earns you money!!

iBuumerang Compensation

Ultimately, a member of iBuumerang – called Travel Savings Ambassadors (TSAs) – can share 50% of savings with anyone by sending the website to them. Once they book a trip or some sort of travel through the website, the customer saves 50% of the total savings. You in turn are paid that remaining portion of the savings.

For example, if you have a total savings of $1000 available, your customer saves $500 and you are paid $500. If you have just four customers do this, you already made $2000! You truly don’t have to ‘sell’ anything, you aren’t responsible for recruiting anyone, and you don’t have to worry about that constant ‘no’ from people when you approach them.

If you do want to try building a team of TSA’s, you can! By doing this, you increase your earnings and the pool of people booking through your free website. As someone over a team, you receive a 10% override of their earnings and further supplement your income. How much you earn is dependent on just how much you try to help people save.

iBuumerang is a growing company that takes a pretty unique approach to direct sales and network marketing. This just goes to show that you don’t have to have a physical personal product to sell for direct sales and network marketing to be successful. There are options out there for anyone to be successful in this business strategy on matter your walk of life or interests. 

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