Is Elepreneurs the Next Best Network Marketing Business?

Network marketing is not a new business strategy, but has become incredibly popular in recent years as the world has turned more and more technology and social media based. It seems like more and more companies using this strategy are popping up left and right.

This is great as it continues to grow the excitement about network marketing, allowing companies working on that plan to thrive. Some companies do better than others, and it really all depends on the set up for the company, the reliability of products and repeat sales, as well as the plans for growth. These points combined can make or break a company.

One of these up and coming companies is Elepreneurs. This company is growing quickly and shows great promise for continued success between its mission and vision for the future.

Elepreneurs Leadership

Elepreneurs was founded by Robert Oblon, who has 22 years of experience in online travel. With the plan to help others elevate themselves, Oblon used his experience in business modeling to develop Elepreneurs. The approach he settled on was the Super Affiliate Marketing, bringing the world of direct sales and network marketing to a whole new level.

Elepreneurs Mission

Elepreneurs works to help those who want to make their primary career business based become better entrepreneurs. The company hosts seminars and workshops as well as classes and even bootcamps to help train others to be the best business men and women they can be. With experience on their side, Elepreneurs provides their members with the skills and knowledge necessary to build a successful business that stands above the rest.

Elepreneurs Products

Elepreneurs offers membership with access to the Elevacity product line which includes vitamins, herbs, and supplements to help leave a healthier and happier lifestyle. From energy, to sleep aids, to skincare and more, this product like aims to elevate your health, happiness, and wealth!

Compensation Plan

As with most direct sales companies, Elepreneurs offers a commission rate based on retail sales to others, but the primary earnings place is in the affiliate recruitment. There are multiple affiliate ranks within Elepreneurs’ compensation plan. This ranking system is based on the group sales volume for an entire downline.

There is also a 22% check match program for each new affiliate that someone recruits. With each new affiliate, the check match increases by 22% through 5 new affiliates. This percentage is paid based on the two affiliates with the highest earnings, maximizing the check match bonus potential!

Additionally, there is an Infinity Bonus that is unlocked once an Elepreneur has recruited three new affiliates. This is a 20% match on sales volume for the two affiliates with the highest earnings. This bonus is extended through the multiple levels of a downline and can work through an infinite line of levels!

With the Lifestyle Bonus, Elepreneurs at the Gold and higher rank are rewarded based on their personal sales volume. Anyone at Platinum rank or higher must make an additional 80 PV monthly to receive the bonus. This bonus increases up the ranking system, rewarding higher ranks based on their hard work!

Top earners and affiliates then can also receive the Global Bonus Pool, where 4% of the company earnings is placed into the pool to be split among the top ranks of affiliates, allowing those to make even more.

Where Will They Go Next?

Elepreneurs is sure to continue to grow and succeed. Their multifaceted compensation plan provides great opportunity that is attractive to new entrepreneurs. With the basis in strong training and skills planted into each new Elepreneur, the success is almost guaranteed.

Offering products that are appealing to the public and sure to gain popularity as time continues, the Elevate line by Elepreneurs is sure to grow and expand with demand. With this relatively new opportunity to earn either part-time or full-time income through direct sales, Elepreneurs will help those interested in growing their own successful businesses while leading healthier lives and helping others to do the same.

There is currently an opportunity for affiliates to opt into a Sharing Services of the stock associated with Elepreneurs. While this is a smaller portion of the compensation plan, it’s sure to garner more interest as the products and company grow in popularity. With this will come greater success and greater positive turnover in revenue.

As with many network marketing companies, Elepreneurs has shown quick and great promise towards success. As long as the company sticks to their mission and the true network marketing strategy, Elepreneurs is sure to be one of the top MLM companies for years to come. 

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