Is doTerra the Best Network Marketing Company?

Network marketing is no new strategy to business, but it is becoming more prevalent and popular among direct sales companies thanks to social media. How, then, can a company stand out among the rest? If there are so many companies offering similar products through similar means, what does a company have to do to be successful? They have to offer something unique about their products, as well as have a company plan and compensation opportunity that is not rivaled in the industry.

doTerra is a company that does just that. As a company that is set to promote wellness, healing, and hope, doTerra wishes to change people’s lives and help them succeed along the way. Through a therapeutic outlook, doTerra wants to improve the world.

What is doTerra and what is their Mission?

doTerra is a company that was founded in 2008 that strives to make the world a better, healthier place. With a mission to share what therapeutic essential oils can provide, doTerra sets to make that mission a reality. Backed by business and healthcare professionals, doTerra was founded to embrace its name – ‘Gift of the Earth’.

As a direct sales company, doTerra allows distributors to work with customers to allow for the experience of one on one consultation. This can allow the two to work together to find what works best for the individual, while building a relationship of knowledge and trust. This strategy also can allow distributors that additional opportunity of running their own business and gives them a chance to help someone else get started and on their way to financial freedom.

doTerra Leadership

doTerra was founded by a set of health and business professionals who saw the potential that there was in how therapeutic essential oils can change one’s life.

CEO and chairman David Stirling has quite the knack for helping businesses succeed, so it’s no surprise that he has helped to grow doTerra from a startup to the largest essential oil company in the world. Stirling thrives on growing businesses but most importantly on growing individuals. Stirling is quite the hands on CEO as he not only oversees international development, but also the IT and technology aspects of the company as well.

CFO Corey Lindley has been in the direct sales world for many decades, now, and brings that experience to doTerra. As an experienced problem solver and businessman, Lindley has been developing teams of individuals that lead companies to success, with doTerra being no exception.

Emily Wright, another founding member of doTerra, has over 20 years of experience in essential oils. She is able to see the potential in a product and follow it through to fruition. Her passion is in making sure that doTerra can find the purest and more powerful essential oils to bring to their consumers.

Chairman of Scientific Operations, Dr. David Hill has used essential oils in his practice as a physician for years! He is a well-known expert in this field and was a founding executive of doTerra. Dr. Hill has helped to establish the protocols of integrating essential oils into medical treatment.

Greg Cook is in charge of the ever-changing new developments in the marketing of health and wellness products of doTerra. Cook has been essential in the growth and success of doTerra, as he has contacts to help the company and continues to make and maintain relationships that build the company.

Rob Young is a founding executive that has made the international leap. He works diligently to oversee the Asian and Australian markets for doTerra. With over 25 years of experience, Young brings a diverse knowledge of direct sales marketing to the table and has been a key part of doTerra’s international success.

Mark Wolfert is the general counsel for doTerra, helping the company to work through the complex legal side of the business, to include the international aspect of a direct sales company. Wolfert also directs the doTerra Healing Hands Foundation, a charitable organization aiming to help relieve the world of disease and poverty.

doTerra Products

doTerra markets pure and potent essential oils, which are oils that contain natural healing compounds that can be used to enrich your life. These oils are naturally sourced from plants all over the world. Essential oils play an important role in the daily lives of plants, and can impact the daily life of you as well.

As volatile aromatic compounds, essential oils are diffused quickly through the air, allowing you to breathe them in and benefit from them. There have been over 3,000 compounds found, so variation in combinations and sources can change the scent and beneficial properties they provide. The ratio of compounds in any given essential oil are what makes each one unique and able to treat a different aspect of your life.

Essential oils are not a new thing. While they are growing in popularity, they have been around and used for thousands of years. We’ve just developed better ways of concentrating the compounds and using them for more and more.

doTerra Compensation Plan

doTerra works on a couple of different levels. For those that don’t want to sell but would like to benefit from ordering often, you can opt to become a wholesale customer. If you want to make residual income and promote healing and health, you can become a wellness advocate.

As a wellness advocate, you receive a 25% discount on doTerra products! You also get a free item just for signing up, and you become a part of the Loyalty Rewards Program. In the Loyalty program, you get a free product of the month, reward points for purchases that can be redeemed later, and double the points for shipping costs!

Also as a wellness advocate, you then are able to promote and sell doTerra products. You get a website and access to business tools, but you also get compensated for the work you do. Within your first 60 days as a wellness advocate, you earn on new enrollee volume. After this time period, you earn monthly and receive commission for all retail sales. You earn at a team level and as you build your business you are able to increase what you earn through the leadership ranks.

Where is doTerra Going?

doTerra stands out in the essential oil market as they were founded on the goodness and wholesome values of truly enriching people’s lives. With the goal to bring essential oils into every home in the world, they are well on the way of touching the lives of millions and will continue to see great success. As doTerra continues to grow and succeed, they will continue to enrich lives all over the globe.

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