Is Colorstreet the Best Network Marketing Company?

Colorstreet is a beauty company unlike many others in the network marketing world. With early success due to an innovative product, the company transitioned to take on the direct sales and network marketing approach, setting them apart from the crowd. Not only do they stand out in product, as there are fewer companies like them in this world, but Colorstreet also holds true to their goals and mission, making them a truly unique and genuine company that promises success.

Mission of Colorstreet

Colorstreet aims to be a brand without limited beauty potential. Hoping to empower everyone’s individual spirit and what makes them unique, Colorstreet wants to celebrate and inspire people to build a beautiful business. Colorstreet believes in allowing people to grab onto their life and make it what they wish for. With this company, people can do just that.

Colorstreet sees no limits for success. They believe no dream is too big and that entrepreneurs with the brand can sparkle and shine as they reach greatness. The goal of the company is to encourage these people to do their absolute best and reach their highest potential to achieve each and every one of their goals.

Colorstreet Story

In 1982, Colorstreet was born. Founder and CEO Fa Park was stuck on a New York City bus among rush hour traffic when he noticed a nearby cab where a woman was trying to paint her nails. Fa Park thought that this had to be difficult and that there was surely an easier way for women to do this.

Later that day, Park purchased nail polish and begin to test his thoughts of making something much easier for women to use to polish their nails. By testing the nail polish on various paper types, Fa Park finally developed a method which created a dry top layer and a damp bottom layer so that women could adhere the strip of polish to their nails.

Thus the nail polish strip was born, revolutionizing the nail art industry for decades to come. Park saw great success with this product over the years and knew he would need to develop a party plan system to get the product the most buzz and even greater success. With nail polish strips in a direct sales light, the company took off.

Products of Colorstreet

Colorstreet offers 100% American made nail polish color strips and associated products. With nail art designs also offered, Colorstreet provides endless possibilities to manicure designs far and wide. Promising to last a minimum of 10 days, these easy and quick color change makes nail design simple for people all over the world!

Ensuring a salon quality look, Colorstreet products are completely made from nail polish – there is no sticker effect with this brand. Containing all the coats you’d get in a salon, the nail strips are flexible to fit any nail shape and size and ensure no smudges within minutes.

Get Paid with Colorstreet

Thanks to a simple and easy to use product, anyone and everyone can become an Independent Stylist with Colorstreet. With easy demonstrations of application, and a great and diverse product line, Colorstreet is an incredible company to represent. The company also offers a variety of ways to be paid.

Colorstreet offers various Phases to the compensation plan they have in place. With the Marketing Phase, Stylists are paid for personal sales and are rewarded for helping others join as well. This phase includes Jump Start Bonuses, Base Retail Commission, and Enhanced Retail Commission. Jump Starts vary based on your goals and achievements. Base Commission is paid weekly and is 25% of your volume earnings, while Enhanced Commission is paid monthly and is dependent on total sales.

The Leadership Phase with Colorstreet includes Enroller Match Bonuses, Enroller Bonuses, Leadership Level Bonuses, and Leadership Depth Bonuses. The Enroller Match Bonus matches the Jump Start Bonus for those Stylists that you enroll. You then also earn the Enroller Bonus when you enroll Stylists. As you grow your business, you earn more.

Colorstreet’s Executive Phase includes Team Bonuses, Generation Bonuses, and Car/Lifestyle Bonuses. In this phase you are rewarded for mentoring leaders that are breaking into those levels with the company. You get rewarded for the work you put in and the growth your business sees.

Where Colorstreet goes from here

Colorstreet continues to grow and gain more and more popularity as time goes on. There has been great success in the years since Fa Park saw a woman struggling to paint her nails in a cab. With this success, he founded the Colorstreet Foundation where the company gives back to communities in need. Giving to many charities and organizations, the Foundation has touched the lives of countless individuals.

As a successful and growing company, Colorstreet is sure to continue down the path of success. With this, the company aims to continue to help others and to give back so that people can benefit far and wide from the success and generosity of the company. 

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