Is BioReigns the Best Network Marketing Company?

Network marketing has truly taken the business world of direct sales by storm. With nearly any industry utilizing this approach to business, a company has to dig deep to offer something unique to succeed in a highly competitive world.

BioReigns is one such company that offers a new and unique approach to the network marketing world. In the CBD world, companies must compete to offer the biggest and best as there is a ton of competition. BioReigns looks to be the company to give everyone else a run for their money. Here’s how they could very well be set up to be the best network marketing company around.

The BioReigns Difference

With most CBD products, there is an oil based component that is marketed and sold for the medicinal and healing properties it can offer. BioReigns has developed a water soluble CBD product, unlike any other. Such a unique approach to this industry is going to rock the world of CBD. Backed by science, BioReigns products promise to be of the highest standards.

A water soluble product completely flips this industry on its head, as no other company offers this sort of product. This has been created with innovative, cutting edge technology used by the pharmaceutical industry to create products that are better for consumers in so many ways. More potent and more easily absorbed, these products will truly make all the difference in the world.

Products of BioReigns

First, all BioReigns products are 100% THC free. The CBD Complex offered in each and every product is promised to be of high quality and purification. BioReigns offers a multitude of products including sleep aids, pain relief, and skin care. Aimed to treat all sorts of ailments, the products are designed with you in mind.

BioReigns offers products infused with CBD to assist in your daily life. From wellness to relaxation, BioReigns has a product for you. The company even offers pet tincture to help with the ailments your pets may face. There is truly something for anyone with BioReigns products that are backed by science and technology to best help you!

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Get Paid with the BioReigns Compensation Plan

With BioReigns, you are eligible to be paid up to 85% of the commissionable volume of your sales. That’s an unprecedented payout rate that is sure to bring in distributors wishing to see success! With a diverse marketable approach through a variety in product, BioReigns distributors should have no problem generating sales and therefore income through commission.

With multiple levels of business startup, BioReigns offers the opportunity to anyone from any walk or stage of life. Also allowing a variety in the packages available to distributors, BioReigns provides the chance to meet your needs as a consumer and distributor so that you can share what you love with others and make money doing it!

With the Jump Start compensation plan formulated by BioReigns, the company allows you to earn binary commissions, which can grow and build over time. This can accumulate into paying you out up to 10 levels deep. This grows your income and success rapidly and allows you to earn quickly as the payouts are made on a weekly basis. Not only does your commissionable volume earn you money, but it works towards the binary, growing your funds.

Binary commissions are what you need for a sustainably successful business. Over time, you will build your long term income this way. You earn up to 20% on your lesser leg of your business through this model, and you are paid out monthly. The beauty in this plan is that your earnable volume from your larger leg is allowed to roll over to the next month to build from!

On top of this already great plan, BioReigns will also offers a Check Matching Bonus that will help you to build your binary commissions – again, up to 10 levels deep! The more your downline grows, the larger your percentage earned will be.

There is also the opportunity for Global Pool Payout. This is based on a point system that allows you to earn points, regardless of rank, towards a monthly bonus. Points do reset monthly, but the points earned within a month will determine the percentage of a bonus you earn. Based on a 2% of company-wide commissionable volume, the bonuses are divided among the total points to determine the value of the points earned that month. Based on the number of points you have, you’ll earn a percentage of the company profit each month. An additional Global Pool is generated for members above the Elite ranking, providing them an additional bonus as well.

An Advancement bonus is offered with can help you move through ranks with your hard work. Rather than pay out your advancement, BioReigns gives it to you in a lump sum to truly reward your determination and work ethic. As you move through the ranks of the company, you truly set yourself up for continued long-term success that is a setting for a very promising payout.

Where will BioReigns go?  

With the launch of this company, BioReigns is sure to see unprecedented success. While in a competitive industry, the company has enough unique qualities and a difference enough approach to appeal to the masses. Pair that with the great compensation plan set up that is in place for the company and BioReigns is showing incredible promise for long term and large success. 

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