The Importance of Video Marketing: 5 Ways It Boosts Your Brand

importance of video marketing boost brand

Video marketing is an amazing way to draw attention to your brand in all the right ways. Yes, it can be labor-intensive, but the results it consistently produces show that the work is absolutely worth it. If you are in the process of creating a marketing strategy for your business, the importance of video marketing is something that you shouldn’t underestimate.

One reason why is that people love video. It is a medium they’re naturally drawn toward. Not to mention the fact that over half of all Millennials watch more ads on social media than on TV.

But there are so many more reasons your business needs to engage in online video marketing. You can find out what they are below. Read on to learn about the many many benefits of video marketing for business brand boosting.

1. It Increases Engagement

One of the biggest and most obvious reasons to work video into your marketing strategy is because it increases engagement. People love engaging with video. More than with photos, more than with text-based posts.

When a marketing email contains a video, it has the power to increase open rates by 19%, increase click-through rates by 65%, and lower unsubscribe rates by 26%. These are statistics you can’t ignore.

2. There Are So Many Avenues to Explore

Today, there are almost too many video-sharing platforms to choose from. We are kidding, of course, but with social media like Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter out there, you have no excuse not to use video. Not to mention the fact that many apps have this feature or a similar one that makes your content creation a breeze.

3. It Wins People Over

Did you know that consumers love when brands use videos? It’s true! So much so that consumers are more likely to purchase a product when they’ve seen video of it.

Video is a powerful tool and it has the ability to win you fans, customers, and sales. When you use it in the right way, of course.

4. People Are Visual Creatures

Not only do consumers like video on an entertainment level, but it turns out that there is a scientific reason why they are so drawn to it. Humans tend to process and retain information better when it comes to them via imagery rather than text. The more you know!

5. It Gives Great ROI

When you are putting your money and efforts into a particular marketing channel, you will of course want to see a solid return on investment. If you’re going with video, this is something that you’re much more likely to see. Time and again, marketers agree that video provides a more than pleasing ROI.

The Importance of Video Marketing: Explained

The importance of video marketing is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Next time you’re gearing up to create your stellar digital strategy, make sure video is at the top of your priorities list. If you’ve found this video marketing guide helpful, feel free to look at the rest of our content for even more top tips. Visit the Marketing section of the Best Business Builders Blog to learn more about the importance of video advertising and social media ads.