How An MLM Business Becomes Automated Passive Income

passive income in mlm

Network marketing is all about getting that passive, residual income stream going. However, many quit before that happens. Today, I am going to show you how to create an automated passive income stream in your network marketing business.

The first sign that you are on your way to creating a passive income stream in MLM is called duplication. That is where someone you personally recruit recruits their own new rep. The more that duplication happens, and the deeper the levels it goes, the more secure your residual income check will be.

So, how long does it take to get duplication?

That depends on the type of people you are recruiting into your business, and how you got them in. If you are telling everyone that you can make $5,000 their first week in your MLM you are going to have a lot of people quit. However, if you show your MLM opportunity in an ethical manner and attract professionals, then you can go far.

The bottom line is, you need to teach your new reps how to generate leads and create content for their business. All the biggest MLM leaders have large YouTube channels and websites. They generate massive leads around the clock simply by having enough content on the internet. 

So, get your new reps get their own new reps and that will grow depth in your organization. There will be a time when your team doesn’t even know you and they are growing around the world, and for me that is a beautiful feeling. You want your MLM business to take on a life of its own.

Here’s Something Crazy About the Residual Income Monster Called MLM

I have been in an MLM for 7 years now and here is the thing: half of my team is being built by people who quit.

That is right, they quit but their MLM links are still out there on the internet collecting leads – and since they are inactive I get any action from their links. The credit goes to the immediate upline.

This is great news if you built a big team in the beginning and you stay in for the long-term. Most people can’t wait a year, two or three years for MLM to really pay off. They want success yesterday, but like any other serious business endeavor it takes time to build a solid business with MLM.

Once you build a decent-sized team you can live off the residual income paychecks from it. MLM trainers, like Todd Falcone and Eric Worre, are still get large checks from MLM companies that were reps in a decade ago!

Passive income from MLM is sexy, real sexy, it is right up there with royalty checks that musicians get decades after they created the album. Think of Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones, or Led Zeppelin.

These guys are getting checks every single month for an album they created in 1972! I was born in 1972. Think if you got a monthly check from one album you created for the next 47 years!

It is truly astonishing, yet most people in MLM give up because the first two years can truly suck. You have to keep positive and watch some inspirational guys on YouTube, like Tony Robbins, to keep you pumped.

You are sitting on a million dollar business. If you can get your focus out of today and think two to five years out with your MLM business you will never quit. The leaders in MLM make over $100,000 a month!

These leaders were high school drop outs, some of them, now they are almost making pro athlete income. The highest paid network marker from Amway, Dexter Yager, has made over $450,000,000 in MLM. Think about that! For less than $200 a month, you have the potential to earn truly life-changing income.

Now, go for it!

Erik Christian Johnson