Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Guam For 2024

top mlm companies in guam best network marketing businesses ranked

New entrepreneurs in Guam can potentially generate massive money with multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Recruiters and sellers in Guam can make multiple revenue streams with network marketing, including prosperous passive income monthly while working online from home.

This Is The Most Lucrative MLM Company You Should Be Joining

But which MLM company should you join if you live in Guam and want the most profitable powerhouse organization? Here are our ten favorite MLM businesses to think about signing up with in the U.S. island territory to maximize your chances of success in 2023 and 2024 in an ultra-competitive marketplace:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Guam For 2024

1. LiveGood

2. My Daily Choice

3. Valentus

4. Herbalife Nutrition

5. Amway

6. Pampered Chef

7. Oriflame

8. Scentsy

9. Infinitus

10. Perfectly Posh

There are other top MLMs to consider joining in the American territory of Guam for 2023 or 2024 as well such as BeachBody, Tupperware, Pure, Youngevity, Monat, Total Life Changes, Arieyl, Young Living, Arbonne, Organo Gold, Juice Plus, Le-vel Thrive, Mannatech, Monavie, Isagenix, Primerica, iCoin Pro, Live Pure, Vorwerk and Forever Living. Do your due diligence on the multi-level marketing company you choose to join in Guam countries or in the new economy!

How To Build A Successful MLM Business

Today I am going to give you exact tips on how to build a successful network marketing business in the new economy while living in Guam or another U.S. territory. 

So I have been doing network marketing full time for the last seven years, I have recruited over 4,500 people personally to my MLM downlines. So I am going to give you all the tips on building your MLM downline in America or Guam. This is going to shave a lot of the learning curve off of your timeline, and get you a paycheck as soon as possible. 

So the first thing I want to talk about is what people do wrong when they join network marketing in a US territory. They are so excited about their products, and the opportunity and the company and you should be excited, that is great.

But what they do is they slap their product images all over their social media and people – they are probably not as excited about your products as you are in Hagåtña or Micronesia. So don’t do this if you aren’t already successful in MLM or don’t have a huge following on social media.

Because for one, they don’t know about the products. Number two, they don’t really care what the ingredients are. What they want is they want to feel good. They want to make money, they want to lose weight, they want to see the benefits. Okay beachbody business builders in Asan Beach? 

So what you actually want to do in starting your business is pique curiosity. Now, this is network marketing 101. You want to pique curiosity. You don’t want to mention the company name – and if you do show the products on your Facebook wall or social media, turn the label the other way so people can’t see the company name, or the brand.

Here is why leads do this in multi-level marketing. For one, they are gonna just leave you and go Google it. If they see the MLM company name, they’re going to do their own research, and they’re going to find a whole ton of bad reviews and scam articles, because that’s what internet marketers do. 

They write scam articles to get you to click on their links. It is kind of like clickbait, and a lot of internet marketers do that. So don’t fall for the very old internet marketing trick. I have even written articles, scam articles, and I didn’t really say any company was a scam. I just wanted people to click on my articles – and that’s what a lot of internet marketers do. 

The other reason you don’t want to mention your product or your company, is because you want them to sign up on your landing page. You want them to get into the system. If you’re in our company, we have an automated email system that emails our prospects for us – because it takes seven to 15 times for someone to hear about something before they actually buy. 

You only get one exposure if you just give people your customer website. But if you get them into an automated email system through a capture page, then they’re going to get dripped on by emails until they sign up or opt out. 

So the main thing is to pique curiosity in Dededo and Tamuning. The other thing is you want to start working on you as the brand. So that is why a lot of leaders are constantly working on themselves. You know, changing their mindset, working on self development, really becoming a leader, because it is all about working with a lot of different personalities in network marketing. 

It is a network and when I first started all I wanted to do was make money, and I wanted to be left alone, to avoid bullying and height discrimination – and that’s kind of crazy thinking back then because I needed a team of people to help me get to my goals and I was trying to just be a blogger – get a lot of traffic to my links through my blog in Mangilao or Barrigada. 

People can’t duplicate that and that is the next thing I want to talk about is that you need to plug into a system that is proven and that is working for people to get signups. The simpler the better for affiliate marketing and direct selling recruitment. 

A lot of leaders use Facebook prospecting, because everyone is on Facebook. It’s free, and I do is copy and paste a simple script that your sponsor can give you or an image that makes people come more info, please. Then you private message them your link, you don’t give them your link on your wall, you private message each person that shows interest. Again, you’re peeking curiosity, but you have to brand yourself and you have to be consistent if you want to be a marketing mastermind

So you have to be really driven to start this business. It is actually a real profession. A lot of people think that when they start, they think it is a lottery ticket. They think if they just bring in one or two people that they are going to be set for the rest of their lives. But the truth of the matter is, most leaders have recruited over 100 people.

Then they find three to five leaders out of that batch, and work with them closely, helping them build their own teams. So you want duplication, it is all about getting someone to duplicate your system and then teaching them to teach their new reps a simple duplicatable system. 

I didn’t have this in the beginning. Like I said, I was a blogger, I was a YouTuber. I did things that people were just like, I can’t do that. And then I started running ads on Craigslist and a handful of people did it, but eventually they’re like, this is too expensive. 

I still use Craigslist, but it’s only for people that don’t want to bug friends and family and they don’t really use Facebook, and they want to get the ball rolling. But I make them understand that it’s going to take a few hundred leads, possibly to get a sign up, which could be a couple hundred dollars.

So it is not a long term game plan. Eventually you should start learning Facebook prospecting, social media prospecting. If you’re uncomfortable doing that you can do videos like this. You just talk about your story. Don’t talk about the products, talk about your hobbies and your passions, and people will get to know you. 

Because your prospects want to know and trust you. That is the name of the game in network marketing. You’re not going to get any trust if you are just spamming your product pictures all over the internet and saying that your product is the best in the world. 

No one cares about your stem cell patch or your omega threes from an ancient forest or organic collagen from apple seeds. No one cares. The only person excited about it is you because you think that the products are everything and products are good, they have to be good. That is one of the selling points of being the lean startup home-based network marketer. 

But it’s not the only selling point. The selling point, the main selling point is you. People join people. They want to lock arms with people that are going places and they feel comfortable with, you know, showing the success plan. They want to join someone who knows what they’re doing, and someone who’s passionate. 

So start learning about the profession. Read books on it. There are a ton of network marketing books in the Kindle library on Amazon. Check out the top 100 and you can watch free training videos like this and take notes every single day. You should at least watch one hour of training every day.

If you’re in our company, we have a ton of training videos on the left hand side of your dashboard. People that collaborated with the CEO amazing trainers like Ray Higdon, Eric Worre, Todd Falcone, came to visit and did a great webinar with the wife of the CEO. So we have plenty of training. 

So plug into the training commit to one hour a day. You know, if you started a new college degree, you’d be studying three to four hours at night. You wouldn’t be making any money. With network marketing you can earn a paycheck as you learn and the more you learn the more you would earn.

But you don’t want to, you don’t need to be a know-it- all because know it alls. Here’s the problem with knowing it alls is that they get someone new on their team and they wow them with all their knowledge. Then the new team member thinks they have to do that. 

Remember duplication, you have to make it very easy for all of your new reps. So if you memorized 2000 ingredients, with your whole entire product line and you’re doing these complicated three way calls and zoom meetings and you’re just running all over the place, your new reps are gonna look at you and go, I can’t do this. It’s too hard. You want me to memorize all these ingredients. You want me to do house parties every week, and hotel meetings and then get on three zoom calls a week? You gotta be kidding. 

So, a successful leader would say, here’s a simple script, or here’s the simple image, slap this up on your Facebook. wait for someone to say more in info and then private message them your landing page. And you’ll know if they take a free tour on your landing page because you’ll get an email that says that you got a new lead. 

So that’s number one is generating your first lead and then continuing to do so and working your way up to 20 leads a day-  might sound like a lot, but this is what you have to do as a professional network marketer is generate leads and get lots of contacts and nurture those relationships. 

You know, if you haven’t talked to someone for three months on Facebook, don’t just be like, Hey, I found something new. I’m excited check it out. No, you would have to re-nurture that relationship and talk for awhile. Have a few conversations. Don’t just pull the trigger right away when someone says hi back. Don’t just, you know, plaster everyone with your opportunity, opportunity pitch. 

You want to nurture the relationship and get some social credibility. The longer you talk to someone without pitching, the more social credit you’ll have. So when the time does come, you can either mention it and say, Hey, I’m very excited about this opportunity or I’m very excited about something. Are you interested in looking at a video, something very simple. All you want to do is get your prospects to watch the presentation. That’s all you want to do. 

So I think I’ve covered most of it, that people make mistakes with. But the bottom line is you need to have a simple system for your team. And you want to teach them to teach their own teams. Because you want it to go down many levels. So when you teach one person how to recruit someone, then you teach that person to recruit another person and it goes down and down and down. And that is called depth for your multi-level marketing team. 

So you want to go deep with your team. Now, if you recruit a lot of people, and they don’t duplicate, then you’re just going wide. You have one long line across. But if you go deep, then you’ll start getting commissions from everyone on those teams. And it really adds up to life changing income, so really help your team get their own team members. That’s the name of the game of network marketing. 

But you want to brand yourself, you want to become the brand. So if you look at my profiles all over social media, I am Mike Schiemer. I changed my Twitter to mlm success just because I have had it so long that I can do anything I want and I just, I am trying to rank for mlm opportunities actually. I think it is named MLM opportunity for the new economy

So I’m already thinking ahead. I’m thinking about the new year. I’m an internet marketer. I’m thinking about positioning myself before the masses do. So I have a lot of articles ready for the new year. So you got to think ahead. And you got to do things differently than what most people do when they start network marketing. You don’t slap your product images all over your pique interest. You talk to people that want more info, you show them a presentation, and then when they sign up, you show them how to get someone themselves. That is it for MLMers in Guam and other US islands

Then timeline. You have to do this for two to five years, a lot of people lose patience after three months. You got to really want this. So look at your situation, really look at yourself in the mirror and say, why am I doing this? Oh, I’m doing this to get my kids in college. I’m doing this to get out of my job. I’m doing this to get my wife out of her job. I’m doing this to buy the house. I’m doing this to buy my parents a house. 

Whatever it is, it’s got to make you cry. Almost. I mean, there’s gonna be rough days in network marketing. It’s not a lottery ticket. There’s going to be ups and downs, more so than your job. Because the internet is unpredictable. One month is great. Next month, it’s dead. You’re doing everything possible and you’re not getting anywhere. And then next month, it’s fine, and it goes up and down. Up and down. 

All right. So stay motivated, watch motivational videos, start rewiring your subconscious. Because a lot of us have poverty thinking, it’s gonna sabotage any success we get. So, I’ve been hammering a lot of money affirmations on YouTube. While I’m listening to money affirmations 14 hours a day, because I still do have sabotage success. I have a poverty mindset. 

My parents were tight with money. Even though we had good money, my dad was like, you know, turn off the lights, eat all your dinner, you know, money doesn’t grow on trees, and we learn that stuff and stay with us for a long time. So we have to rewire our brains for success. 

Especially if you start making really good money. You know, you can potentially make a lot of money to where your mindset has to be ready for that influx of money because it could be 10,000 a month, 100,000 a month, there’s no income cap. it’s legal. It’s all dependent on how hard you want to work and how hard you want to build an organization. But it’s life changing income, but all of the leaders have put in years and years and years. It’s not something that they just came in and recruited two people and now they’re just sitting on a beach somewhere. They’ve all put in their time. 

So if you want success, you have to put in your time. I don’t care if it’s only one hour a day, because one hour a day will actually compound and add up to a lot of progress. But the more time you can spend on it, the better. But you have to find something that makes it fun for you. Because you have to have passion behind it. 

You can’t just copy your sponsor and do videos like this. If it doesn’t interest you. I like talking about network marketing. I think it’s fascinating. I’ve done it for six years, I can talk about it all day long. But in the beginning, I tried sounding like the MLM trainers that I was watching. And I just sounded fake and dry and boring. And no one was watching my videos because I didn’t have any experience yet. 

So in the beginning, just start with your passions. If you want to lose weight, document your weight loss, do some workout videos, you don’t have to be in alignment with your products. You can just say under your videos, you can do a workout video where you’re jogging, and just leave a link to your home business under the video. 

You don’t even have to say anything or if let’s say you like doing hiking videos, you can go for a hike and say at the end of the video you could say, guys, the only reason I’m able to do this full time is because of my home business, click the link under this video and check it out, you know or something like that you can tie in any, anything you love to your home business. 

You don’t have to, you know, if you are promoting a CBD oil MLM product line, you don’t have to just do CBD oil videos. You can be a jogger, and just leave your link to CBD under your videos. You don’t have to say anything about CBD, in fact, you can’t. You can’t be like, you know, CBD is a great pain reliever, click the link. I mean, you must be really careful about what you say your products can do. You know, I’ve been slapped with a lot of compliance issues in the past by mentioning benefits of CBD oil and you can’t do that. You should stay away from product claims and income claims about your network marketing company to avoid compliance issues. 

You know if I said how much I made right now I would have to put a disclaimer under my video. So I just stay away from that stuff. You know, I just want to talk about just the basics of network marketing and help you out and I hope this video helped share it with your teams. And I really hope that it shaves a lot of the learning curve off of your time so you can start getting a check and helping people before yourself. Zig Ziglar said, you know, if you help enough people get what they want. You can have anything you want. 

It really is a selfless profession. It doesn’t operate like a corporation. It is counterintuitive. A lot of professionals struggle with network marketing, because they think they can do the same tactics and step over people to get to the top where it doesn’t work that way network marketing, you actually want to help others succeed before yourself. 

But you got to work on your mindset and become a leader. And eventually you will attract people like yourself. So if you are a rich, quick lottery seeker, you’re going to attract those kinds of people. But if you become a coach, a selfless servant leader, you are going to attract some really cool people. All the people are mirrors of you. So become the mirror that you want to be and you will attract the same kind of people to your MLM team.