Top 10 Best MLM Companies For Romania In 2023

top mlm companies in romania best network marketing businesses ranked romanians

Romania is a strong economy that can benefit from increased multi-level marketing (MLM) business growth. Romanians can increase their income substantially by getting involved in a network marketing company that is on a growth trajectory.

Join The Most Popular New MLM Company Taking The World By Storm

But what MLM business should a Romanian entrepreneur consider joining? Here are our top ten MLM companies to join if you live in Romania in 2023 or into 2024.

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Romania For 2023

1. LiveGood

2. Valentus

3. Amway

4. Herbalife

5. Youngevity

6. My Daily Choice

7. Young Living

8. Arieyl

9. Sisel

10. ACN

There are plenty of other top MLMs to check out in Romania as well such as Live Pure, Organo Gold, Perfectly Posh, Pampered Chef, Younique, Monat, MonaVie, and Isagenix with new MLM companies popping up each month in Bucharest for 2024.

MLM Mastermind Money Making

The network marketing industry has taken over. We see it each and every day and it covers nearly any aspect of our lives from beauty to wellness to home décor. Nothing is off limits with network marketing, which is amazing. With such popularity, this business method is able to help bring success to thousands of Eastern Europeans.

With all the companies in network marketing now, the market can be ultra-competitive, so a company really has to be unique or have some sort of aspect that really stands out in the crowd. Valentus is a company that does just that. There are a plethora of wellness companies in MLM and network marketing, but Valentus has a powerhouse product known as SlimRoast Optimum. This is a slimming coffee that is surely taking the world by storm in Romania and all of Europe.

Remarkable Ingredients make Coffee MLM Products So Great

SlimRoast Optimum really is a great energy aid and weight loss product that can truly change your life as a Romanian. Full of amazing ingredients that provide great energy and focus, SlimRoast Optimum with dynamine is a remarkable product that is loved by many. Here are some of the ingredients that make SlimRoast Optimum completely amazing and one of our favorite products for Romanians.

Dynamine – This member of the xanthine family is the dynamic ingredient in SlimRoast Optimum that gives you that punch of energy. As a fast acting energy source, dynamine can quickly give you the boost you need in your daily life. With this energy also comes mental focus and clarity, allowing your mind to perform its best so that your body can perform its best in Brasov and Sibiu.

Garcinia Cambogia – As a popular fat burner, Garcinia cambogia is a well-known ingredient in many weight loss supplements, and it is not at all surprising as to why when it comes to Eastern European customers. This ingredient is great at suppressing appetite and blocking the absorption of extra calories and fat. As a thermogenic, Garcinia gives SlimRoast Optimum those slimming qualities that everyone has come to love in Oradea and Bucharest.

Chromium Zynchrome – This boosts your metabolism and keeps your body from storing too many fats. Chromium Zynchrome aids in helping your body break down extra fats and keeps them from going to your waistline. On top of that, it can also help to reduce your cravings and alter how your appetite acts. This has become a new game changer and is one of the amazing reasons that SlimRoast Optimum is so effective and popular in Oradea and Cluj-Napoca.

Ginseng Extract – As a nutrient that naturally combats the free radicals in the environment that we face each day, ginseng has shown to be a gift from earth that just keeps giving. Free radicals damage our mental state and health, so ginseng helps to both prevent and reverse the effects from free radical exposure.  While keeping you looking and feeling younger longer, this extract also boosts your immunity and makes you healthier all around Europe.

Getting Started With An MLM Company is Simple

Joining Valentus is easy on the European continent. To sign up to be an Independent Representative (IR), you just pay a onetime fee of $20. Once you have signed up, you can take a look at the different startup packages made available by Valentus to see which will be right for you to get started. Some may be more comfortable with starting slow and getting to see how the company works before diving into bigger investments. Others may want to jump right in with a large package to get started with. Either way will lead you to great success, so just look into each option and see what works best for you!

Basic Pack – This is the simplest of the packages with just one product to start your Valentus business with. At just $59.95 (or 257.86 Romanian Leu), this is also the most affordable option for those with a more limited budget to get started with. The Basic Pack allows you to get started and see what the company is all about without the big package that could be overwhelming for some to start off with. The affordability and ease of getting started with the Basic Pack is truly how Valentus has made success possible for absolutely anyone.

Starter Pack – Offering a bit more variety to your repertoire is the Starter Pack. This package option costs $145.95 (or 627.76 Leu) and gives you three products to get started with. This can help you to get going in learning the business without getting too overwhelmed with more items than you can handle. The Starter pack also allows you to offer more than just one thing should people be interested, plus you can learn more about the extra items as well. This is a win-win on your way to success.

Advanced Pack – At $239.95 (1032.07 Leu), this package doubles in product amount without doubling in price. You save as the investor here and you get to offer more to your customers. This package brings you closer to moving through the company ranks and earning more bonuses, so it’s a great investment if you are comfortable with choosing this option.

Builder Pack – As a rank building option, the Builder Pack will take you to the Ruby Rank in the company automatically. For $575.95 (or 2477.27 Leu), you get sixteen products to work with! This builds your variety in your inventory and you can really start learning the ins and outs of the company with a broadened diversity. The payoff for such an investment is really worth it, and you’ll see yourself moving up in rank even more in no time.

Career Success Pack – This pack puts you into the Valentus ranks at the Emerald level. As the most expensive of the group, the Career Pack costs $1199.95 (5161.22 Leu), and gives you 36 products to start your business with. This puts you at a high rank in the company but also gives you a great variety of products to work with, learn about, and offer people. If this package works with your budget, it’s a great way to dive right into the journey to success with Valentus.

Succeeding With An MLM Business in Romania

Romania is an upper middle income economy. With a fast growing economy, this country does quite well for itself and there is great interest from other nations in the foreign investment in Romania. As one of the leading nations for foreign investment, Romania has a high growth rate among other European nations and is one of the largest electronic producers in Eastern Europe.

Romania is centered largely on the mobile technology field. This means that mobile phones and tech is widely available and utilized, making network marketing HUGE in this nation. The country has roughly 385,000 MLM representatives and made over $370 million in 2023.  The recent growth rate in network marketing participation was 15%! That is truly incredible for MLMers in Constanta and TimiSoara.

Romania is the perfect place for a company like Valentus and other top MLMs to grow and thrive. With a popular and successful product and the continued drive to prevail in the network marketing world, Valentus is set out to have a worldwide impact, country by country! 

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