Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Wales For 2023

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Aspiring entrepreneurs in Wales can earn extra income and multiple revenue streams very quickly with multi-level marketing. Welsh direct sellers and affiliates can even earn passive income while they sleep with network marketing.

Here Is Our New Favorite Multi-Level Marketing Biz Opportunity

But which MLM company should Welsh opportunists join? Here are our favorite network marketing companies for sales specialists in Wales for 2023.

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Wales For 2023

1. LiveGood

2. Valentus

3. Herbalife

4. Amway

5. Tupperware

6. Avon

7. Mary Kay

8. Youngevity

9. Arieyl

10. Primerica

There are other MLMs worth considering as well in Wales such as Beachbody, Nu Skin, My Daily Choice, and Total Life Changes.

Valentus MLM Opportunity

The network marketing world is full of wellness products being marketed to you left and right in Wales. A product truly needs to stand apart to make it in this industry. SlimRoast Optimum is the product that does just that for Welch customers and reps! As a slimming coffee, SlimRoast by Valentus is changing how people look at coffee. Not only does this coffee give you energy, but it helps you to lose weight and maintain the weight loss long afterwards!

What Makes SlimRoast Optimum Great

SlimRoast Optimum is a truly life changing slimming coffee drink that is well on its way of being world renowned. Anyone who uses the coffee loves it and there’s little to no reason to question why. The coffee is full of amazing ingredients that enhance cognitive ability and focus while boosting your energy.

Dynamine – A uric acid derivative of the xanthine family (where caffeine is found), dynamine is a total game changer for SlimRoast Optimum. This fast acting energy source leaves you with focus and concentration like never before without giving you the jitters or shakes. This coffee brain fuel is magical with the addition of dynamine, making it so very very popular.

Garcinia Cambogia – This fat burner is big in the supplement world, and for great reason! It is largely used to help in weight loss efforts because it is very effective. Adding this ingredient that is derived from the green coffee bean was an outstanding plan by Valentus, as it gives consumers the appetite suppression they wish for and burns fat all in one.

Ginseng Extract – As a natural ingredient with a history of being used to preserve cognitive ability, ginseng works to keep your mind healthy. Fighting those free radicals in the air that we are exposed to each and every day, ginseng helps you to feel and look younger for much longer. Otherwise, we would surely face early signs of aging, but ginseng has long been sought after for its antiaging and mental health capabilities.

Chromium Zynchrome – As a boost to your natural metabolism, chromium zynchrome helps to break down the fats in foods more quickly and efficiently. This ingredient has proven to help reduce cravings and suppress your appetite to help you reach your weight loss goals. Who doesn’t love a great metabolism boost that can combat what we take in daily?!

Joining Valentus is Easy

Can you believe that becoming an Independent Representative (IR) with Valentus costs only $20 plus the product you choose? Once you join Valentus, you then decide how you want to grow your business and success. Whether you begin with just one product that you grow from or if you start off big and hit the ground running, you are in charge of how you want to run your business.

You’ll face the decision of how to do this when it comes to purchasing your first package of products as an IR. Whether you go big or keep it small at first, there is a package for everyone. Here is a brief breakdown of the packages to get an idea of how you can grow your company from them.

Basic Package The Basic Package gives you one Valentus product for $59.95 (54.40 Euro) and gets you started with the company. This will get your feet wet without becoming overwhelming and is all you need to still build an empire! Beginning with one product and slowly growing your company still works amazingly well and allows you all the benefits of an IR.

Starter PackageThis package gives you three products for $145.95 (132.45 Euro) and allows you to have a bit of variety while still starting off small and manageable. If you can’t quite take on the responsibility of a larger package at this time, then this still gives you a great place to start with using a couple of products to market and learn more about.

Advanced Pack You get six products for less than double the cost of the Starter Pack, bringing you to a total of $239.95 (or 217.75 Euro). This brings you closer to moving up in ranks more quickly than the smaller packages without the bigger price tag of the rank building packs available. This is a good starting point if you’re a little limited on seed money, but it will pay off big time!

Builder Pack Putting you at the Ruby Rank, the Builder Pack will cost you $575.95 (or 522.66 Euro) to get started. You get sixteen products for that price, though, so you have a great start to get the ball rolling and earning the return for your costs. If your budget allows, this is a great package to buy to really break into the network marketing world.

Career Success Pack This package gives you the most of all the options. With 36 products from Valentus, you have a well-stocked inventory to start your business with. This is a more expensive investment than the smaller packages at $1199.95 (1088.92 Euro), but the investment is well worth it if you’re willing to put in the little bit of work to keep up the momentum of selling. You enter with a business rank of Emerald if you choose this route, so you have no limits to success once you get going.

Ireland and Valentus

The Irish economy is focused largely on services and technology, a prime foundation on which MLM companies can thrive and grow. Ireland has over 27,000 MLM representative, which generated over $48 million in sales revenue in 2023. The overall growth in MLM company and network marketing was around 8.7% overall in recent years in Ireland.

With a well-established understanding of network marketing and the success it can bring, joining an MLM company such as Valentus is easy and smart in Ireland. Once you are a part of Valentus, you have access to your company dashboard, where you make any and all changes to your sites as well as keep track of your earnings and payouts.

You will find the links to your various personalized websites on the ‘My Website Address’ tab. These are the links that you will send people to generate leads and get them to see the products offered by Valentus. Your user information is connected to these links and sites so that you get credit for those leads you generate as well as any purchases or subscriptions they may end up with.

From there, you can find your earnings as well as your payment status on the ‘My Earnings’ tab. This is where you set up your preferences for your payout as well as adjust anything as needed. You will see, too, that weekly paydays are on Fridays. Weekly paydays are almost unheard of in the MLM world, so this is one of many reasons as to why Valentus stands out in a crowd.

Your ‘Pay Plan’ tab is where the Valentus Compensation plan can be found and outlined. Here is where you can learn and fully develop your understanding of the compensation plan so that you can make the most of it. One more great thing about Valentus is their built in sales funnel. This can get you to generating leads like crazy in no time and growing your business and success. 

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