Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Cyprus 2024

top mlm companies in cyprus best network marketing businesses ranked nicosia

Entrepreneurs in Cyprus have an excellent opportunity to earn multiple streams of income with multi-level marketing (MLM), including passive income. Network marketing is a smart and low-cost way to build a side hustle or full time business in Cyprus.

Here Is Our New Favorite Network Marketing Company

But which multi-level marketing company should you join if you live in Cyprus? Here are our favorite MLM companies for potential profits if you are an aspiring entrepreneur in Cyprus for 2023 and 2024.

10 Top MLM Businesses In Cyprus For 2024

1. LiveGood

2. Valentus

3. My Daily Choice

4. Herbalife

5. Primerica

6. Amway

7. Usana

8. Nu Skin

9. Avon

10. Mary Kay

There are other top MLM businesses to consider working with in Cyprus for 2024 such as Tupperware, Arieyl, Youngevity, Total Life Changes, Arbonne, Forever Living, OLSP, Modere, ACN, and BeachBody.

Very Profitable MLM Ventures

In a world where network marketing has taken a big platform, a company needs to stand out and make a bold statement to really succeed these days. At the same time, the network marketing world is saturated with wellness companies and products, making it that much more difficult for companies to stand out and remain unique. LiveGood is a company that is prevailing despite these challenges and has reached significant success in its short lifetime thus far.

With its key product being organic instant coffee, a slimming coffee, LiveGood has made rapid strides in the network marketing industry to establish itself as a leading MLM wellness company in Nicosia Cyprus. This coffee works as a wonderful energy boosting supplement while also helping to lose and maintain weight loss, making it incredibly popular all over the world.

MLM Coffee Products Are Great Thanks To These Powerful Ingredients

This life changing coffee drink is made great by a combination of powerfully potent ingredients that stack up to pack an energetic and wellness boosting punch. Everyone who tries Slim Roast loves it, and it comes to no surprise with the amazing ingredient list it has. Here are just a few of the reasons why Slim Roast is amazing.

Dynamine – A member of the same family that caffeine is found in, dynamine is a uric acid derivative that quickly provides energy. When you drink Slim Organic Coffee Roast Optimum with dynamine, you get a quick burst of energy from the drink. In addition to this wonderful energy, you also get a boost in mental performance, allowing you to focus and pay attention where it is needed to complete your tasks at hand. When your mind performs better, your body performs better, making dynamine the real MVP in Slim Roast.

Ginseng Extract – The earth gives us this wonderful natural ingredient that helps us to fight against those free radicals we are exposed to each and every day. They can have a damaging effect on our minds and health, so ginseng helps combat those effects to help us look and feel younger for longer! Pairing well with all the other ingredients in SlimRoast Optimum, ginseng extract is an amazing immune system booster with long term benefits to your health.

L-Theanine – This amino acid is one that is essential for great health, but also one not naturally made in our bodies. As an antioxidant, L-Theanine works to benefit your mental wellness and can increase your focus. Additionally, the combination of L-Theanine in SlimRoast Optimum can help you get better sleep! Since when does drinking coffee result in better sleep at night?! Since SlimRoast Optimum brought in this great ingredient so that the energy you get from drinking the coffee doesn’t create sleepless nights later.

Chlorogenic Acid – This ingredient comes from the green coffee bean and is used as a thermogenic in SlimRoast Optimum. Chlorogenic acid burns fat and provides mental clarity as well as other cognitive benefits that aren’t available with regular coffee you get at the supermarket. While this ingredient can pack a punch, it has less potency than caffeine, enabling you to have energy without the jitters that can sometimes come with caffeine. In addition to these great things, chlorogenic acid also can block carbs from being absorbed and provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

It Is Easy to Join a Top MLM Company

Getting started with LiveGood is super easy. You just sign up to be a Member Affiliate with a one-time starting fee of $49.95 then select which package to purchase to start growing your business. The beauty in joining a network marketing company such as LiveGood is that you get to decide how you want to approach your new business and where you aim to take it. LiveGood is especially great since the fee to join is low and there are several packages to choose from to fit your budget however you need to!

When it comes time to select your package, take your time and look into the details of each and evaluate what you select as far as products go to really determine whether you will be able to turn the product around to your timeline liking. Here is a little about the packages available to help you in making the choice that’s right for you and your business!

Basic Package – For $59.95 (54.40 Euro), you get one product to start your business off. This can allow you to test the waters and see what interest is out there before investing more money right off the bat. This is still a great way to start so that you can get a feel for things without getting overwhelmed and giving up. Remember, LiveGood wants you to prevail in this venture, so this is an exceptional option they’ve provided so that truly anyone can succeed. Starting off slow still gets you onto the path for success and you get all the IR benefits!

Starter Package – With a little more variety to get started with, the Starter Package gives you three great LiveGood products for $145.95 (132.45 Euro). This keeps your inventory manageable for a new IR but gives you a little more to work with and profit on. This gives you a better idea of what it’s like to manage your company with more products without going all in on one of the larger startup packages. If your budget is more constrained, this is a great place to get started, plus it gets you a little bit closer to moving through the ranks of the company.

Advanced Package – Offering six products for $239.95 (or 217.75 Euro) is the Advanced Pack. This set up brings you a little closer to moving up in the rank system but without you breaking your budget. This also starts you off with more inventory and diversity in your products on hand to offer new clients. The Advanced pack is a great place to start if you’re able to.

Builder Package – As one of the packages that automatically puts you at a higher rank (Ruby Rank) in the company, the Builder Package is one of the investing packages. For $575.95 (522.66 Euro), you get sixteen products to work with. This is a larger package to get started with and could be quite the jump for some people, but the payoff will be both worth it and incredible. You not only break into the company at a higher rank, but you optimize your chances to get earning faster!

Career Success Pack – At $1199.95 (or 1088.92 Euro), this is the largest starting package offered and gives you 36 products to work with. You enter LiveGood at the Emerald Rank level with this package, really setting the pace for the progress of your business. If you are able to both afford this package and put in the effort to get the ball rolling to sell, this package is for you as it gets you that much further along your path of success and growth.

Master Your MLM Company In Cyprus

The economy in Cyprus is one that has shown remarkable resilience over the years and is now considered a high income economy. Highly favored by tourists, the nation is small but successful and is doing very well in the network marketing field. With nearly 8,000 network marketing representatives in the country, the growth in Cyprus has been up to 5.7% in recent years. This has garnered up to 10 million USD and continues to go up as time goes on heading into 2024.

As such a developed and productive country, Cyprus is a hot spot for companies like Live Good. This is why the company is growing in popularity there. Once you become part of LiveGood, there is no stopping you in your pursuit of MLM success. 

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