How to Order Valentus SlimRoast Coffee in Japan

Valentus offers the best slimming coffee in the network marketing industry. Valentus is in over 100 countries and is currently generating $10 million a month in sales. You can either order Valentus Slimroast Optimum as a customer or as a distributor. Here’s How to Join Valentus in Japan.

Japan loves their coffee. Over 2 billion cups of coffee are drunk each day in the world. Coffee is the second most consumed commodity in the world. Add “weight management” to coffee and you have a powerful product, not only for the Japanese, but for the entire world.

Valentus offers a range of health & Wellness products ranging from skin cream to detox drinks to slimming coffee.

Valentus was founded in 2015 by Dave Jordan, who was a network marketing distributor for over 25 years. More and more leaders are coming over to Valentus because of the leadership and family-feel of Valentus.

Valentus is growing at a staggering rate and is crossing over the $10 million sales mark per month. They are also in the process of completing a 100,000 square foot facility in Florida, and are in the works of developing more than 85 more products in the next 2 to 3 years and generating $1 Billion a year in sales.

There are three Valentus Slimroast Products: Italian Roast, Brazilian Roast, and Optimum. Optimum is the latest SlimRoast product and has a more advanced and powerful formulation.

Slimroast Optimum “weight management” ingredients are:

SlimRoast Optimum allows you to crush cravings and have amazing, sustained energy throughout the day, and shred the fat. SlimRoast Optimum also compliments your natural blood sugar levels along with your cardiovascular system.

Personally, I’ve never experienced a weight loss product this strong without feeling “tweaky.” SlimRoast Optimum gets me so fired up that I can’t do anything else but stay active. I love it! I lost 5 pounds in a week.

How to Join Valentus as a Distributor:

To Join Valentus as a rep and have the potential to earn commissions when selling product, there is a one-time activation fee of $20.00 along with the product price.

Here’s are the Packages to choose from:

Basic Pack (one product): $59.95  Japanese Yen: 6442.74

Starter Pack (three products): $145.95  JP Yen: 15,685.03

Advanced Pack (six products): $239.95  JP Yen: 25,787.07

Builder Pack (sixteen products): $575.95 JP Yen: 61,896.48

Career Success Pack (thirty-six products): $1199.95 JP Yen: 128,956.83

If you buy the “Builder Pack” the first month, you will be a “Ruby” in rank and to maintain that rank simply order 100 BV the following months to maintain that rank.

If you buy the “Career Pack” you will be ranked as an “Emerald” and to maintain that rank, just buy 100 BV in product the following months.

Here’s the Top 5 Reasons to Join Valentus

How to Buy SlimRoast Optimum in Japan:

Click the button to visit the Official Valentus website to place your order:

How to Build Your Valentus Business in Japan

The Valentus Opportunity is exploding in Asia, including countries Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Japan has a huge presence in the MLM industry and their leaders are always at the top of the leaderboards. The average income per capita of the Japanese is $39,313. MLM is a $300 Billion a year industry. It can empower anyone who has the drive to succeed.

To grow your Valentus business, first sign up as a “IR” Independent Representative. You then have access to your business dashboard where you can select from a variety of functions on the left-hand side.

The more important tabs are:

“My Website Address” – This is where you can grab your personalized websites to share with people you know. Your username is already embedded in the websites so you get credit when people order on your website, or you generate a lead using the “landing pages.”

“My Earnings” – This is where you choose how you want to get paid, and to check on your earnings. Payday is every Friday. 

“Pay Plan” – This is where you can see the Compensation Plan. This will teach you how to maximize the comp plan so you can earn the most commissions.

The most powerful part of Valentus is their built-in sales funnel that emails your leads for you when you generate a lead using one of your capture pages.

When you fill out the form of the capture page you will gain instant access into your temporary dashboard where you can see the business opportunity closer. When you upgrade the free position by purchasing product you will see the full version of your dashboard and be able to access your own personalized websites so you can start promoting Valentus MLM!