Strategies For Succeeding In MLM

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MLM is challenging for everyone involved. Here are top tips and strategies to succeed in network marketing long-term.

Join a Top MLM Company with a Good Autoresponder

The best network marketing companies have built-in sales funnels already established for their distributors. Although there are only a few of these companies to join since they are the quickest rising stars in the MLM space.

What you do is sign up as a paid affiliate which means you are a distributor, and you will get your own personalized websites to share. When a prospect signs up on your website, the company then emails them frequently urging them to become paid affiliates themselves.

This is the main part of my business in network marketing. I rely on those company emails to build my business because I don’t want to be on the phone all day or emailing my leads. Let the company emails do their magic on my MLM prospects.

Brand Yourself Online, not the Product

You want to brand your name, not the MLM product you promote. If you want to become a network marketing leader who can last 10 to 30 years at the top and make great money, you want to brand YOU – because MLM products come and go.

The first thing you want to do is come up with a bio for yourself that you place on all your social media profiles. My profile biography is this:

Entrepreneur. Blogger. Digital Nomad. Full time Network Marketing Leader.

This bio emphasizes that I work online full-time, which I do, and that creates credibility that people rely on. Your prospects want to join Africans that know what they are doing because they are shelling out hard earned cash to start a business with you.

Having the same bio on all platforms makes you look consistent. You wouldn’t buy Coke or Pepsi if they were always changing their branding or formulas non-stop, just look a the fiasco New Coke caused decades ago.

Also, you a clear headshot picture of yourself on all platforms, from Twitter to Instagram. You want to be seen. You don’t want to use a picture of your dog or bunny because that is not who you are and you want to be a professional.

To network market online you want to be seen everywhere and post regularly. Post updates on all platforms, but learn how to master one platform at a time when generating leads, which I talk about next.

Learn How to Generate Network Marketing Leads

To become a full-time network marketer, you need to learn how to generate leads consistently for a long time. We are talking at least 20 leads a day for 2 to 3 years going into 2024.

Most people can’t do this because they run out of money buying leads, they run out of friends and family to talk to, or they just stop.

Almost all big leaders create steady content that generates them leads consistently.

However, content takes time to rank in Google, so you should start by talking with friends and family, that is what direct selling leaders say to do, but I just run ads in the beginning to get your leads up.

There are plenty of places where you can buy leads and clicks, like Traffic Authority and MLM leads for direct sales.

You can also run ads on Bing and Facebook for your MLM opportunity.

MLM is a numbers game, and the more leads you can generate the better. But, not all leads are created equal. The best lead to get is someone who already has network marketing experience. You want to stay away from super cheap leads offered from places like Fiverr.

Teach Your MLM Downline Team The #1 Lead Generation Technique

Thes best way to network market online is to grow a team under you. Creating an organization under you is the best way to make a large residual income. MLM is not about just the sales you produce, but from all the sales your team creates.

You can’t make $30,000 a month residually by selling your product out of your home, garage, or trunk. You want to have a huge team building their own teams. You earn a little commissions from a lot of people. That’s the name of the game in network marketing.

You want to get all your new reps started fast. The name of the game is getting them generating leads as fast as possible so they can get their own upgrades. Get your new reps a paycheck as fast as possible and they will stay in the business longer.

Teach them the best system to generate leads that your sponsor showed you. This keeps everyone on the same page. Of course, be open to other techniques that your team might offer. They might be a real pro on Facebook when you’re not. You don’t want to hinder your new reps either by being over-controlling.

Never Stop Recruiting To Your Downlines

Over the years, people will come and go in your business. Most people eventually quit network marketing, but the good news is: you only need 3 to 5 rockstars on your team to make a lot of money. In fact, the top 20% of your team will make 80% of your income. You don’t need everyone to become a leader, just a few.

So, you need to keep recruiting for your MLM company. The best thing to do to keep recruiting for years to come is by creating content: blog articles, videos, posts on social media. These things can last years and generate leads for years. A lot of leaders have so much content that they don’t need to personally recruit anymore. People come to them automatically. Become a leader that people come to in multi-level marketing.

Conclusion for How to Network Market Online

By incorporating these steps and mastering them by learning more about them you will become a full-time network marketer. Anyone can network market online if they follow these steps consistently to begin building their passive income.

I have been doing MLM for over 9 years and will never go back to a job, and I only work one hour a day. This is truly an exciting profession to be in.

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