Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Kosovo 2024

top mlm companies in kosovo best network marketing businesses ranked pristina

Aspiring entrepreneurs in Kosovo can generate major money with multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Recruiters and online sellers in Kosovo can make multiple revenue streams with network marketing, including prosperous passive income monthly while working online from home or on the go traveling throughout Eastern Europe.

This Is The MLM Company You Want To Consider Joining

But which MLM company should you join if you live in Kosovo and want the most ecommerce profits? Here are our ten favorite MLM businesses to think about signing up with in Kosovo to maximize your chances of success in 2023 and 2024:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Kosovo For 2024

1. LiveGood

2. Modere

3. Gano Excel

4. Herbalife

5. Amway

6. Nu Skin

7. Organo Gold

8. Mary Kay

9. Avon

10. LulaRoe

There are other top MLMs to consider joining in Kosovo for 2024 as well such as BeachBody, Tupperware, Youngevity, DXN, Tiens, Vorwerk, Infinitus, Total Life Changes, Arieyl, Young Living, Arbonne, Farmasi, Melaleuca, Coway, Juice Plus, DoTerra, and Forever Living. Do your due diligence on the multi-level marketing company you choose to join in the Balkans or southeastern Europe!

Earn Extra Income With MLM In Kosovo

I am going to show you how to make money faster in your MLM home business in southeastern Europe. It is not a generic article that people tell every new Kosovo MLMer, these are going to be exact tips. So read until the very end to earn more with network marketing in the Balkans. 

Who am I in the MLM industry? I am a person who recruited over 1400 Europeans in my last business. I have probably brought in like 3800 reps and customers into various businesses over the last six years in Pristina. So I am all about automation in the European market. I am all about residual income. I am all about making your life easier. So you are not just pounding the pavement, getting hung up on getting called a spammer. 

So everyone wants more money in their home business, and it all boils down to a couple things in the Balkans. For one, you want to dominate your marketplace. Number two, you want traffic that doesn’t break the bank – that you will run out of money, if you are running ads, and praying that something will stick for the eastern Europe market.

You got to do several different things to generate leads and traffic. But it is all about getting traffic to your landing pages to your products, and that’s even what the big corporations do. Look at all the fortune 500 companies that still run ads on TV, they are still doing the same thing. They’re pushing their message onto us. 

Now I have a better system and it is called attraction marketing. So I’m attracting prospects to me. I have never really had to push my opportunity on anyone. What I did was I created content that they are looking for already – their wallets were already out literally. 

For instance, back when CBD became mainstream, I positioned myself as one of the first to write articles about CBD oil for network marketing CBD companies, not just regular CBD companies. I was already in a company that launched CBD oil so I was like, Alright, no one’s writing about this yet. So I wrote like five articles and six months later, one of those articles was on first spot in Google. 

So when someone typed in, you know, CBD MLM or CBD home business, my article showed up. They are already looking because they typed it in. So Coca Cola and those big fortune 500 companies are just blaring their message all over the place, on the radio, on TV. You’re not really looking.

But when you create content for people that are looking for what you have, eventually Google will give you traffic. If your article is long enough and valuable, or your video is nice enough and engages your audience, you are going to start getting traffic to your products and to your opportunities. 

So how can you make more money in your home business, it comes down to more traffic without banging your head against the wall and spending $100 accidentally in Google ads. I mean, there are certain techniques you got to follow. 

If you’re gonna run an ad, you have to put a cap on your bids for one, if you don’t put a cap on your bid amount you’re willing to spend, you’re gonna spend $100 a day. Google is gonna be like I’ll take your money. So I have a couple videos on how to get cheap clicks with Google, you can check that out. 

But the other thing that’s more free are videos and blog articles. And if you want to dominate your market, you have to write about it or talk about it every single day, and you should add your keywords, your company name, whatever should be in the titles. 

You know, I used to be really artsy with my blog post titles, and they never ranked in Google because I was being artsy. I would have titles like, how to feel more alive – and no one’s gonna type that into Google to find your product, how to feel more alive. I mean, what the heck does that mean? 

But if you are a home business owner who sells diet shakes in Kosovo, you can do a video or article called How To Lose 10 pounds in two days, exact tips you know or best diet shakes for Kosovo residents and do a review, do a top 10 list. Find five shakes that you can compare or 10 shakes. Ideally, you would try all of them and do a video with all the different containers in your kitchen, make a shake, do recipe videos, but hammer it every single day. 

If you want more sales in Kosovo, you have to start producing more every day. Think how many hours you work at your job. What if you put nine hours a day into your content? With nine hours a day you could do three videos a day and you could do a couple blog posts, and eventually your content will start ranking on the first page of Google if you’re lucky. 

That’s what all internet internet marketers are striving towards. They’re striving towards the first page of Google because that’s where all the money is the first page and a little bit on the second. And that’s about it. It’s like salmon trying to get back to their spawning grounds and they’re beating their head over the rocks, swimming upstream, trying to make it to the motherland to lay their eggs. 

And that’s what internet marketers are doing, trying to get to the first page of Google and it’ll happen but you might have to create 200 videos and wait six months to a year but the more you hammer the same topic over and over and over, the more the chances are going to be better on your side to rank for that term, that search term or your company name or whatever.

And you got to prepare to talk about it every day. I would have a list of 50 titles ready, just so you can look in the morning. Look at your list and whatever title stands out, go, Okay, I’m gonna do a video for that title today. And yeah, your videos are going to be a little rocky in the beginning. My first 200 videos sucked. They’re like three minutes long. It didn’t sound like me. I was trying to emulate the MLM trainers that I was watching on YouTube. 

But eventually I got my voice because I got my own experience. The longer I stayed in network marketing the more experience I had, the more stories I could share, the more techniques I could share because I was starting to grow a business, and I could teach people how to do that. But you don’t have to wait to grow a business to start teaching. Like I said, just review your products, and then show your results. 

You know, if you’re doing diet shakes, start doing workout videos and show your audience how much weight you’ve lost. Or if you haven’t lost any. You could even talk about your bad days. People love vulnerability. They love humble videos. I watch a guy that does videos on abstinence and he relapsed one day. He’s like, Guys, I let you down. I feel like crap. He had big bags under his eyes. He’s like, I failed you guys, because all of his videos were about abstinence, right. And he relapsed. 

But they loved it. He got five times more video views than normal because he was being real. So it’s okay to be real. In fact, people were giving him money on the live chat. You can give people money on live chat while the video is playing. And I was touched, I almost started crying. couldn’t believe it. Yeah, one of his buddies gave him 100 bucks. And he’s like, oh, man, you shouldn’t have done that. It’s really touching. 

It feels really good when you start forming a tribe of people and the audience watches everything you do, and slowly but surely, the more videos you create, the more people are going to be attracted. They’re going to be like, Oh, what’s this about? And YouTube will start putting your videos in places to find a new market, you’ll start getting new subscribers that find you because you were on a playlist for something else. 

That’s how we find new channels. YouTube suggests a video that you’ve never seen before you check it out and you’re like, Hey, I don’t remember this guy, or girl, whatever. But you got to hammer it. Think how hard we work already at our jobs.

What if you worked that hard on yourself on your brand? Imagine just going for a walk like this and just talking about what’s going on in your life and then, you know, put a link to your opportunity under every video. You could say check out my number one shake, click the link and you’d have your link under every video. Tell your audience about it at the very end of the video. Just say, if you want to see what I’m doing, just click the link under the video. 

It’s the call to action, you’re telling your audience what you want them to do. Or Gary Vaynerchuk says that the best call to action is no call to action. You could just put your website link under the video, but don’t say anything. Just pour your heart out for 10-20 minutes. Once you get really good, you could talk a half an hour to an hour. 

I know people that just live stream for like two hours. I saw one live stream that was five hours. The guy was just playing his guitar and then he’d stop and talk to his audience. I think he was just bored. You know, he’s home alone, like I am, and he just turned on his livestream. And he was just like, Hey, guys, yeah. Then he just started playing his guitar. Then he’d stop and he looked at his chat. And someone would ask him a question and he’d say Yeah. Yeah, I had that happen to me and this is what I did. 

You know, he was like having a live conversation while he was live streaming video. So you can get very interactive with your audience. Comment, you know, if someone asks you a question, leave a comment, get those comments going under your videos, get a dialogue going and you’ll feel really good helping people out, you know, you might help someone who’s just, they’re at the end of their rope and they feel like crap and they’re crying every day and they’re depressed and they could find your video and you could literally change their life. 

I had one woman comment. This is on one of my older PTSD videos. Unfortunately, I deleted it. But she said that I saved her 10 years of therapy just by one 10 minute video. So that’s crazy impressive. You can change lives with a YouTube video. Who would have thought, but it can really happen. And that’s the most empowering way to build your brand is by helping others. It’s not supposed to be infomercials and spam. No one really cares about your product. They can go to Amazon and buy it right now. 

So why should they buy it from you? Because you pour your heart out, and you talk about what’s actually working for you. And eventually they’ll gain trust and they’ll keep watching you and they’ll be like, Oh, yeah, Erik said that he’s doing this now. I’m going to check it out. I’ll just buy it through him because I like him. It’s as simple as it can get with your audience, that’s all you do is get them to start liking you and trusting you and the best, fastest way to do that is long form videos like this vlogging style. 

You know, you can sprinkle in your marketing videos, your 10 minute tight business videos, that’s fine. But get some behind the scenes videos, where they’re like, oh, wow, I didn’t know that about Erik. Wow, he’s really alone right now and he’s fasting. He’s lost 10 pounds in three days. He’s, he’s buying gold because there’s a coin shortage. They’re gonna go to digital currency. Wow, I barely started looking into that. 

So I just throw everything in each video these days. I just throw in the kitchen sink and everything into every video. I tell you how I feel. I tell you what I’m taking. I tell you what I’m using, I’m telling you why you should do it. And you can decide for yourself and then under each video, I’ll have a link to my blog or whatever. Some people like reading more, and some people like watching videos more.

My blog articles have the videos in it, and it keeps people on your blog longer. So Google looks at these metrics. They’re very smart. Google has like over 200 metrics they use in factoring in how they should rank your articles and how they should rank your videos. Google owns YouTube. So they basically use the same metrics. So they look at click through rate. Meaning, you know, what’s the percentage of people that click on your video when they see your thumbnail? So you should have a good thumbnail that’s exciting. Bright colors you know like the one for this video. And the title helps with click through. 

So like I said, if you have an artsy title that doesn’t relate to anything you’re missing traffic. Look at other titles from other YouTubers. You know if you want to do diet shakes, look at how other people are titling their diet shake videos. Don’t look at the competition too long though, because it’ll psych you out and make you feel inferior. And it’s not about feeling inferior because you will get your own unique voice that they don’t have. 

So just look at what they’re doing really fast and then turn it off. You don’t want to get overwhelmed. There’s plenty of room for you at the top. So even if there might be a cool person just doing everything right Don’t worry, after you do a couple hundred videos, you’re going to be right up there with them. There’s plenty of room at the top with internet marketing. 

There are millions of people looking for what you’re offering. But you have to have a huge presence on the internet. And the cheapest way to do that is videos, blog articles. And yeah, sprinkle in paid advertising and share everything you do on your own social media channels. Every video I do, I share it on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. And I put hashtags in the title, not on the video itself, but when I tweet it, I’ll add some hashtags that relate to the video. 

If I’m promoting diet, then I’ll do hashtag diet, hashtag health. If I’m promoting MLM I’ll do hashtag MLM hashtag network marketing. If I’m doing gold I’ll do the hashtag precious metals hashtag gold hashtag bullion. Hashtag direct sales. So make it so other people and new markets can find you. Oh, Instagram. You can always take pictures of your walk. I could take a picture of my walk right now or whatever. 

So yeah, share your own stuff every day so you can go back in and uncheck the retweet and retweeted again on Twitter every single day. Retweet your stuff. You can repost I think on Instagram, you can repost on Facebook, and you can create a board on Pinterest. So if you’re doing diet shakes, you could do a diet shake board. Just call it diet shakes, or best diet shakes online or best diet shakes 2020 or 2021. Start putting all your diet shake videos on that Pinterest board. 

Something’s gonna give in a good way when you create enough content. One day you’re gonna wake up and one of your videos or one of your articles is gonna be on the first page of Google and you can jump up and down because it’s all free organic traffic, organic traffic is what you want. Those are the people that just found you. 

It is free when they find you. It is not paid. You know you are not paying money. Organic means that it is naturally occurring, that your business is growing with an organic audience that found you because YouTube suggested your video, or your blog articles on the first page of Google and it happens, it will happen. 

Then other income streams can come out of it. YouTube could start paying you. You can start other income opportunities. You know, I am in several businesses but start with one and laser focus on it. Create 100 to 200 videos on your first company till you start getting orders. Then you can scale up and maybe add a second business. 

It is all about content guys. That is how you make more money with your home business. You do everything: you do social media, you do blogging, you do YouTube, you do paid advertising, and then you learn about it more and more, and your videos will get better and better. So thanks for watching guys. I hope this helps. I will talk to you soon. Please subscribe to our MLM blog to build better businesses.

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