How to Make 10x Your Investment using Network Marketing

I am all about network marketing as a business and have watched as my income has tripled or even quadrupled every year since I started MLM back in 2014. Here is How to Make Back 10 Times Your Investment using Network Marketing and direct selling in 2023.

Network marketing is a powerful business that can exponentially grow by the sheer number of people joining and building their own teams under you. That is why it is so important to help your team grow by getting them generating leads and recruiting themselves.

How to Do Network Marketing as an Investment

Some people earn 8% a year in stocks, and 2% a year from savings, but Network Marketing can give you 200% returns year after year once you build a team.

Take a look at my income from MLM over the last 5 years. Keep in mind I was just spamming my links the first 2 years and didn’t know what I was doing:

2014 – $2,500

2015 – $3,500

2016 – $5,000

2017 – $25,000

2018 – $75,000

The only reason my income started to take off was because I focused on getting my team the tools they needed to grow their own businesses.

Plus, I discovered a powerful lead-generation technique that my entire team could duplicate to grow their businesses faster.

Here’s the thing:

Most professionals don’t have time to build a traditional network marketing business.

They want to throw money at something automated, which is exactly what I do with MLM.

I am the MLM automation King in 2023.

I have been automating my MLM recruiting ever since I started back in 2014 by using the automated direct message feature on Twitter.

I simply followed a lot of people on Twitter, and when they followed back my automated message with my opportunity link went out to the them.

I recruited over 100 people with just that message because my opportunity link was a landing page that captured the lead and then the company emailed my leads for me.

It is very important to use an MLM company that has a built-in sales funnel where they send out a series of emails on your behalf to your leads.

This is how I have been able to build my entire home business by simply generating leads and letting the company “close” them.

The Benefits of an MLM Autoresponder

Since the company sends out engaging emails that convert my leads into paid affiliates, I haven’t had to:

  • Call strangers and get hung up on.
  • Do three-way calls with my sponsor.
  • Make a list of 100 friends to bug.
  • Throw on ineffective home parties.
  • Arrange expensive hotel meetings.
  • Email uninterested tire-kickers.

All I do is generate leads and let the company close them.

I treat MLM sort of like Affiliate Marketing where I just promote my links on various platforms and wait to get leads.

Remember, this is an Investment

Now, there is more than one way to build a network marketing business. However, there’s only two currencies that get your business off the ground: time or money or both.

When I first started MLM I didn’t have any money, so I spent all my time creating articles and videos that would attract prospects.

You can also build your business with your “warm market” aka friends and family, but many distributors don’t know how to prospect effectively and ruin friendships and relationships in the process.

This article is for people who want to invest money to make back money, a lot of money in 2 to 3 years.

Here’s the numbers:

Spend $400 a week ($1,600 a month) on advertising to make back $5,000 to $10,000 a month in 2 to 3 years.

Like any small business or job, you need capitol to get your business off the ground, and seasoned Entrepreneurs know that you will lose money in the beginning.

However, if you are a home business professional you can write off the advertising on your taxes.

Treat this like a real business and it will eventually pay like a real business.

Team Growth is Crucial to Make Back Your Investment

The majority of your income won’t come from the product you sell yourself, but from a lot of people on your team moving product.

In network marketing you design a business model to earn a little commission from a lot of people to make a big check.

So, here is the deal:

You are going to have to recruit a lot of people to find your few rockstars.

The good news is, this MLM pays so well (50% commissions) that you only need a few leaders on your team building their own teams for you to make serious income.

You will probably need to recruit 30 to 100 people to find one rockstar.

MLM is a “numbers game” so you have to shuck a lot of oysters to find one pearl. Remember this and you will be bulletproof.

Here is a rough guideline on Your Income:

First year: Lose money.  (looking for your leaders)

Second year: Break even. (your team is developing)

Third Year: $5,000 to $10,000 a month profit. (your team is taking on a life of its own!)

3 to 5 years is not a lot of time to retire and live completely off the passive income stream that you and your team have created.

The important thing to consider is that this is a business and you will lose money if you treat it like an investment, but you will gain way more on the other end than stocks, bonds, or banks. MLM is a great way to improve your fiscal fitness!

If you are interested in this investment, please read more on my contact page.