Top 10 Best MLM Companies In The Bahamas 2024

top mlm companies in Bahamas best network marketing businesses ranked Caribbean

New entrepreneurs in the Bahamas can potentially generate massive money with multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Recruiters and sellers in the Caribbean can make multiple revenue streams with network marketing, including prosperous passive income monthly while working online from home or on the go traveling throughout the Caribbean and islands.

This Is The MLM Company You Want To Consider Joining

But which MLM company should you join if you live in the Bahamas and want the most profitable powerhouse organization? Here are our ten favorite MLM businesses to think about signing up with in Bahamas to maximize your chances of success in 2023 and 2024 in an ultra-competitive marketplace:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In The Bahamas For 2024

1. LiveGood

2. My Daily Choice

3. Valentus

4. Herbalife

5. Amway

6. Pampered Chef

7. Oriflame

8. iCoin Pro

9. LivePure

10. Perfectly Posh

There are other top MLMs to consider joining in the Bahamas for 2023 or 2024 as well such as BeachBody, Tupperware, Pure, Youngevity, Monat, Total Life Changes, Arieyl, Young Living, Arbonne, Organo Gold, Monavie, Isagenix, Primerica, Juice Plus, Le-Vel, Live Pure, and Forever Living. Do your due diligence on the multi-level marketing company you choose to join in the Nassau or other parts of the Caribbean in the new economy!

Rake In More Residual Income With MLM On The Beach

So I want to talk about how residual income works in network marketing down to the exact science, and it is rather simple. It is easier said than done in MLM though, right while working on your beach body? 

But it is the best feeling in the world to get a check every single month for work that I did several years ago, and that is the case right now, I work full time from home. I have for the last almost four years. And I get a check every single month, because I have an organization in a network marketing business that I developed and I will show you how to do that too. 

When they do anything, when my network marketing organization does anything, if they reorder products, if they recruit someone I get a little commission. And that is how the big MLM leaders make a ton of money. We are talking over $100,000 or more per month with multi-level marketing. There is no actual income cap in network marketing or sales in general, so the sky is the limit. 

It is all based on your efforts, and how willing you are to develop teams and leaders, and leaders are great at what they do, but it takes decades to get there. But there are natural born leaders that can take off in their first year was network marketers. 

In fact, there was a network marketer woman in the MLM news recently that she is already making, I think $200,000 per month, and it is her first year in network marketing. Because she is extroverted, she has lots of friends and so it is possible to grow in direct selling or affiliate marketing in Marsh Harbour or Coopers Town.

Residual income comes from developing a team that reorders every single month, and they are building their own teams. So out of a hundred people that you recruit, you might find two to three leaders if you are lucky. The more you give them training and tools and lead generation techniques, the easier it will be for people to emerge as leaders in your organization in Freeport of Clarence Town Bahamas. 

Don’t just recruit them and then ignore them. Plug them into systems, network marketing is all about duplication and systems. You want it so easy that anyone can do it. A lot of the big leaders just have simple prospecting techniques that anyone can use on their Facebook, almost everyone is now on Facebook, and the leaders say hey, you know, here is a script, post this image on your wall and share your landing page like this. And that is it in Nassau and the West End right? 

If everyone shares that same system, down many, many levels, the organization grows faster. Okay, when everyone has a system, it is all about big duplication. So you want people to come in and say, okay, what’s your system? I want to duplicate what you do. That is what a potential leader says when they join your team. 

So the residual income is a beautiful thing, because it just pays you over and over for work that you did one time. I can’t say that enough because a lot of people are like, Oh, I can’t hang on. I can’t keep spending this type of energy and money on my business. 

But they don’t understand that every person that they recruit can be potentially worth thousands of dollars. I have only a few people on my team that are very active consistently for the last two years and I’ve made thousands and thousands of dollars off of those people, because they’re building teams, they’re recruiting, and so residual income is a beautiful thing, but you got to get a team going. 

One of the ways you get a team going is recruiting enough people and never stop recruiting because your team is going to look at you as an example. And people come and go also, so you have to keep recruiting because the truth is 80% of your team might not be there a year from now. The leaders understand that, and so they keep recruiting. 

But it is not tiresome for leaders to keep recruiting, it is just in their DNA. Plus, they have a lot of content on the internet that does a lot of the recruiting for them. AKA do consistent honest YouTube videos, blog articles, long social media posts. And in those articles, and under those videos, they have a link to their opportunity. And if you do enough videos, enough blog articles, then you don’t have to work so hard, you know. 

But in the beginning, it is hard work. You must launch your business properly. You got to really do a 90 day or 180 day Blitz to really just get it going. Adn it is all worth it in the end. 

The first two years in network marketing I was really emotional. I was an emotional wreck because I was creating content because I saw leaders doing it. I was blogging twice a day, writing a ton of articles and not seeing any traffic. I eventually learned that it could take a year to two years for an article to show up on the first page of Google. 

And I was busting my body working hard. I wanted to get out of my job and my back was hurting daily. I was approaching 40. And I was like, this has to work. I just kept doing it. Every day I would do a video and I would do a blog article. And then finally two years in I started attracting people with my content. 

Now it can happen a lot faster for you. I’m not saying that it takes two years, I’m saying that I didn’t use any warm market to grow my business. I didn’t talk to any friends or family about my business, I went directly to the cold market – people that don’t know me, and that’s where all the money is.

I believe your friends and family, they might support you, they might sign up with you, but they’ll probably quit. The people that stay in are usually people that you don’t know. Or it could be someone a leader that you bring in brings in someone who brings in someone who then becomes a leader, and you get paid on all of that. It doesn’t matter. 

You know, we pay all the way down 10 levels on just first time orders. So If I have a team member eight levels down, I get paid on everything they bring in, or nine levels down or 10 levels down. Then on the monthly commission, which is the residual income on my team volume, I get paid down infinity levels, it doesn’t matter who brings in who, for the binary, as long as I match my volume between the left leg and the right leg, I get a check. I get a 15% match. 

So for every thousand bV I match, I get $150 that is a monthly residual income. That’s not really a lot of people thousand bV on each leg for 150 bucks. You start building that up. 

So how do you get the binary residual income you want? People that reorder first time orders goes into the Fast Start commissions and reorders go into the binary Commissions. You can look at your compensation plan if you’re in our company and see that they both add up. It’s very powerful. I mean we’re talking 50% commissions if you’re an executive or above in our company for fast start commissions.

So if someone bought the 400 bV pack, I would get a $200 commission paid the following week. So we pay weekly on the first time orders, we pay monthly on the binary commissions. And you just build up and you keep recruiting and when people reorder that will go into your binary commissions, that’s the residual income. 

So you want a blend of customers, you want a customer base beyond just the Caribbean isles. But you also want Business Builders and you have to keep recruiting until you find a couple leaders on the island sands. And if you are in a binary, you technically only need one leader on each leg. One leader on your left one leader on your right – and life can be good. 

That’s how you get residual income in network marketing. You keep recruiting, you create content, you do paid advertising, you work your way up to 20 to 50 leads a day. If you guys have a lead generation system and landing pages, sales funnel like we do, work your way up to 20 to 50 leads a day consistently for the next year or two, and everyone who comes into your business, you give them a welcome letter. Teach them what is working for you. Keep it simple. Don’t tell them to blog if you’re not blogging yourself. Okay? only teach what you are using networks for. 

It could be as simple as posting a picture on your Facebook. It could be as simple as a five minute video every day, it could be as simple as running a couple ads. But whatever is working for you, share it with everyone who signs up, put it in a welcome letter. Send it to your new people. All right.

For instance, I had a guy sign up a couple weeks ago, but we just talked two days ago, I shared my number one lead generation technique. He started implementing it and he got leads in one or two hours. That’s how fast you can get leads to your business. 

But you got to follow what your sponsor tells you that works. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel in network marketing. Your sponsor knows what works. All right, especially if they’ve been in for four years or longer, like I have. I’ve been doing this a while. I’ve tried every lead generation technique there is almost, you know, not into fancy apps or anything like that. But I know what works. 

I’m going to tell my team what works. They might ask questions like, Well, what about this, or what about that? And I’m like, that doesn’t work. What I shared with you is the best way to generate leads. And they’re like, Well, what about this? What about that? I’m like, nope, what I gave you in the welcome email is the best way to generate leads. 

I am not going to allow people to do something if it is going to be super hard then they are not interested. For instance, blogging, if someone doesn’t like writing, but they’re like, I can tell by their tone, if they’re really interested in doing something or not, I want to tap into their passion because you have to be passionate about talking about something every single day, because it is going to take a lot of videos and blog articles to start generating free leads. 

So you have to be passionate about what you talk about. So if they say that they are not really a writer then that is not a good sign right off the bat. But what is their blog thing about? I will say don’t even touch it. If you don’t like writing don’t even start. Don’t even start a blog. What about videos? Can you talk on your phone? Can you talk to your video on your phone? They end up saying yes I can talk on my smartphone. 

What do you love talking about? I am not talking about just network marketing. What do you talk about? What is your true passion? What do you love doing every single day that you can talk about? And they are like, well, I love take pictures. I love nature and going on hikes. I love taking pictures in nature. I am like, Okay that is a great start. Go out in nature. Start hiking and just open up your camera on your phone and just talk while you are walking on the trail. 

Go take your pictures of nature and they’re like, Okay, and then I say now do it every day – 10 minutes, 15 minute video, and just talk about nature and what you normally talk about. But say something at the end of the video that can tie into your new home business opportunity. 

Like: Hey guys, working from home has enabled me to take beautiful pictures of nature. That is my passion. And the only way that I was able to work from home is through the opportunity under the link under this video, so check it out, support this channel, like and subscribe. That is all you got to do at the end of every video. 

It doesn’t even have to be a network marketing video on the beach in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. It can be something you’re passionate about. But say that network marketing allows people to work from home so they can pursue their passions. So you tie in your passion into the network marketing opportunity. 

If it is about that you love working out then consider this. Do workout videos because you love that, and then you don’t even have to say click the link under this video. You just put your link to your health products under your video. You don’t even have to say click the link on some videos, experiment. Okay, sometimes a call to action is not needed. 

People want to find out more about you in your Caribbean beach MLM opportunity by the ocean. And they will just look for a link under your videos naturally. So that is how you grow your multi-level marketing business bigger on the island. And that is exactly how you save money from buying leads and clicks all the time, or paid advertising. It is going to get expensive. You should do both: create content and paid advertising. Post a picture on your Facebook let people ask for more info and then private message then your landing page link don’t give them a landing page link on the wall of Facebook. Do everything in a private message. Don’t even mention your company on your wall. 

You want to pique interest, you want people to go hmm, what is this all about – more info please. And then you private message them with your landing page. You get them on the landing page because you want them to be in the automated emails from the company. All right, just pique interest. Give them your landing page in a private message and your set. That will help you get residual income. When you get more people in, more people will copy your system and that is delightful duplication. That is where it is all coming from for top MLM company profits.

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