How to Earn Six-Figures One Hour a Day with an Automated MLM, Seriously

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Okay. Okay.

You’re calling BS a little about the one hour a day bit, right?

I understand.

I get old-school network marketers who join my business ask the same question.

They think I should be swamped with calls, doing three-ways with dozens of team members, and living on Facebook chat to make six-figures with MLM.

But, I’m not.

I’m actually petting my cat more than I’m on Facebook or on the phone.

In fact, in the last 5 years of doing MLM all online, I’ve done maybe two three-way calls.

Never done a home party or a hotel meeting either.

Yes, I have a successful team working all online as well, and yes, I work one hour a day and make doctor’s salary money.

So, How Do I Work One Hour a Day Exactly?

I gotta share my quick story first.

I’m a massive introvert by trade.

Flipped burgers for a living and was a drunk.

Got sober. Became more introverted.

Since I was sober I had more aspirations to achieve success.

I was always a big dreamer.

Network marketing came along and looked a lot better than the affiliate marketing I was doing on the side.

Wanted to escape flipping burgers. Was approaching 40 and I was still joking around with twenty year olds in a hot greasy kitchen and my back was sore.

I noticed network marketing leaders flashing big checks on the web.

Couldn’t understand or comprehend how some of them made $125,000 per month.

Wanted what they had, joined MLM in 2014 and studied everything I could about this new, mysterious profession.

I’ll skip the whole definition of what makes a legit MLM versus a pyramid, needless to say, I was committed to the profession and dove head in.

Still introverted, I wanted to take my online affiliate marketing tactics of sharing links on social media to earn commissions to network marketing tactics of sharing links on social media to earn commissions.

See, network marketing had that exponential income factor because you got paid on every sale your team made.

With affiliate marketing you usually got paid one time and that was it.

I wanted residual income.

I wanted to get paid over and over for work I did one time.

I’m sure you like the sound of that.

How to Unsuck MLM

Of course, like with any start-up, the first two years sucked.

Blood, sweat, and tears were involved.

Lived on credit cards and prayed for a leader to join my team.

Finally, my automated MLM fantasy was coming to life.

I started to attract marketers like myself who had some money to invest and only wanted to work MLM one hour a day.

Tadah, I had the marketing skills to show them what I was doing and they started to build their MLM one hour a day.

Duplication started to happen because my system was so easy and the company I was involved with had a built-in sales funnel with an effective autoresponder.

All I had to do was generate a lead and the company emailed my lead on my behalf – that’s why I don’t work a lot.

I generate 20 to 60 leads a day and let the company email them.

That allows me to pet the cat more than being on chat boxes on FB all day.

If this hands-off style of MLM interests you keep reading

Here’s the most simple breakdown how I build one hour MLM:

One – Generate leads with a killer ad campaign (I show my team the exact sales copy) Set and forget. 20 minutes.

Two – Let the company email my leads until I get a sign-up.

Three – Teach new sign-up the same exact lead-generation technique I used to get them. (I copy and paste a welcome letter and send to them with the technique in the welcome letter.) 5 minutes.

Four – When my new sign-up gets a new sign-up I tell them to send the same welcome letter to their sign-up that I sent them.

Five – Cycle is complete.

Ahh, the Masses. . .

Of course, the masses don’t like to do anything, so maybe one out of ten signups will run advertising.

And, maybe two or three signups will do it consistently and become your rockstars.

Good thing about MLM is that you can get a huge income just from 3 to 5 leaders on your team.

Trick is recruiting consistently for a couple years until those rockstars emerge.

But that’s business.

2 to 3 years is nothing in small business land.

Here’s the exact formula to scare off any Grant Cardone 10x hustle wannabes:

  • You’ll need to generate 50 to 200 leads to get your first sign-up. (this is without any personal follow-up on your behalf.)
  • You’ll need to recruit 50 to 200 people to find a Rockstar.
  • Generate 20 to 60 leads a day for 2 to 3 years to find your 2 to 3 rockstars to make six to seven figures a year.

That’s it!

If you don’t take people quitting personally you’ll go very far in MLM.

Here’s How I Draw Boundaries to Keep My Workday Down to One Hour

One – Like I said before, I don’t do three-way calls.

If someone new on my team thinks they are going to get me doing three-ways for them they will get this reply:

“I just don’t have time. Most of my team just run ads. Try that. It works!”

Two – If someone on my team complains that their business is slow and wants to brainstorm ideas on the phone, I say this: “Run more advertising. It works.” This knocks out a one hour needless call.

Three – If someone wants me to talk to their friend on the phone to convince them that the product is superior to other companies, I respond with: “Just tell them what excited you about the business.” This knocks out another one hour call, and more calls down the road because you would have opened up that floodgate if you did one!

Four – If someone says, “I just don’t have money to do advertising.” I say: You can get friends and family in the business and do youtube videos, they generate leads and it’s free.

Notice how I redirect everyone back to generating leads?

Leads are the backbone of this business, no leads means no sales.

How to Build Relationships with Your Rockstars

Okay, you’re probably thinking that I create no bond with my downline, and that is further from the truth.

I notice when people are recruiting and budding into rockstars.

I start to text the budding rockstars.

I begin building a relationship because I know that they aren’t part of the 80% who eventually quit.

These budding rockstars accepted my welcome letter, ran advertising, and are working the business.

They also reach out after the welcome letter which is a big step and a true sign you might have a budding rockstar.

Most people I won’t hear from after sending the welcome letter which means no more help from me.

They have to throw the ball back at least, after I send the welcome letter.

I don’t hand hold and neither should you.

“The cream rises to the top.”

And, If I know they jive with my style, then it’s game on.

To Wrap Up One Hour MLM

MLM is not a personality contest, it’s a business of sifting through a lot of people to find a few leaders.

Anyone who joins MLM and has to love everyone in the company is deceived.

There will be people you don’t like, but you can completely control your success in MLM and steer clear of any drama.

Is my style of building MLM normal, absolutely not, but I’ve done it for 5 years and I’m very successful.

I realize I will only attract a fraction of the masses who want big rah rah events and massive upline support in network marketing.

I am only seeking Entrepreneurs and marketers who only have a little time per day do build a second income stream and eventually life-changing income.

If that’s you, let’s get you MLM automated HERE!

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “How to Earn Six-Figures One Hour a Day with an Automated MLM, Seriously”

  1. Erik,

    This an amazing story and you are a Maverick in the industry. I must say I am following this strategy now and having great success with it. I have had many mlm failures in the past, but now I am winning!

    This approach attracts many new people to the mlm business who otherwise wouldn’t participate. This only expands the industry and helps us all.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Yeah I think you’re right Mike, Automated MLM will open up an entire new opportunity for people who were skeptical before, and with our autoresponder we can literally work this business one hour a day.

  2. Wow, this really is a strategy that ordinary people could use to generate residual income with the simple click of a few buttons. The automation aspect and autoresponder are genius, really! Takes the grunt work out of the grunt work to really grab new leads and help build your business or brand. I had on idea network marketing could be so successful after having been in the direct sales industry for a few years now.

  3. I sure do like the idea of getting paid multiple times for work I did one time. Considering one isn’t scared off by the hard work, what are some quick strategies you wish you would have used sooner, during the first couple of years of MLM?

    It’s nice to see that years of hard work can lead someone to a stream of passive income.

    1. Hi Janet, I would have done more YouTube videos in the beginning because videos are basically free to create and can generate leads around the clock for years to come. I would have also created a more duplicatable system for my team because that is the #1 thing that will explode your business and residual income.

  4. I’m always quite cynical about the ‘Work one hour per day and live rich forever’ claims that are littered around the Internet.

    Erik, I’ll be honest and say that I was ultra cynical when I saw your headline and how it relates to Network Marketing – even after reading the article, I’m still not 100% sure it’s possible!

    I have friends in Network Marketing who swear by 15 hour days, networking, constant conversations, and it’s one of the main reasons I’m still researching network marketing as opposed to jumping headlong into it – the down sides just always seem to outweigh the benefits in my opinion.

    However, I will admit to having my interest piqued a little from what you’ve written and would like to learn more. Is it really possible to fully automate a network marketing business – to the point of making a full-time income online?


    1. Hey George! It is possible to automate MLM and work one hour a day. I run advertising in the morning (30 minutes) and shoot a youtube video later (30 minutes) and I text my leaders, so yeah, I got it down to around one hour a day. All you need to do to grow this type of MLM is to generate massive leads, 20 to 100 leads a day, and just let the company email them. We have a killer autoresponder that does most of the recruiting for me. Then, when I get a new rep, I email them the exact lead generation technique I use and get them generating leads asap. Leads are the backbone of any network marketing business. Not everyone I recruit does the method I share and that’s normal. 80% will quit, but I am only recruiting to find my 3 to 5 rockstars and then the income skyrockets. You might actually lose money your first year but once you get a team recruiting as well, your income will break even, then grow bigger than the work you do for it, which is totally worth it.

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